The Best British Boiler Brands 2023 Re January 20, 2023

The Best British Boiler Brands 2023

Worcester Bosch 8000 Life Style

Bacon and eggs, the Royal Family and the classic London bus are all the best of Britain. Today though, we’re looking at more UK icons – the best British boilers!

1# Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch Life boiler isolated

One of the best British boiler brands on the market. Formed in 1962 in Worcester, where it took its name, Worcester Bosch started off as a small engineering works before growing into the biggest boiler manufacturer in the UK. It was acquired by Robert Bosch Holdings in 1992 to form the Worcester Bosch Group.

Worcester Bosch currently holds the Royal Warrant to supply heating to the Royal Family and has won the Which? Best Buy award for their range of boilers for the last ten years. This prestigious award is judged on reliability, build quality, recommendation, and customer score.

Worcester Bosch Trustpilot reviews

Worcester Bosch has built up an enviable reputation for customer aftercare, which is reflected in their 4.6/5 average boiler review score on Trustpilot. Customers are happy with the product and the customer care they receive once they’ve purchased.

91% of Worcester Bosch’s Trustpilot reviews are above average, with 79% of these being excellent reviews.

Here are a couple of customer reviews to give you a flavour:

“Basically does what it says on the tin. Enough said.” 

“Completely satisfied with the service received, from booking the appointment to the engineer carrying out the work.”

This quote from the company’s founder Robert Bosch reflects how the company operates today:

“I have always acted according to the principle that I would rather lose money than trust. The integrity of my promises, the belief in the value of my products and in my given word have always had a higher priority to me than a transitory profit.”

Here are a few blogs that review Worcester Bosch gas system boiler modelsWorcester Bosch gas combi boiler models or Worcester Bosch regular gas boiler models.

If you’re not sure what type of boiler you have, take a look at our non-jargony ‘Boiler types explained’ blog.

2# Ideal

Ideal boiler image

Ideal boilers were founded in 1906, giving them over 100 years of experience in delivering the best quality boilers to homes throughout the UK.

Ideal is one of the pioneers in bringing high-efficiency boilers to market and they continue to bring reliable, efficient boilers to market to this day.

One of the first modern-day boilers was brought to market by Ideal in 1920 and is known as the Cookanheat. The Cookanheat was a freestanding stove that combined an open fire, central heating boiler, cooking oven, and hot cupboard.

Ideal boilers have come a long way from the days of the Cookanheat, producing a range of boilers that offer high efficiency at a very reasonable price.

Today, Ideal remains at the forefront of the heating markets. They remain true to their founding principles of quality, innovation and value.

Ideal Trustpilot reviews

Let’s take a closer look at Ideal’s TrustPilot score here:

93% of Ideal’s Trustpilot reviews are above average, and 87% of these are ‘excellent’ reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“Ideal have great customer service and excellent knowledge. Would highly recommend them.”

“Everything was completed in a very professional way. Excellent service.”

From looking at Ideal’s Trustpilot reviews, the majority of customers discuss the installation process and the company’s customer service or aftercare.

You might want to take a look at our guide on Ideal regular boiler modelsIdeal system boiler models and Ideal combi boiler models, or why not get yourself an Ideal boiler quote?

3# Vaillant

Vaillant boiler

For more than 140 years, Vaillant has been setting the standard in the heating market, creating products that have revolutionised the industry, from water heaters in the early 1900s to pioneering the ‘combi’ boiler over 35 years ago.

Vaillant develops and manufactures its products and services at sites in the UK as well as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey and China. Vaillant has become one of the market’s most popular boiler brands, offering reliable boilers at a budget-friendly price.

Many inventions have been credited to Vaillant over the years, including modern-day central heating in 1924. Previously, each room was heated individually by stoves or fireplaces until Vaillant introduced the central heating boiler that could heat multiple radiators simultaneously – revolutionising home heating. If you’re interested in knowing more – here’s a full timeline of Vaillant’s history.

The Vaillant boiler range has achieved a Which? Best Buy Award and they have also been awarded a Quiet Mark Accreditation, from the Noise Abatement Society for their quiet-running boilers.

Which? Best Boiler brand 2021 survey

In 2020, Vaillant’s entire range of domestic boilers was named the top-rated gas boiler brand in the UK after being awarded ‘Best Buy’ status by Which?.

