ATAG Boiler Review & Prices Re November 12, 2021

ATAG Boiler Review & Prices

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Are you in the market for a new Atag Boiler? We have reviewed and provided the prices below. 

ATAG has been designing and manufacturing boilers for almost 70 years. In that time, they claim to have set the highest standards for energy efficiency and engineering excellence across the world. ATAG design and manufacture a range of gas boilers including two types of combi boiler, a system boiler and a regular boiler, all in a variety of sizes.

Why choose an ATAG boiler?

ATAG boilers are built using high-quality stainless steel and brass components. ATAG boilers have been designed to include what ATAG call, their ‘revolutionary’ iCon heat exchanger which has unrivalled performance and efficiency levels.

The iCon heat exchanger is made from high-grade stainless steel and maintains 98% of its original efficiency levels throughout its lifetime. If you would like more information on what a heat exchanger does and how they work, we have a separate blog that discusses this in detail.

ATAG boilers have the lowest NOx emissions on the market, meaning that they are kinder to the environment than many other gas boilers. With this said, let’s have a look at what ATAG customers have to say about their ATAG boiler.

ATAG Reviews

ATAG has over 3.9k reviews on Trustpilot and a great score of 4.8 stars out of 5. In addition to this, 98% of ATAG’s boiler reviews are above average. 
The contrast in ATAG Trustpilot reviews supports our thoughts.

Here is what some of ATAG’s customers have to say about their ATAG boilers:

“First class boiler. Quiet, efficient and love the controls from my phone so can change the settings before I get home.”

“Had an ATAG boiler installed, really happy with this boiler, very quiet and efficient and reasonably priced. would recommend checking this out if you are considering buying a new boiler.”

“We have the IC Economiser + Combi. It was recommended to us by our regular service engineer of 20 yrs to replace our old boiler. Its been doing its job for 9 months now at the time of writing and we couldn’t be happier with it. It seems nice and compact and the hot water, in particular, seems better to us compared with our previous two boilers from more well known UK brands. The most noticeable thing I would say is how quiet it seems – a couple of times I’ve had to put my ear right up to the cupboard to check it was fired up. We decided to go for the smart controller (plus internet connection) in addition – a bit more expensive (maybe not for everyone) but it has made the overall system very simple to check up on and manage day to day.”

Once reading the comments above from ATAG customers, we can see that customers are more than satisfied with their ATAG boilers and recommend them as a reliable boiler manufacturer.


ATAG i system Boiler Case On

ATAG Combi Gas Boiler Ranges

A combi boiler combines a water heater and central heating into one single unit, removing the need for any additional hot water cylinders or cold water cisterns like you would need with a system or regular boiler. 

Moreover, combi boilers can also run on different fuels, meaning that they can also be installed in properties connected to the grid and off-grid homes. We have listed the different fuels that are compatible with a combi boiler below:

Natural gas

Natural gas is the most commonly installed boiler. The boiler is run on natural gas which is then supplied directly to the property from the mains.


Oil combi boiler is a popular choice of combi boiler for off-grid properties. However, you would need to accommodate an additional tank on the property to store the oil, which will need to be refilled by a supplier as it runs out.


LPG, meaning ‘Liquefied Petroleum Gas’, is an alternative fuel type for off-grid properties. LPG is produced during the extraction of natural gas and oil. Again, you will need to have an additional storage tank in your garden for this. Head over to our ‘LPG Explained‘ blog to learn what LPG is and how it works.


Electric boilers don’t burn fuel to produce hot water or central heating. Electric boilers help reduce climate change as a result of not producing carbon. However, the factories that produce electricity do create carbon, so electric boilers are not always as environmentally friendly as they first appear. Electrical boilers are not suitable for larger homes or homes with more than one bathroom as they can’t meet the demands for heating and hot water.


Hydrogen is a completely new domestic fuel source, with water as its only by-product. When a boiler uses hydrogen as its fuel course, no carbon dioxide is produced, which makes it a good option when the target is zero carbon emissions.

Hydrogen is a renewable energy source, so unlike fossil fuels like gas and oil, hydrogen won’t run out. This also means that the price is likely to remain more stable as it won’t fluctuate with supply and demand as finite resources do.

With the current changes surrounding the Gas Boiler Ban, leading manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Viessmann have all created ‘hydrogen ready boilers’. A hydrogen-ready boiler is a system that can operate on natural gas and then be converted by a qualified engineer to operate safely and efficiently on hydrogen within an hour. Worcester Bosch has called for all boilers installed after 2025 to be hydrogen ready, so when/if the time comes to switch to hydrogen – the U.K will be ready.

If you want to learn more about how combi boilers work, head over to our blog that explains everything you need to know. 

