Best Magnetic Filters 2023 Re January 20, 2023

Best Magnetic Filters 2023

Magnetic Filters

You may have already read our Best Magnetic Filters 2021 blog, but we thought we would update you with what we think are the best magnetic filters for 2023. 

Sludge. If you’ve ended up here, then you’ll probably know all about what sludge is and how it can affect the efficiency of your central heating system. You’ve probably been told that you need to consider purchasing a central heating magnetic filter, and like most of us, you’ve never heard of them before. Well don’t panic, we’ve got your back. This blog will help you understand what a magnetic filter is, how it works and which one is the best for your system. 

Grab yourself a brew and let’s talk filters.

What Is A Magnetic System Filter?

A magnetic filter is fitted to the pipework of the heating system or boiler. It is designed to extract the metal particles and other debris that flow through the pipes.  A magnetic filter is made from a large magnet to attract these metal particles and filter them out of the central heating system.

It helps prevent blockages and keep the water flowing through the heating system. A magnetic filter comes with many advantages to the central heating system. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Lowers your energy bills
  • Increases the efficiency of the heating system
  • Increases the length of the heating system warranty
  • Reduces the risk of needing expensive repairs for the heating system
  • Improves the lifespan of the heating system

How Does A Magnetic System Filter Work?

A central heating system is built using various metal components. The copper piping and radiators are part and parcel of the heating system. The insides of the copper pipes and radiators rust as time goes by. The rust will break off and circulate through the heating system over time. These particles combine with limescale and dirt contained in the water that circulates through the heating system.

All these particles get together to form central heating sludge in the long run. This sludge settles in important places in the heating system. For example, the sludge may settle at the bottom of the radiators. This can lower the efficiency of your central heating system and increase your energy bills over time.

The radiators become warm at the top but not at the bottom due to the build up of sludge. It can result in a pump failure on the heating system. You may even have to replace the heat exchanger of the system due to sludge build-up.

All these issues can lead to expensive bills over time. That’s where a magnetic filter comes in handy. The filter will attract all the sludge and take it out of the system. The filter will trap any sludge before it reaches the boiler. The magnetic filter prevents sludge from damaging the heating system over time. It improves the efficiency of the system and prolongs its lifespan. Your energy bills will lower as a result.

How Do I Install A Magnetic Filter?

When you are having a new boiler installed, the boiler engineer may suggest fitting a magnetic filter at the same time. Most boiler manufacturers will extend the warranty of the product if a magnetic filter is installed. 

The filter can be quite bulky and should be fitted close to the boiler system. You should always rely on a Gas Safe registered engineer to install the magnetic filter to an existing heating system.

To install your magnetic filter, your engineer will disconnect the old filter, install the new magnetic filter, inspect the new filter to ensure it’s working properly, and check the safety devices to make sure they are operating properly.

How Do You Maintain A Magnetic Filter?

When you are having a new boiler installed in your home, the boiler engineer may recommend installing a magnetic filter, too. Most boiler manufacturers will extend the warranty of the system if a magnetic filter is fitted. Like all other parts of the central heating system, the magnetic filter also should be maintained on a regular basis.

The build-up of sludge inside the system should be removed from time to time. You should get a gas-safe boiler engineer to check and clean the filter at least once in every twelve months. Most of the time, this will coincide with the annual boiler service.

Cleaning a magnetic filter only takes around 20-30 minutes. Regular maintenance is important to prolong the lifespan of the central heating system and improve its efficiency.

Sludge builds up in the central heating system over time. The system becomes less efficient and may stop working altogether due to this reason. That’s where a magnetic filter comes in handy as it protects the central heating system and improves its efficiency. This is why we recommend that you fit a magnetic filter to your heating system.

Do I Need A Magnetic Filter?

Magnetic filters are not essential, however, they are highly recommended. 

When purchasing a new or replacement boiler with WarmZilla, depending on your choice of boiler model, you will either have the Mini and Maxi Worcester Bosch Greenstar System Filter, the Adey Atom System Filter or the Plumbright System Filter included as a part of your boiler package. 

There are several signs that suggest a magnetic filter would be beneficial for your system’s efficiency. These include:

  • Cold spots on a radiator. If your radiators stay cool at the top but become warmer at the bottom, it is likely that sludge is blocking the flow of water in the radiator.
  • Your boiler making strange noises, such as gurgling or banging, is another sign that sludge has built up in the system.
  • Issues relating to temperature, for example where the hot water or heating may not be hot enough. The system water quality can contribute towards this.

The longer these issues are left unresolved, the more damage this can potentially inflict on your boiler. Not only can this result in higher energy bills, but it may also require expensive boiler repairs, or even a new boiler.

A magnetic filter along with your central heating inhibitor will help combat these issues. Nevertheless, the significant build-up cannot be solved with just a magnetic filter. In severe cases a powerflush system cleanse may be necessary, which must be carried out by a qualified heating engineer. Your engineer will advise you that you need to have a powerflush or system cleanse prior to the installation of your new boiler and central heating system.

A system cleanse is also included in your WarmZilla boiler package. This will help to remove any excess debris so that your central heating system works as efficiently as possible. 

Best Central Heating Magnetic System Filters 2023

There are numerous magnetic filters to choose from when purchasing a new or replacement boiler. This section will aim to discuss the most popular magnetic filters and describe why, so you can choose the best one for your boiler.

