Boilers on Finance: Buying a new boiler with credit Re October 22, 2019

Boilers on Finance: Buying a new boiler with credit

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It has become the norm to buy cars, houses and more expensive gadgets like TVs and computers on finance, but until recently, it may not have been the first thing you thought of when buying a new boiler. This is because traditionally, a large part of the cost involved in having a new boiler fitted was paying a tradesman for the installation. You can’t ask Dave if he minds you paying him £15 a month for the next few years because you’ve got bills to pay – Dave has bills too! 

However, things have moved on, and companies like WarmZilla are here to make life easier for customers, not only by offering easy finance plans to replace your old boiler but by making the whole process an easy online experience that allows customers to select a boiler, choose an installation date and choose a payment plan that suits them – all in a matter of minutes. 

Why would I buy a boiler using finance?

Finance is a great option for purchasing a boiler because even if you do have a couple of thousand pounds lying around, would you want to spend it all on buying a new boiler? Probably not, despite the benefits of having a new boiler. 

Benefits of replacing your old boiler on finance include:

  1. Reducing your energy bills due to the efficiency of your new boiler.
  2. Decreased risk of breakdowns and repair costs. 
  3. Lower carbon emissions (save the planet).

You can opt to buy a new boiler on finance with WarmZilla and spend your hard-earned money on something a bit more fun.

How it works

Step 1 – complete survey

Step 2 – select installation date

Step 3 – Finance application




Boiler Finance Package Examples

11.9% APR - Worcester 12Ri Boiler

Representative Example: Amount of Credit £825.00. Deposit £825.00. 120 Month Agreement. Total Purchase Price £1650. 120 Monthly Payments £10.68 p.m. Interest £456.04. Interest rate 11.9% p.a. Representative APR 11.9%. Total amount Repayable £2106.04. Example boiler: Worcester Bosch 12ri.*

0% APR - Worcester 25Si Boiler

Representative Example: Amount of Credit £1,089.50. Deposit £1,089.50. 24 Month Agreement. Total Purchase Price £2179. 24 Monthly Payments £45.40 p.m. Interest £0. Interest rate 0% p.a. Representative APR 0%. Total amount Repayable £2,179. Example boiler: Worcester Bosch 25si.*


*WarmZilla Limited acts as a credit broker and not a lender. Any credit is subject to our lender’s criteria.

How much will my monthly repayments be?

The monthly repayments on your boiler finance plan will depend on the length of term finance you select, the boiler you choose, and the deposit amount you choose to pay. 

Length of term – A finance plan over 36 months will incur fewer costs than a 60 or 120-month plan as there is less risk for the lender as they will get their money back quicker.

Boiler choice – The cheaper the boiler, the lower your monthly repayment will be – this one is pretty straightforward.

Deposit amount – the higher the deposit amount you choose to pay when buying your new boiler will mean the less money you need to borrow, the less you borrow the lower the risk for the lender, which means a lower monthly repayment.

In general terms, the monthly repayments you can expect to pay can vary between £10.68 per month on a Worcester 12Ri or up to a maximum of £78.12 a month for a Worcester Highflow 550CDi. An average monthly cost for a boiler purchased by finance would be around £20 per month.

How much deposit will I need to pay?

Deposit amounts vary between 10-50%. The actual deposit amount you will pay will depend on the boiler model you choose to buy. Deposit amounts vary between £180 – £900.

Can I get boiler finance with bad credit history?

If you have a bad credit rating, don’t worry, our finance providers have a high acceptance rate. Any finance application is subject to approval and a credit check. If you’re worried about your credit score then it may be worth checking your credit on a free site like Experian. We recommend having at least a ‘fair’ credit rating. 

If your credit rating is lower than ‘fair’ then there are steps you can take to improve your credit rating;

  • Ensure you are always registered to vote at your current address on the electoral register.
  • Avoid getting any County Court Judgements (CCJ’s).
  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Pay for items on your credit card and settle your credit card payments quickly.
  • Don’t borrow more than you can afford to pay back.
  • Avoid super high-interest loans

Having a better credit rating won’t affect the APR on your WarmZilla finance package but it may affect whether you are approved for finance or not. Our finance lenders, Vendigo may offer additional packages if you don’t get approved initially at a different APR.

