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Boiler Company Sign-up Matty August 22, 2022

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Become a WarmInstaller and fill your calendar

To become a boiler installer for WarmZilla you will need to complete the sign-up form. After the form has been completed we will review the information and give you a call. If your application is successful you will be able to start taking on work from WarmZilla straight away.

If you have any questions about the sign up process then use our live chat or email us.

Join our UK-wide WarmInstaller network

Fill out the form below and upload your documents


We’ll check over your application and get in touch


Once approved, you can start doing jobs in your local area


After successfully completing a job you’ll get paid within 7 days

Work when you want

Take on jobs when they suit you and fill up your diary

Focus on the installs

Don’t worry about advertising, chasing leads, quoting on jobs you don’t win

We sort the paperwork

We’ll sort out the Gas Safe registration and the product warranty


The amount paid to our WarmInstallers depends on the type of job you’re working on. The installation fee is higher on a BBU conversion to combi than for a simple combi swap.
We reward our WarmInstallers, so the more job you do for us, the more you get paid.
For a full list of installation fees and what’s included get in touch by emailing

You will need documentation for your company and any individual heating engineers you want to sign up with WarmZilla. This includes Gas Safe registration and any other currently held qualifications and certifications.

Click the sign up button above to see what’s required to sign-up so you can get your images ready to upload.

Images will be uploaded to your profile once you have accepted a job, these will include the boiler, pipework, gas meter and any connected thermostats.

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