ATAG IC+ Economiser Plus Combi Boiler Range

Boiler NamekW OutputEfficiency RatingWarranty LengthPrice (excl. Installation) 
ATAG iC Economiser 27 Plus 23.2kW94%Up to 14 years £1,950
ATAG iC Economiser 35 Plus31.2kW 94% Up to 14 years £2,096
ATAG iC Economiser 39 Plus31.2kW 94% Up to 14 years £2,160

ATAG IC Economiser Combi Boiler Range

Boiler NamekW OutputEfficiency RatingWarranty Length

(excl. Installation)

ATAG i24C Economiser Combi Gas Boiler 23.2kW94% Up to 14 years £1,300 
ATAG i28C Economiser Combi Gas Boiler 23.2kW94% Up to 14 years £1,360
ATAG i36C Economiser Combi Gas Boiler 31.2kW 94% Up to 14 years £1,420
ATAG i40C Economiser Combi Gas Boiler 31.2kW 94% Up to 14 years £1,480

The ATAG IC and IC+ Economiser Combi gas boiler range has been designed to be compact and lightweight, with their smallest boiler measuring at only 275mm deep, which is ideal for smaller homes with limited space. 

This range has been designed with a built-in weather compensator that gives impressive efficiency benefits and increased comfort, built-in frost protection for extra peace of mind during the colder winter months, quiet operation thanks to its modulation design and a modern, LCD display for quicker, more accurate boiler diagnostics.

The ATAG Economiser Boilers are also compatible with the ATAG ONE or Tado V3+ smart controls that allow you to control your boiler and central heating via your smartphone.

What are the benefits of having an ATAG Combi boiler?

  • Compact size of 70 x 44 x 35.5cm makes ATAG combi boilers perfect for smaller homes
  • No need for a hot water cylinder results in more living space
  • No need for a cold water storage tank which frees up space in the loft
  • 94% ERP Seasonal Space Heating Energy Efficiency (A rated)
  • Less pipework makes installation typically cheaper and a reduced chance of frozen pipework
  • LPG conversion kit available
  • User friendly
  • 10-year warranty included as standard / 14-years with WarmZilla
  • Includes unique iCon heat exchanger with a lifetime replacement guarantee and weather compensator
  • Provides hot water on demand directly from the mains

This is probably a great time to mention that when your purchase an ATAG boiler with WarmZilla, you will receive a 14-year guarantee. 14 years, yes we know, amazing, right?!

To get your hands on your own ATAG boiler, get yourself a boiler quote now.

ATAG System Gas Boiler Range

Boiler NamekW OutputEfficiency RatingWarranty LengthPrice (excl. Installation)
ATAG i15S System Gas Boiler 14.7kW 93% Up to 14 years £1,270
ATAG i18S System Gas Boiler 17.5kW93% Up to 14 years £1,330
ATAG i24S System Gas Boiler 23.2kW94% Up to 14 years £1,390
ATAG i32S System Gas Boiler 31.2kW94% Up to 14 years £1,450
ATAG i40S System Gas Boiler 38.8kW94% Up to 14 years £1,510

What is a System Gas Boiler?

A system boiler can usually be found in homes that have a high requirement for hot water. They work by heating water in a separate storage tank from the boiler, usually found in an airing cupboard, this hot water is then available for use in multiple bathrooms should it be required.

In practice, you can have two baths running in separate bathrooms and they will both get hot water without affecting the heating of your home.

This differs from a combi in that a combi heats water directly from the mains supply and doesn’t store hot water, so you may struggle to run two baths simultaneously.

You may notice that the efficiency rating for all ATAG boilers is the same. With an ErP A-rating and an efficiency rating of 94%, ATAG boilers are one of the most efficient boilers on the market. 

In monetary terms, for every £1 you are spending on your energy bills, only 6p of the gases used are being wasted. This is a lot less than other, less efficient boilers, with ratings of 89%, for example. The lower your boilers efficiency rating, the more money that is being wasted. 

ATAG iS system boilers are highly energy-efficient and available in a range of outputs including 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, 32kW and 40kW. These outputs allow for small, medium and large homes to find an appropriate model regardless of hot water demand. 

ATAG claim that their system boilers have an edge over most competitors because of the in-built ErP pump. This provides more control over the heat produced by your boiler which improves the energy efficiency of the operation.

What are the benefits of having an ATAG System boiler?

  • Compact size for easy installation 70 x 44 x 35.5cm
  • Suitable for homes with multiple bathrooms
  • Hot water supplied evenly to all taps at the same time
  • No risk of pipes or tanks in the loft leaking or freezing
  • Energy-efficient for lower fuel bills
  • Built-in components making installation quicker and neater
  • 10-year warranty included as standard. 14-years with WarmZilla
  • LPG convertible
  • Solar compatible
  • A-rated energy efficiency 94%
  • Includes unique iCon heat exchanger with a lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Compatible with the ATAG ONE controller and 3 port valve kit
  • User-friendly controls

ATAG Regular Gas Boiler Range

Boiler NamekW OutputEfficiency RatingWarranty LengthPrice (excl. Installation)
ATAG i15R Regular Gas Boiler14.7kW94% Up to 14 years £1,150
ATAG i18R Regular Gas Boiler17.5kW94% Up to 14 years £1,210
ATAG i24R Regular Gas Boiler23.2kW94% Up to 14 years £1,270
ATAG i32R Regular Gas Boiler31.2kW94% Up to 14 years £1,330
ATAG i40R Regular Gas Boiler38.8kW94% Up to 14 years £1,390

Regular boiler systems, also known as conventional, traditional, heat only or open vent boilers, are the most difficult to install or replace.