What other ways can I pay for my boiler?

You can purchase your boiler outright by opting to pay by credit or debit card through the WarmZilla website. Another option if you are worried about your credit rating could be to speak to your bank and see if you can take out a loan to purchase your boiler, the APR may be less than a finance plan but if your credit rating isn’t enough to pass a finance application then your bank may feel the same way about a loan.

Does WarmZilla offer 0% APR finance?

WarmZilla offers 0% APR on all boilers. This means that for the boilers that have 0% APR available you will get the benefit of spreading the cost of your boiler over two years without incurring any additional interest to pay. 0% APR is the best of both worlds as you don’t need to have a big lump sum to purchase your boiler, but you also don’t have to pay interest when spreading the payments on your new boiler. Typically 0% APR boiler finance packages are shorter in length (2 years) than other finance plans, which can go up to 10 years if you want to get those monthly payments right down.

To find out whether the boiler you want offers 0% APR, just click on the finance button, and you will be given a finance example. Click on the dropdown for the finance plan and see what options are available. It will either be 0% or 11.9% APR. If you have any questions about our boiler finance packages, please contact us

Who Provides WarmZilla Finance?

WarmZIlla uses Vendigo Finance Ltd as our lenders. When you buy a boiler through finance from WarmZilla the financial agreement will be between yourself and Vendigo. Vendigo Finance UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) under Financial Services Register number 796969.

What boilers can I get on finance?

You can purchase any boiler on the WarmZilla website through our boiler replacement finance. Just complete the survey and you will get a range of boilers suitable for your home, click on the ‘finance options’ button to change your deposit amount and choose your boiler finance plan.

We offer a variety of combi boilers on finance as well as system boilers and conventional (heat only) boilers. Our finance packages are available on all boiler fuel types (gas, oil or LPG).

Do we offer financial advice?

WarmZilla doesn’t offer financial advice on our finance packages but if you have a particular query regarding your boiler finance, please contact us.

Make sure you can comfortably keep up with the monthly repayments on your boiler if you choose to buy your new boiler through a finance plan. Missing monthly payments will affect your credit rating.

Reasons to get a new boiler on finance

Generally speaking, a boiler could last for up to 15 years, or even longer if it is well maintained. Clearly, if your boiler stops working and can’t be fixed, you’ll have to replace it. However, there are many other less obvious signs that let you know that it’s time to say goodbye! Here are some warning signs;

  • You’re seeing an unexplained rise in energy bills – naturally, boilers lose efficiency over time, which means your energy bills will go up regardless, but if your energy bills are creeping up out of control, this might be a sign that your boiler needs replacing. 
  • Your boiler is making odd noises such as popping or hissing sounds.
  • Your boiler is leaking – while leaking doesn’t mean you have to replace your boiler, it is a sign that there are issues in one of the internal components. We recommend calling a heating engineer to check it out before it turns into something more serious.
  • Frequent breakdowns – this happens a lot towards the end of the boiler’s lifespan and it may be time to start looking for other options.
  • The boiler fails to heat your home as it used to and doesn’t provide hot water as well. 
  • Finding replacement parts for your boiler is a nightmare.

What's included when getting a new boiler on finance?

  • Your chosen boiler, along with a flue kit
  • Installation by a qualified Gas Safe Engineer 
  • Removal of your old boiler and parts
  • A FREE system cleanse of your central heating system
  • Chemical Inhibitor for added protection for your new boiler
  • 10-years guarantee, which will be registered by WarmZilla after installation
  • A FREE magnetic system filter for ongoing protection
  • The Neomitis RF Digital Wireless Room Thermostat 

For more information, check out our terms and conditions.

WarmZilla is approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (F.C.A) FRN 815093 for credit broking (not as a lender) and offers credit products through a panel of lenders. Finance available subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. Any credit is subject to status, affordability, and a credit check.

You can view the WarmZilla profile on the Financial Services Register – a public record that shows details of firms, individuals, and other bodies that are, or have been, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Registered in England & Wales Company No. 09301554 (VAT No. 304870905).

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