Vaillant Trustpilot reviews

Vaillant proudly scored an impressive 4.6/5 on TrustPilot, thanks to its reliable boiler range and excellent customer service. 90% of these reviews are above average and a huge 79% gave the brand an ‘Excellent’ rating. Here’s what customers had to say about the brand:

“15 years old but still going strong – I got my Vaillant Ecotech plus installed about 15 years ago. During that time I have not had a single problem with it, a couple of minor parts were changed during routine servicing, but otherwise as smooth as silk. Until Saturday, so no heat or hot water on the coldest weekend of the year so far.

Despite this happening over the weekend I got an appointment arranged for Monday. I received a test confirmation on Saturday afternoon, and a time scale on Sunday evening. Engineer was with me before 9 and gone before 10. Changed the circuit board, which he had with him and all working well.”

“I’m very happy with my new Vaillant boiler, it certainly does its job well in this cold weather.” 

If you want to know which Vaillant boiler is best for your home, take a look at our blog. Don’t forget to check out our Vaillant ecoTEC Pro boiler review in particular. It’s one of the best products within the Vaillant product range.

If you’re having boiler trouble, our Vaillant boiler fault code blog might be useful for you.

4# Baxi

Baxi boiler on the wall

Baxi’s founder Richard Baxendale opened the doors to his new company in 1866. By 1955, Baxi had become a household name for heating. The Bermuda, Baxi’s most famous gas-fired boiler was launched in 1966, the same year in which Baxi celebrated 100 years in business. For more information on Baxi history, you can click here.

Baxi Trustpilot reviews

Baxi is rated 4.4 stars on Trustpilot and has over 37k reviews. Over 86% of Baxi’s reviews are above average and 79% of them rated the brand ‘excellent’. Additionally, Baxi has won many awards including Gas Industry Award in 2017, for both customer service and energy efficiency.

Here are some customer reviews:

“The engineer did an excellent job, going above and beyond in terms of service. The boiler was just meant to undergo a service but I had a problem with it resulting in no heating, which the engineer kindly sorted. Moreover, the engineer kindly informed me how to use the heating system efficiently. The engineer was in general very helpful and friendly and gave excellent service.”

“Fantastic, thorough, friendly service today. Went above and beyond to talk me through each step furthering my understanding of my boiler and system. Came on time and left the place tidy. Thank you very much.”

Many Baxi boilers now come with a warranty of between 7 and 10 years, which is an extensive period of time, so that you don’t have to worry about any occurring costs for repair or servicing for a while.

Although WarmZilla does not currently sell Baxi boilers, we recommend their products as another trusty combi boiler brand.

5# Glow-worm

Glowworm boiler on brick wall

Glow-worm has several different gas boiler ranges that encompass all different types and sizes of boilers including combi boilers, system boilers, and regular heat-only boilers.

Originally producing boilers back in 1934 at the Derwent Foundry in Derbyshire, for the past 80 years Glow-worm state that they’ve focused on offering their customers reliable and highly efficient products.

In 2001, Glow-worm became a part of the Vaillant Group, Europe’s second-largest heating company. Vaillant employs over 12,000 people across Europe and China, providing innovative heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning technologies to hundreds and thousands of homes all over the world. 

If you’d like to find out more about Glow-worm, have a look at their heritage and how they’ve built their reputation over the best part of a century.

Glow-worm TrustPilot reviews

Glow-worm has 4.7 stars out of 5 and over 5k reviews on Trustpilot. A whopping 93% of their reviews are above average, which also supports that although they may not have a sought-after boiler brand, their existing customers are happy with their boilers and their performance.

Here are only a few of the Trustpilot reviews for Glow-worm:

“Excellent service. Extremely well installed and unfailing in delivering warmth and comfort during the winter. Impressive.”

“Our new boiler is excellent, very efficient and quiet, the fitter who we have used for many years, made a prompt replacement to our old boiler, and was very quick and clean.” 

If you’re having boiler troubles, check out our Glow-Worm Boiler fault code blog, or get a new boiler quote today!


There are 5 top British boiler brands on the market that dominate the heating industry; Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Vaillant, Baxi and Glow-worm.

These British boiler brands are judged on reliability, build quality, recommendation, and customer score.

Every year, Which? ask 8001 members of the public who bought a boiler in the last 6 years about how satisfied they are with the boiler and how likely they are to recommend it to their friends and family. They also ask 153 trusted trader heating engineers for their views on each boiler brand.

Worcester Bosch hold the Royal Warrant to supply heating to the Royal Family and has won the Which? Best Buy award for their range of boilers for the last ten years. They manufacture reliable boilers and offer excellent customer service.

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