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EV Charging Apps


Web apps (applications) are possibly the best technology to date. They can be made to solve every question on earth, except the meaning of life, which is still the most significant question mark.

Whatever you need to know, there will be an app for it. This is no different when it comes to EVs (electric vehicles). With all app developers trying to offer the best service, it gives the consumer various fantastic options. This blog will highlight a few that can help any EV driver avoid the (coughs) range anxiety.

Brands Applications

Every electric charging manufacturer has its own application designed to help consumers keep track of charging schedules and progress. It also identifies helpful information that could save the owner money on their charge. Here are a few of them and the features that they have included within them.


Wallbox is becoming one of the leading sellers of EV chargers. They are small compact units that can be installed inside and outside. Their size does not look out of place in any environment, and their design radiates quality.

The application is called myWallbox, so not the most original name, but why would you need anything different. Wallbox describes its app as a “hub”. It allows the user to control their charge through smart charging. This app allows the user to connect to home, work, or on-the-road chargers to monitor all aspects of energy management.

Key features

  • Charge schedules will allow for off-peak charge rates helping keep costs down.
  • Monitor and control your EV charging status from anywhere.
  • Will track energy consumption and spending.
  • Remote locking prevents friends, family, and neighbours from having a sneaky charge.
  • Can be connected to external energy sources like solar EV charging and dynamic load balancing for an eco-friendly charge solution.
  • Realtime stats
  • Access payment options to charge at locations that offer Wallbox charging.
  • Ease of access through large display and effective use of colour.
  • Smartwatch compatible.

General customer reviews on this app are generally positive. The ease of use, vibrant colours and easy navigation make the app attractive to users. The main downside to this app is not the app itself but the support team that comes with it. If there were any issues with the app, including the payment feature, getting support from Wallbox seems slightly problematic.

The basic package is free. However, there are two other options standard and business. Standard is about £4 per month while business is £6 per month (these prices can change at any time)

Overall, this application offers all you would need, and as it is available on all operating systems, everyone with a smartphone can download and use this app.

Rolec & EV.Energy

Customer plugging in rolec EV charger

Rolec and EV.Energy has partnered to launch a new range of smart home chargers with an integrated mobile app.

With the EV.Energy app Rolec users that own the smart home range. These are part of the WallPod charging range and are the latest to be launched, with a solar power charger range soon to follow. The app will be able to programme the charger to charge at specific times, access charge history, view live charging status, energy usage in kWh and energy costs and carbon savings. The smart schedule feature will allow you to charge at the lowest possible price. Much like other apps, it can identify and charge at off-peak times.

An additional feature will include finding local on-route charging points quickly without needing to subscribe to a network. This will help you plan routes and charge your car effortlessly.

The app is easy to use with clear navigation and accessibility, suitable for those unfamiliar with smartphone apps. It is also available on all operating systems free of charge.


VendElectric is another app that has been used and supported by Rolec. And helps find, pay and charge your vehicle out and about. VenderElectric is also web-based, so if the app has complications, it is accessible on the world wide web too. It offers a variety of features that include;

  • PAYG EV charging with no membership or subscription required.
  • Map or list view to find your closest charge point
  • Filter between public, private and available charge points
  • Quickly find the search bar for point ID or location.
  • View the live status of your charge session and power rating
  • Charge session history
  • Favourite your regular charge points
  • Wallet balance and easy top-up
  • Report faults and send feedback

Much like the EV.Energy app there are many of the same features. However, it has not been popular with users. Many complain that they have login issues which is the last thing you need out on the road. Many reports that it doesn’t indicate charge costs but requires money upfront rather than charging for what you use. Also, without the ability to register in the app, it doesn’t offer much support; when it fails, there is very little you can do. This is probably why Rolec has teamed up with EV.Energy so that they can offer a much cleaner and reliable feature for all aspects of charging, home and away.

Zappi by Myenergi

Zappi charger installed

The Myenergi App is an advanced application that can control all aspects of charging and far more. All Myenergi products can be fully controlled via the app, including all Zappi chargers and Myenergi solar and excess water heater range, Eddi.

The app had many standout features.

  • Set your charging timers
  • Use boost functions and prioritise your Myenergi products.
  • Monitor real-time energy data for your existing Myenergi setup
  • With vibrant visuals, you can also monitor grid import and export
  • Live data is updated every ten seconds and can also be viewed as historical data in graphical form
  • Solar PV generation and battery storage information, all in one place.
  • Remotely monitor your set of Myenergi devices
  • View current household power distribution and consumption easily and immediately via an innate animated display displaying import/export, power diversion and consumption
  • Live and historic Self-Consumption and Green Contribution indicators
  • Data is updated in real-time
  • Remote boost control, both manual & programmable
  • Priority setting of different devices.

Zappi is a very reliable and robust EV charger range, and the app follows suit. It is reliable and gets regular updates to ensure functionality remains as best as possible. Every aspect of energy in and out of your car and home can be quickly reviewed and manipulated to save money but timing certain functions for the best off-peak times.