A regular boiler includes both a hot and cold water storage tank, the boiler itself and an expansion cistern located next to the cold water tank. This takes up quite a bit of space in a home and it’s usually preferable to switch to a combi so that these tanks can be removed.

Regular boilers are becoming less and less common as they are replaced with more efficient boiler systems that don’t take up as much space and have fewer parts, meaning, there is less to potentially go wrong.

Most likely, you would only tend to keep a regular boiler system if you were concerned that your central heating system would struggle to cope with the increased water pressure from a system or combi boiler.

ATAG iR regular boilers can be combined with ATAG’s iSteel hot water cylinders for maximum energy efficiency. ATAG also offer a wide range of flue options which means you can be flexible about where your boiler can be located.

ATAG produce the iR Regular boiler in a range of sizes to suit homes of every size and hot water demand including 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, 32kW and 40kW. 

What are the benefits of having an ATAG Regular boiler?

  • Easily meets a high hot water demand
  • Ideal for homes with two or more bathrooms
  • Ideal for installation in areas where mains water pressure is low
  • Compact size and multiple flue options for flexible installation
  • Straightforward replacement for existing regular systems
  • 10-year warranty included as standard. 14 years with WarmZilla 
  • Includes the unique iCon heat exchanger with a lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Completely user friendly
  • 94% A-rated energy efficiency
  • Solar compatible
  • LPG convertible

Unsure what kW size boiler you need for your home? Or are you not sure what ‘kW’ means when it comes to your boiler? Don’t panic. We have separate blogs that cover these topics so that you can ensure you are fully clued up before making your decision.

ATAG Boiler Installation Costs

It’s a common misconception that you need to buy your boiler from whoever your energy supplier is. You don’t. 

Another common issue that confuses people about the cost of a new boiler is whether the price includes installation or not. Don’t get suckered in by low lead prices at wholesalers, yes, you can buy a new boiler for £699, but if it costs another £1,000 to get your boiler fitted then you may have got a better package all-in.

All WarmZilla boiler prices include Gas-Safe installation as standard. It also includes a system filter, system cleanse, guarantee, smart thermostat, and any other bits and bobs you need to get your boiler up and running. Not all prices include boiler installation, so make sure your quote does as you’ll be looking at an additional £500 – £1000 to get your boiler installed.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to what price you will pay to get a new boiler installed, including the size of your home, the number of radiators you have in your home, your wants and needs when it comes to demand for hot water, whether or not you need additional S or Y plans installed or if you want additional add-ons, including radiators and TRV’s or smart controls.

Alternatively, you can save yourself time and find a new boiler the WarmZilla way – where your price is fixed, everything is included and our online survey will work out exactly what boiler you need based on your answers to some simple questions.


ATAG Smart Controls

Referring back to the customer reviews in the first half of this blog, we know that there is an option to purchase additional smart controls for your ATAG boilers. Although smart controls are not a necessity and are not for everyone, ATAG boilers are compatible with smart controls that make it a lot easier to control your boiler from your smartphone. These smart controls make it easier to analyse how much energy your boiler is using daily.

ATAG OneZone Smart Controller


The OneZone controller is not only very sleek and modern but also very easy to use. This clever communication system means that you can heat different areas of your home from your smartphone, whenever you want, from wherever you are. 

With this smart controller, you can save energy and reduce your heating bills: with no compromise on your comfort, you can cut your annual gas bill by up to 12%1. The ONEZone app gives you real-time information about how much energy you’re using and shares our experts’ top tips on reducing your consumption.

ATAG tado Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+


The smart way to control your heating and hot water. The ATAG tado Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+  is your climate assistant that as ATAG states, “ensures a comfortable & healthy climate, and could considerably reduce energy consumption”. 

The highly-rated ATAG tado app enables you to schedule and control your heating and hot water from anywhere. It also provides insights and reports about your home climate and shows you how much energy your home is using. The ATAG tado V3+  is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, giving you complete control of your heating and hot water.

ATAG Cube Controller


The ATAG cube has a simplistic design that is easy to install and programme. It has 4 control modes: manual, schedule, override and off, to give you full flexibility of your heating. It comes in a sleek design with an easy to read large LCD display making it very easy to use and navigate. The ATAG Cube thermostat gives you complete control over your central heating. 

Now that we have discussed all the ATAG boilers that are currently available on the market, we can see that not only are they very reliable and robust boilers but they are also very efficient and can contribute to lowering your energy bills. 

Like what you’ve read? Get a quote today and get your hands on your own ATAG boiler. 

If you are looking for a new or replacement boiler but you are unsure which boiler is best suited to your home, then why not try out our Boiler Comparison tool. This tool allows you to compare up to three boilers at one time, to help you find the best new boiler for your home. 

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