Adey Magnaclean Professional 2 System Cleaner

  • 6%* annual saving on heating bills (*For a typical three-bedroom property based on independent research)
  • Extends the life of the central heating system
  • Immediate ongoing central heating system protection
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • In-line installation can be completed in just two minutes
  • Bi-directional flow means either port can be an inlet, increasing flexibility
  • Low profile drain valve designed for easier servicing and dosing
  • Improved sheath design for dual non-magnetic capture
  • 10-year warranty

Adey Magnaclean Atom

  • Automatically and continuously removes magnetic dirt from the heating system
  • Improves energy efficiency, and helps to reduce running costs
  • Helps to protect and prolong the life of components such as the boiler and radiators
  • Helps to reduce nuisance call-outs by eliminating problems caused by circulating dirt
  • Compact design fits neatly on any pipework
  • Easily cleaned during the heating systems annual service
  • Simple and easy to install, with only 115mm needed for installation
  • Filter can be by-passed during servicing
  • Simple and quick dosing using ADEY Rapide Chemicals
  • 2-year warranty
  • High capacity and compact design
  • Ideal for use in restricted spaces and access areas
  • Easy to install – fits on horizontal and vertical pipework in both flow directions.
  • The filter can operate at an angle of 45°
  • Fast and easy to clean without dismantling the unit
  • Unique action, removes magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from system water
  • Easy to fit slip socket with compression fitting and short pipe cut-out length
  • Will not block or restrict flow
  • Smart, tough, forged brass construction (no hidden porosity) with nickel plating
  • Unique manifold with double radial seals and multiple orientation capability
  • Powerful neodymium magnet assembly with threaded magnet cap

Worcester Bosch Greenstar

  • Over tightening prevention feature
  • Isolation valve indicators
  • Bi-Directional flow
  • Stronger magnet
  • Inspired by installer feedback
  • Designed to make installation and servicing simpler than ever before
  • Magnetic, and non-magnetic filtration to collect a wide range of system debris
  • Can be installed both under, and over the boiler or remotely
  • One-way valve for ease of adding system chemicals
  • Isolation valve indicators to visually assist when isolating the filter
  • Detachable body for ease of service, and powerflushing
  • Drainage point at the bottom for ease of access during servicing
  • 2-year guarantee

Boilermag Domestic Filter

  • Install/Clean in minutes
  • Protects for years
  • Guaranteed no block
  • Dual flow technology – filters twice on one pass
  • Removes both magnetic, and non-magnetic debris
  • Easy access for chemical dosing
  • High-quality valves and seals
  • Fits in line, and has 360º adjustment

Plumbright System Filter

  • Actively filters rust, sludge and iron residue
  • 11,000 gauss Neodymium Magnet
  • 90°C maximum working temperature
  • Manual air bleed
  • Full bore drain valve
  • Plastic magnet surround filter
  • 400ml dosing capacity
  • 360° Installation
  • Effortless servicing and fitting

Magnetic System Filter Brand Comparison Table

MakeAdeyAdeyFernoxWorcester BoschBoilermagPlumbright
ModelMagnacleanse Professional 2Magnaclean AtomTF1 OmegaGreenstarDomestic System FilterSystem Filter
Price£90 – £100£75 – £100£70 – £100£110 – £120£60 –  £90£55 – £100
Warranty10 years10 years25 years10 years2 years12 months

Magnetic System Filter Installation Costs

Your Gas Safe heating engineer will be able to install your boiler’s magnetic filter however there are a few checks they will need to do beforehand. The first is to check the size of the pipes that run to your boiler. Magnetic filters often come in different mm sizes to accommodate the size of the pipes. It is important to remember that this could have an effect on the price of your filter. 

As you can see above, the price of your boiler magnetic filter can vary depending on the supplier. The prices in the table above are based on a 22mm pipe. The price of a 28mm magnetic filter may be between 34-40% more than this. 

Once you’ve decided on a filter (costing between £60-150), the next cost is the actual installation cost.

On average, it costs around £100-£150 for the installation of your boiler magnetic filter. Unless of course, you purchase a WarmZilla boiler, you not only get a Worcester Bosch Greenstar, Adey Atom or Plumbright System Filter but the installation cost is already included in the price package. What more could you ask for!

In total, boiler magnetic filter supply and installation normally cost around £150- £275 approx.

Installation of a boiler magnetic filter can take anything from 1 to 4 hours to fit. This will depend on the ease of access to the filter and if any adjustments to pipework need to be made. We know that these extra costs seem like a lot right now, but you will see the benefits from the money savings you will see on your heating bills and also any future maintenance if necessary.

Can I Add A Magnetic Filter To My Existing Heating System?

If you’re thinking about buying a new or replacement boiler, it may be worth noting that some boiler manufactures have their own magnetic filter.

It is important to note that if you are attaching a magnetic filter to your existing central heating system, your heating engineer may suggest a system cleanse to extract any built-up debris and rust before fitting the new magnetic filter. This could be costly, so speak with your engineer first.

When buying a new boiler from WarmZilla, a system flush will be included in your price package, for extra peace of mind. 

If you are interested in purchasing a new or replacement boiler, click here for a quote in minutes!

If you choose to have a magnetic filter, this is usually fitted during initial installation when getting a new or replacement boiler, however, the answer is yes, you can add a magnetic filter to your existing heating system. This should be installed by a Gas Safe heating engineer. 

It is also important to check with your heating engineer that having a magnetic filter is practical for your boiler due to its location.

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