The app is a free download for all operating systems and can be used by any Myenergi product owner. The app overall is fantastic. The functionality and useability are a little more complex than some of the others available. However, all information is easy to find, and navigation is straightforward, but some may find it difficult to read and find it a bit scary to use but will soon warm to it.


Andersen EV chargers are connected via an app called Kønnect+. Much like the other apps, it offers many of the same features. The main difference with the Kønnect+ is that all app features have been well thought out and work well. Functionality is easy to use and get used to. Navigation is straightforward with a clear display and updates every 10 seconds or under. Most users also approve of the support for product range and app, which rarely bugs out. Overall, if you have an Andersen charger or are thinking of getting one, the accompanying app is all that is needed to put range anxiety at the back of your mind and enjoy the road.

These are the main features that are present in the Kønnect+ app.

  • Weekly charge report
  • Locking system to stop unauthorised usage
  • Tracking all energy usage
  • Cost breakdowns can be viewed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Network disconnection notifications error messages to warn of any disruptions
  • Detailed reporting charts
  • Choose to charge using only the green energy you generate
  • Cloud information storage with 128-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, with secure private connections.

Applications for EVs are becoming much more advanced and diversifiable and can help keep track of other products around the home. The Kønnect+ app also aids in solar charging and distribution, using only the green energy you generate with flexible solar charging using a 5-stage dial. This allows you to see real-time energy usage from your home and car.

Additional Appropriate options

There are many additional applications to choose from, and more are being created daily. Here are some examples of the most popular downloaded apps currently.


With 30k chargers available to EV drivers across the UK and Europe (2k in the UK), this app will give access to accurate, real-time data on each charge point. The payment system brings the best pricing possible for the available or chosen charging points. There are two options to choose from, Pay-As-You-Go or Bonnet Refills and all payments are made through the Bonnet app.

Here is a list of all current chargers available to be used in the app, with more on the way.

  • Alfa Power

  • Allego

  • Char.gy

  • ESB

  • EVBox

  • FastNed

  • RAW Charging (formerly Franklin Energy)

  • Osprey Rapid Charging Network

  • Plug-N-Go

  • Shell Recharge

  • Osprey

  • Connected Kerb

  • Ladenetz


Currently, the UK’s No.1 EV mapping service will help locate all driving stations relevant to your journey. With over 15k locations, 25k devices and 40k connectors mapped, Zap-Map shows charge points from major networks and smaller providers across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Features include:

  • Live data
  • Comprehensive filters,
  • route planner,
  • payment facility and CarPlay
  • Zap-Home/work allows users to add a charger to Zap-Map to enable community charging for free or a small charge.
  • Add new public charge points through the wizard feature.
  • Points will be reviewed by the Zap-Map data team and then added to Zap-Map.
  • Settings allows users to edit avatar, display name, EV model and contact preferences, plus review subscriptions and Zap-Pay
  • Offline mode with map view and summary charge points information available.

Zap-Map offers two additional subscription offers, Zap-Map plus and Zap-Map Premium. Plus offers more smart search filters, save options, the ability to view new chargers and features what3words. Plus, no adverts. In addition to the Plus option, Premium offers a total saving on filters, route plans and EVs, plus in-car support with Android Auto.

Other helpful features regarding this app include social sharing, where the upload of information regarding charge points, including location, connector details, speed, pricing, access, amenities, network, and contact details. Images can also be provided to show fellow drivers the condition of the EV station.

Google Maps

Google maps offer a simple way to find the closest EV charger on any route. If you are using google navigation, it can easily be added to your journey. By far the simplest way to find EV chargers. Let’s all hope they are fully functional when you turn up, as live update data can lag.


PlugShare is considered the largest EV driver community. Drivers can contribute to the app by offering station reviews, photos, and helpful information to aid fellow travellers.

This app offers the ability to add EV charge points as you discover them, which can notify other drivers of your find. Additionally, link your favourite navigation app to quickly get you to the stations you’re looking for. You can check ahead to see if the station you want is open or currently in use. Pay for charging within the app with Pay with PlugShare if the station accepts this payment.

PlugShare also features a vehicle feature, allowing you to narrow down appropriate charging units for your vehicle. If you plan to travel abroad, this app is universal throughout the globe, so if you are a traveller, this is the ideal app for you.


The best is often personal preference and soon to become brand loyalty as with most tech products. The most reliable and easy to use currently are. These include global apps.

• ChargeHub
• ChargePoint
• Chargeway
• EVgo
• EV Hotels
• PlugShare
• Open Charge Map

A few apps out there will do what you need with very little fuss. These include Zap-Map, PlugShare, Google Maps, Pod Point, and Chargemaster, to name a few.

The EV Charging app is a simple companion to your electric car. It will allow you to monitor, pay, schedule charging times and much more to give you complete control over your electric vehicle charging.

Several apps primarily do the same thing. Depending on the vehicle you own could determine the best app for you. Some car brands have their own apps that will offer more benefits.

There are several charging stations scattered across the globe. Cost and availability will differ from location to location. Here are some to look out for,

  • PlugShare
  • EVgo.
  • ChargePoint
  • ChargeHub
  • EV Connect
  • Chargeway
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