Heating Engineer Careers Re April 29, 2021

Heating Engineer Careers

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It is a well-known fact, that the demand for skilled tradesmen (or tradespeople, to use a more contemporary term) is making a huge comeback. These days, when everyone you meet seems to be a Python programmer, project manager, or freelancer, there is a rising demand for professional plumbers, electricians, or carpenters who have truly mastered their trade. Needless to say, the paychecks for these skilled services are increasing as well. But the most sought-after professionals in these areas, are the ones who choose to specialize in a certain segment of their trade. Incidentally, these are the masters who have the biggest earnings.

In this regard, becoming a Heating Engineer is something certainly worth looking into. Heating Engineers are highly specialized plumbers, who focus solely on heating systems. Aside from plumbing skills, they are very good at problem-solving, math, and even physics. Their services are regularly required by businesses and households with a heating system – which basically means all of them. Not surprisingly, on average, a Heating Engineer earns 20% more than a plumber, for the same number of manhours.

But how does one go about building a career as a Heating Engineer? Here are a few tips to get started:

  • If you have zero experience in plumbing, you should first consider some relevant courses, which will give you the basic skill set required for this trade. A fast-track plumbing training can take as little as a month. Furthermore, the certificate will certainly help you move ahead with your career. You can look into the NVQ Level 2 plumbing and heating qualification, which will provide you with all the basic training you need to start work in the industry.
  • However, the best way to improve your skills and get certified, while also being paid, is to start an apprenticeship with a well-known company, specialized in heating system installation and maintenance. They will certainly help you with the required training and certifications. You can check Jooble for apprenticeship opportunities and vacancies all over the United Kingdom.
  • If you possess a decent set of skills in plumbing and heating systems and you already have an apprenticeship under your belt – you are not done just yet. In order to rightfully call yourself a Heating Engineer, you need to become Gas Safe registered. To do this, aside from undertaking an ACS (Accredited Certification Scheme) training and assessment, you also need to complete an on-site portfolio of gas work, obtain a CCN1 (Domestic Gas Safety) certification, and finally register with the Gas Safe Register. Although it seems like a lot of hoops to jump through, you are responsible for the safety of anyone’s home that you install a boiler in. With great power comes great responsibility! Becoming Gas Safe registered will ensure that you meet the requirements of the law and any potential employer too.

Once you become an expertly trained heating engineer ninja, the next step is to sign up to become a WarmInstaller for WarmZilla. Our heating engineer network covers the whole of the U.K and gives our engineers the freedom to take on boiler installation jobs at a time that suits them. We pay a good wage for a good day’s work, and the more boilers you install for WarmZilla, the more you get paid!

If you’re already a Gas Safe heating engineer with a passion for delivering excellent customer service and you derive strange pleasure from beautifully formed and clipped pipework then you can sign up as a heating engineer for WarmZilla today

No matter how successful you become in your career, it is very important to keep training and developing your professional skills. With the advent of new technology, the trade is ever-evolving, and you need to keep up and stay ahead of the game. This will not only ensure that you get the best reviews but the highest income as well. Best of luck in becoming a top tradesperson, and who knows, maybe one day, a WarmInstaller.

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