When to buy a new boiler? Re October 16, 2019

When to buy a new boiler?

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It’s pretty common knowledge that it’s usually sensible to buy a new boiler in the summer when the demand is lower, but is there a perfect time to splash out?

It might seem obvious, but there are lots of advantages to holding off, so before you jump in headfirst and chuck out that faithful old combi, it’s worth considering your timing before you make your move. It turns out that there are actually more favourable times of the year in terms of price, model availability and more.

This blog will discuss the best and worst times to buy a new boiler, the signs you need to replace it and the best boilers to buy in 2023.

The best time to buy a boiler

As the temperature begins to drop around late October or early November, installation companies see a surge in queries. This means that your installation may take longer, or you might not be able to get the model you wanted. Although this rarely happens here at WarmZilla, it’s a trend we see industry-wide.

The worst time to buy a boiler

If your boiler can survive the winter, we recommend waiting until the summer months to install your new one, when you aren’t reliant on it for heating. It gives you plenty of time to look around and ensure that WarmZilla is the cheapest option available. And if it’s not the most affordable, which is very unlikely, we will price match the quote and give you £50 off your order! Read more on our best price guarantee.

And if your boiler needs servicing, we also recommend having the service done in the summer months, so your it’s in good shape for when you need it most!

Why replace/service your boiler in the summer?

We know that boilers are not as exciting to buy in the summer as a new BBQ or outdoor pizza oven! But boilers are best bought in the summer for sure, and here are the reasons why:

1. Heating engineers aren’t too occupied

As you can imagine, winter is the busiest month for heating engineers. They’re busy with breakdowns, heating emergencies and frozen condensate pipes.

When booking an installation/service in the summer, you can pick the time that suits you, which means you don’t have to take a day off for an installation.

2. Ready for the winter

Replacing/servicing your boiler in the summer means it will be working in the winter when you most need it.

3. You won’t be cold! 

Depending on the job, some installations can take between 1 and 3 days. Having the job done in the summer means you won’t be cold for a couple of days or have to stay elsewhere while the installation is being carried out.

4. More time to shop around

If it breaks down in the winter, you will rush to replace it, which means you won’t have enough time to shop around and find the perfect boiler for your home (without breaking the bank)! 

Looking at boilers in the summer gives you more time to do your research. Here’s our boiler comparison tool to help you.

Signs that your boiler needs replacing

Your boiler could last between 10-15 years, or even longer if it is well maintained.

If it stops working entirely and can’t be fixed, you’ll have to replace it immediately, but bear in mind that many other less obvious signs let you know it’s time to say goodbye! 

Here are the top 6 warning signs;

  • An unexplained rise in energy bills – naturally, boilers lose efficiency over time, which means your energy bills will go up regardless, but if your energy bills are creeping up out of control, this might be a sign that your it needs replacing.
  • Your boiler makes odd noises such as banging, whistling, popping or hissing sounds.
  • Your boiler is leaking – while leaking doesn’t mean you have to replace, it is a sign that there are issues in one of the internal components. We recommend calling a heating engineer to check it out before it becomes more serious.
  • Frequent breakdowns – this happens a lot towards the end of the boiler’s lifespan and it may be time to start shopping around for a new boiler.
  • It doesn’t heat your home as it used to and doesn’t provide hot water either.
  • Finding replacement parts for your boiler is a nightmare.

But before you commit to the big purchase, ask a heating engineer to check that there isn’t a build-up in your heating system preventing your boiler from working as it should.

However, If your boiler keeps breaking down, it may be cheaper, in the long run, to cut your losses and get a new one, just come to us at WarmZilla, and we’ll sort you out!

When shopping around for a new boiler, we’d advise using the WarmZilla boiler comparison tool. Just select up to 3 potentials you’d want to compare, and you’ll be able to compare key stats side by side to see which boiler is best for your home.

Boilers on finance

For most of us, buying a new boiler is a thing of necessity; there are a million other things we would rather spend our hard-earned cash on. 

As it’s one of the more expensive home appliances, and you don’t have a few thousand pounds in your bank account to cover it – boiler finance is a great option. 

Boiler finance allows you to spread the cost of a new boiler into a manageable monthly payment plan.

Boiler finance monthly repayments 

Nobody wants to spend money on a boiler, but our boiler finance plans can spread the cost to as little as £9.80 per month. We also have 0% interest-free credit available on selected models.

The monthly repayments on your boiler finance plan will depend on the length of term finance you select, the boiler you choose, and the deposit amount you choose to pay. To learn more about our boiler finance options, read our blog.


The best boilers to buy



At WarmZilla, our mission is to give you all the help and support you’ll need to find the best boiler for your home at the best price, that’s why we’ve written blogs about the best combi boilersbest system boilers and best conventional boilers in 2023. So make sure to check them out!

To sum up, the best combi boilers on the market in 2023 are; the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000, the Ideal Logic Max and the Vaillant EcoTec Pro.

The best system boilers on the market in 2023 are; the Worcester Bosch 8000 Style, the Ideal Logic Plus and the Vaillant EcoTec Plus.

The best regular boilers on the market in 2023 are; the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri, the Ideal Logic Heat and the Vaillant EcoFit Pure.


We recommend waiting until the summer months to get your new one installed as you aren’t reliant on your boiler for heating and it gives you plenty of time to shop around.

Because heating engineers won’t be as busy as they are in the winter, you’ll have more time to shop around and it will be more convenient for you.

  • An unexplained rise in energy bills 
  • Your boiler makes odd noises 
  • Your boiler is constantly leaking
  • Frequent boiler breakdowns 
  • The boiler doesn’t heat your home 
  • Difficulties finding replacement parts for your boiler
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