Boiler guarantee or warranty? Re August 12, 2019

Boiler guarantee or warranty?

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You often hear horror stories of companies not honouring their warranty for one reason or another. It seems that these days, companies will sell a product with the promise of a fantastic, long warranty but then wiggle out of it at the first sign of it being needed. They refer you to the warranty terms and conditions to verify their case, but who reads the 1000-page terms and conditions when purchasing something?

For these reasons, we as a nation have become increasingly sceptical of the ‘warranty’. But what if there was such a thing that guarantees any issues get fixed? Yes, you’ve guessed it, a manufacturer’s guarantee. But what is the difference?

Boiler Warranty

A boiler warranty is the promise to repair your boiler for a certain amount of time after installation. Warranties are available in many different lengths. As standard, your new boiler will have a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 2 years (dependent on the manufacturer). Extended warranties can also be purchased for an additional cost.

Most boiler manufacturers run their own installer schemes. This is a recognition/accreditation for heating engineers who install a specific manufacturer’s boiler to a high standard. As an accredited engineer, an installer may be able to offer an extended warranty as the manufacturer knows your new boiler will have been installed by highly trained professionals, to specific standards.

How can manufacturers not honour their warranty?

The warranty that comes with your boiler is always supported by terms and conditions, which must be met for your warranty to be honoured. So, if your central heating system is full of sludge (nasty deposits from rust in your system) for example, and this sludge makes its way into the components of your boiler, the manufacturer could refuse to repair it.

The frustrating thing about this is that this isn’t something that you can necessarily control yourself and have left in the capable hands of your chosen engineer/installer.

This is another reason to ensure your engineer is on the Gas Safe Register and isn’t just a “cowboy” (all WarmZilla installers are Gas Safe Registered). Don’t be afraid to ask for identification if you are employing a local engineer. This isn’t a bulletproof method of ensuring your work is carried out to the required standard, but it’s a lot more likely as they will at least be regulated.

Boiler Guarantee

A boiler guarantee is nearly identical to a boiler warranty. It will always come with one as standard, varies in length, and can be extended for an additional cost.

So, what’s the difference? There is only one difference between the two, and that is that a boiler manufacturer’s guarantee is a promise to repair your boiler for a certain amount of time after installation, no matter what the cause. There is no small print that can catch you out if certain things may have caused the boiler to break down, the manufacturer will send an engineer to your home and repair it regardless.

Worcester Bosch is one of the few manufacturers to offer a guarantee rather than a warranty. This is a major selling point and could often be the deciding factor in choosing your new boiler. Wouldn’t you opt for a guarantee, rather than a warranty for a similar price, especially given the reputation Worcester enjoy as the premium boiler brand available?

Key points for your warranty/guarantee

  • Ensure that your boiler has been registered with the manufacturer. This can either be done by the installer or yourself.
  • Complete the Benchmark form and keep it with your boiler manual.
  • Make sure your new boiler is registered with the manufacturer within 30 days of installation, many installers will do this – but make sure you check.
  • Check what the warranty/guarantee covers – Repairs, replacement parts etc.
  • You must have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually.
  • Enquire about an extended warranty if available.

What does WarmZilla offer on new boilers?

WarmZilla offers a range of cover between 5 – 12 years depending on the boiler manufacturer and the boiler model. In the budget boiler range (Vokera/Worcester Bosch 2000) you are more likely to get a shorter cover length of 5 years, with something like a Viessmann 100w you can get up to 10 year’s guarantee, which means complete peace of mind for 10 years.

Many Worcester Bosch boilers come with a 10-year guarantee, so you won’t need to spend any money on boiler cover, just get a service plan to make sure your boiler gets its annual service, as this is usually the one stipulation with a boiler guarantee. Like a car, your hard-working boiler needs its annual health check.

When WarmZilla fit a new boiler, we will register your guarantee or warranty with the boiler manufacturer on your behalf. That’s another thing you don’t have to worry about when you buy your boiler from WarmZilla.

If you experience any issues with a boiler under warranty, it’s worth checking with the manufacturer directly whether the issue is covered. You could be charged for a call-out and labour if the issue isn’t covered.

It is important to know exactly what is covered before making your purchase. Not only will you be prepared in the event of having to use it, but you might not need that expensive monthly boiler cover you fork out for every month. If you have a guarantee that covers all issues for ten years or more years on your new boiler (as with most WarmZilla boiler installations), then there is no need for those monthly boiler cover plans.

In some instances, the boiler cover plans can cost more than a new boiler would cost when you choose WarmZilla monthly finance to purchase your new boiler. Finance plans start from as little as £11.34 per month and many boiler cover plans are around £10 per month. Rather than wasting money covering an old boiler, you could be paying off a brand-new model, that’s under guarantee. So, in the unlikely event of anything should go wrong with it, you would be covered.

Always find out whether your new boiler is provided with a guarantee or a warranty. In the case of a warranty, find out exactly what is and what isn’t covered – if you get the impression that the terms & conditions are written with the intention of allowing the manufacturer to sneak out of the cover then you should probably look at a manufacturer that offers a guarantee. If they’re prepared to offer a guarantee the chances are, they feel that they have a reliable boiler that will last the duration of the guarantee without breaking down.

If you think you may be better off replacing your old boiler with a new boiler under a long guarantee then, why not get an online quote from WarmZilla. Answer a few simple questions in our survey and we’ll recommend the ideal boiler for your home and give you the price for paying monthly or purchasing your boiler outright.

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