EndoTherm Can Save you Money on your Energy Bill Re February 28, 2022

EndoTherm Can Save you Money on your Energy Bill

Endotherm can save you money on your energy bills. WarmZilla Blogs.
What is Endotherm?
EndoTherm can save you money on your energy bill. WarmZilla Blogs

What is EndoTherm?

EndoTherm is a unique multi-award-winning; energy-saving additive for wet heating systems.

It has been independently proven to save up to 15%* on heating costs, improving the overall efficiency, performance, maintenance and life expectancy of heating systems and their assets.

How does EndoTherm work?

EndoTherm works by changing the physical and thermal properties of water to improve the heat transfer efficiency and performance of wet heating systems.

The Science of EndoTherm

To show how EndoTherm works, we’ve put together a step-by-step process – we tried to make it less technical!

  1. Due to the surface tension of fluid and imperfections in materials inside heating systems optimal thermal contact is not made.
  2. When dosed EndoTherm stably changes the surface tension of the fluid by over 60% whilst remaining non-corrosive.
  3. This increases the thermal contact which improves heat transfer rate and efficiency.

This results in rooms reaching their determined temperature quicker, and staying warmer for longer.

Thus, less fuel is consumed to maintain the thermostatically set temperature.

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What are the benefits of EndoTherm?

Proven to reduce heating bills by up to 15%

This results in ~2250kWh saved per year. This is equal to ~£90 a year per home (based on 4p/kWh gas cost).

100% organic with one day CO2 payback

EndoTherm becomes carbon neutral in under 1 day of use.

Reduces your home’s carbon footprint

EndoTherm reduces the number of kWh used to heat your home. Every kWh saved equates to 0.184kg of CO2 also saved. Over the course of a year that’s a reduction of 414kg of CO2. To put this into perspective, that’s equal to the workload of 207 trees!

Lasts in your heating system for years

Proven to last for at least 6 years.

Typical return on investment in less than one year

The product pays for itself in 6-12 months.

You can use it with any wet heating system

Compatible with all boiler brands.

EndoTherm FAQs

EndoTherm is suitable for any wet system with a water to air heat transfer.

This may include systems with radiators, air handling units, fan coil units and underfloor heating systems using mains gas, biomass, heating oils like kerosene and LPG and even electric heated systems.

We have also seen EndoTherm work with ground sourced heat pumps, air sourced heat pumps and chilled water systems.

For optimal performance, we recommend a dosage of 1%.

This is 1L for every 100L of system water. For more advice on calculating system volume please contact a member of the EndoTherm team.

EndoTherm will work in both ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ systems.

EndoTherm works by increasing thermal contact area on the inside of systems but this can only happen on part of the system that the water can access. So dirty systems filled with scale restrict the surface area than EndoTherm can improve.

It is recommended that systems are flushed/cleaned before the installation of EndoTherm to maximise energy savings but this is NOT required for savings to occur.

The chemicals in EndoTherm are thermally stable and we expect them to stay active in a closed wet system (with no water loss) under the temperatures typically experienced in a heating system.

There is evidence to support the longevity of a minimum of 6 years.

Extensive testing has been carried out on EndoTherm using BuildCert approved test houses.

EndoTherm is proven to have no corrosive or damaging effects on the material found within heating systems.

Whilst EndoTherm does have some inhibitor properties it is NOT designed to be a replacement to BuildCert approved corrosion inhibitors.

We have conducted independent tests with leading brand inhibitors and can confirm compatibility with these chemicals.

EndoTherm carries a standard warning against contact to the eyes but this can be easily alleviated with best practice guidelines. A safety data sheet and risk assessment for dosing EndoTherm are available upon request.

No, EndoTherm is not regarded as hazardous waste as defined by the EU Directive 91/689/EEC and has no special discharge requirements.

The typical ROI of an EndoTherm install is 6-12 months based on a conservative 10% saving.

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