Boiler Installation Prices Explained Re January 27, 2023

Boiler Installation Prices Explained

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Do you need advice on a boiler installation with prices?

You may be looking at new boiler prices and wondering why all the boiler installation costs vary so much. You can get a boiler quote from an energy supplier, like British Gas for example, and be quoted over £1,000 more than you would anywhere else. Or, you may have seen the same boiler priced at £800 on a site like Screwfix.

Why do boiler installation prices vary so much, and what do you actually get for your money? We look at the true cost of installing a boiler and what you get for your money.

If you’re looking for a more general guide on what’s involved in replacing your old boiler, we’ve written the complete guide to boiler installation already, so feel free to jump over to that article. It includes the important need to know information like – what boiler type you currently have, what kW boiler you will need, boiler installation costs, and the costs of extras like smart thermostats and filters.

Generally speaking, boiler installation prices can vary depending on several factors, including the type and size of boiler you have, the type of boiler you want to replace it with, the complexity of the installation, and the location of the property.
A standard boiler installation, which includes a new boiler and basic controls, can cost anywhere from £1,500 to £4,000, but, the cost can increase if additional work is needed, such as upgrading the pipework.
The type of boiler also plays a role in the cost. A combi boiler, which provides both heating and hot water, is typically less expensive to install than a system boiler, which requires additional components such as a hot water cylinder.
The location of the property can also affect the cost of installation. Boiler installations in London and the Southeast of England tend to be more expensive than in other parts of the country.
It’s important to note that these are rough estimates and prices can vary widely depending on the specific details of the job. It’s always best to get a quote to get a more accurate idea of the cost of boiler installation – just answer a few questions to see the ideal boiler for your home (and wallet!).

In this article we will break down what is involved in the price of a Worcester Bosch boiler we sell for £1,649, so you understand what you’re paying for and why the price is higher than a boiler you might see on Plumbnation for £850.

A boiler installation quote is not as simple as boiler cost + cost of boiler installation, there’s a lot more that goes into replacing a boiler. Read on to find out what!

Gas Safe boiler installation costs

The biggest cost involvement in fitting a boiler comes with the Gas Safe installer that fits it. This is the biggest difference in price between a boiler you’ve seen listed in a heating store like Plumbnation for £850.

The cheapest Worcester Bosch boiler available from WarmZilla is the Worcester Greenstar 12Ri for £1,649. You can pick this boiler up from Plumbnation for £972. That’s less than half the price we hear you cry out in disbelief.

Whilst initially this may seem like a great deal, we’ve been contacted by many potential customers who have taken this route only to find the price doesn’t include installation!

Online companies like WarmZilla can only make a profit by selling the whole boiler installation package and local installers can only make a profit by getting kickbacks with whatever boiler manufacturer they partner with.

If you purchase a boiler and try searching for an installer to fit it, be prepared for a lot of refusals before you find someone that will fit it. There will also be additional costs like flues, thermostats, plume kits, etc that we will cover later on in this article.

The cost for a Worcester Bosch 12Ri from WarmZilla at £1649 isn’t just £800 for the boiler and £850 for the installation. There is a lot more involved than that, as we’ll go into in this article.

As a rough guide these are the kind of prices you can expect to pay for different boiler installation types from WarmZilla, inclusive of VAT:

Combi to combi boiler swap – £1,489
System/Standard boiler to combi conversion – £2,249
Back boiler to combi conversion – £2,499
System to system – £1,995 (Free Hive Smart Thermostat Inc.)
Standard to standard – £1,649 (Free Hive Smart Thermostat Inc.) 

To get a boiler replacement quote tailored to your home without having to part with your personal details, try WarmZilla. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll get a fixed price boiler quote with boiler installation included.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Classic Installer On Phone Garage

Cost for a system cleanse/powerflush

A system cleanse is included in every WarmZilla installation. A system cleanse means adding strong chemicals to your heating system to clear out any sludge (rust from radiators and general build-up of gunk).

A system cleanse isn’t that expensive to do during a boiler installation as you have a Gas Safe professional in attendance with access to your system and the process is fairly simple when you know what you’re doing.

We also add inhibitor at the end of your boiler installation to keep the system coated to reduce corrosion, limiting the amount of sludge that builds up.

The cost of the system flush chemicals and inhibitor is usually around £30. 

A powerflush (or Magnacleanse) however is much more expensive, ranging from £300 – £600 depending on how many radiators you have in your property and taking up to half a day to complete. Unless you notice cold patches on your radiators (when they’re turned on), then the chances are you don’t need one.

In older heating systems the vigorousness (it’s definitely a word), can cause leaks in older pipes as joins have their solder worked loose. For this reason, WarmZilla, don’t offer powerflushing as a service.

Cost of a system filter

As part of the installation, we also include a system filter, which is fitted on the return pipe to your boiler. The filter uses magnets to gather any ‘sludge’ that has been produced in your system to keep it clean

The filter we fit with a Worcester Bosch 12Ri is the Worcester Bosch mini filter. Don’t be fooled by the mini part, this filter is mighty and will ensure your boiler is kept safe from nasty sludge in your system.

A Worcester Bosch mini-filter retails for around £120.

Cost of a plume kit

A plume kit is designed to adapt the location of flue outlets that no longer meet regulations, for instance, ones that are at head height or too close to windows or neighbours’ properties.

If you are worried about whether you might need one, don’t. With the WarmZilla survey we ask the questions needed to know whether you need one or not. If you do we’ll add one to your order.

A plume kit costs between £100-£150 depending on the boiler brand and the boiler it needs to connect to.

Cost of a flue

The flue is connected to your boiler and its job is to remove harmful gases and condensation produced by your boiler outside your property.

With WarmZilla the price of your flue is included in the quoted price. Based on your answer to the flue question in the WarmZilla survey you will either require a vertical or a horizontal flue.

Horizontal flues are easier to install and therefore cheaper. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for vertical flues as it’s more difficult to install a flue leading through a roof.

Your boiler is legally required to have a flue so the cost will always be incorporated into the final price and if it’s not, then you have a rogue trader on your hands and you should have chosen WarmZilla!

To buy a flue separately you would be looking at spending £80 – £130, but with WarmZilla the price of the flue and any flue extension kits you might need is built-in.

Cost of wireless controls/smart thermostat

There is a wide range of smart thermostats, all with different functions and with different price tags available on the market.

We’ve reviewed some of the most popular wireless/smart thermostats on the market including the Hive Smart ThermostatGoogle Nest Learning ThermostatHoneywell T3R and the Salus RT310i.

Smart thermostats make your home heating more efficient and help to save money on your heating bills. In addition to saving you money, they are also more convenient, allowing you to control your home temperature from your phone, Alexa, or tablet.

With every boiler installation, WarmZilla includes a Honeywell T3R thermostat with all combi boilers and a Hive Active Heating Smart Thermostat with all system and heat only boilers. We offer more advanced smart thermostats like the Google Nest Learning Thermostat if you like your tech.

The Honeywell is available for around £70, while the Hive costs a little more at around £150.

Cost to move a boiler’s location

The cost to move your boiler can be anywhere between £300 – £800 depending on how far it’s being moved, what type of boiler it is and where it’s being moved to.

It’s not as simple as remounting the boiler elsewhere, the pipework leading to the boiler needs to be rerouted and reconnected, which can mean pulling up floorboards.

Costs could increase if additional parts are needed for the new location, for example, if you move the boiler from a location where the flue terminates horizontally from the boiler through a kitchen wall, to an attic where the flue will need to be changed to a vertical flue, additional costs for parts will be incurred.

Generally speaking, the further you move your boiler from its current location the higher the cost. This is due to the labour of running the new pipework and the cost of the materials required.

If your new boiler location is in the same room or fairly close to the old location then it should take between half a day to a day to move. If you’re moving a boiler from the kitchen to the loft then expect it to take a minimum of one day and more probably two days.

At WarmZilla we charge £150 to move your boiler within the same room, £300 for other rooms, and £500 to move your boiler into the loft.

Cost to upgrade pipework

Most people wouldn’t hear about this until their installer was informing them that they were going to need to pay an extra fee to upgrade their pipework. Not with WarmZilla. The price we quote you is fixed. If we need to upgrade the pipework then it won’t cost you any than your initial boiler quote.

Older heating systems used different size piping (usually 15mm), modern regulations require gas piping to be 22mm.

Upgrading pipework would usually cost you between £300 – £500.

We will identify whether your pipework needs to be upgraded prior to your boiler being installed in most cases.

Additional business overheads

Even a lean, mean, fighting machine of an online company like WarmZilla has a lot of overheads. Office space, comfy chairs, biscuits, and salaries for extremely talented content writers all add up.

A large energy company has even larger overheads than an online company like WarmZilla, so it’s easy to understand why they charge thousands more. We keep our overheads low so we can pass the savings on to our customers, and that’s exactly what we do.

So when you look at the price of a boiler and see the headline price of £1650 (our cheapest Worcester Bosch boiler), you now know that it’s not just £800 for the boiler and £850 installation. The cost involved is a lot more complex and includes:

Worcester Bosch Boiler – £806
Derek the Dinosaur toy with every boiler – Priceless
Gas Safe Installation – £450 (minimum)
System Cleanse – £30
System Filter – £120
Hive smart thermostat – £100
Flue – £80
Plume Kit – £100 (if required)
Moving Boiler – £150 – £500 (if required)
Gas pipe upgrade – £300 – £500 (if required)

As we buy in bulk we get the prices down cheaper than RRP but you can still see that there are a lot of costs involved in fitting your boiler and that’s without marketing and advertising costs. Google ads aren’t cheap!

So hopefully we have clarified exactly what goes into making up the price of your boiler. It’s more than just boiler + boiler fitting. There are a lot of extras involved, a lot of expertise, and a lot of care and attention that goes into our work.

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