How to Hide a Kitchen Boiler Re November 22, 2019

How to Hide a Kitchen Boiler

Boiler in kitchen

The kitchen is far more than just a functional space in our homes, but a sociable one too. A place to gather, relax and catch up when friends and family visit. For this reason, most of us would prefer to hide our unsightly boilers or try and disguise it in a way so that it is more suited to your decor. So, we’ve put together a couple of clever ways how you can hide your kitchen boiler to make you love your kitchen even more. 

Hide The Boiler In a Cabinet

If your boiler is on show in the kitchen, one of the things you can do is hide it inside a kitchen cabinet. As long as you follow the regulations in the installation guide and the boiler can be easily accessed for servicing it is perfectly safe to store your boiler in a cupboard. It is also important to leave at least a 50mm gap between the boiler and the inside of the cabinet, as well as a hole to allow air to circulate around the boiler. This is a standard safety requirement for most boilers and helps prevent the appliance from overheating. 

Create a Chalk Board

If you like the rustic kitchen look with classic column radiators and wooden units, why not turn your boiler into a chalkboard? Not only will it look like a modern feature, it will create a space for you to leave yourself reminders, write shopping lists or little notes to your family members.

All you need to do is build a box to cover the boiler with some plywood and paint it with Blackboard paint and you’ve got your own customised chalk cabinet! The same safety procedures apply as a standard kitchen cabinet so make sure to leave a 50mm gap around the boiler and ensure the box is not airtight. 

You’ll also need to create a door for easy access to your boiler when required. You could do this by using hinges or magnets so that the door can be quickly removed without having to unscrew the frame. 

Paint The Boiler

If you don’t have the space for a new cabinet to hide your boiler, you could try disguising it with a lick of paint. Why not try painting the boiler to match your kitchen units so that it blends in and doesn’t draw your attention? 

When choosing which paint to use it is extremely important to pick a paint that is designed to withstand high heat and moisture. There are a couple of different options, for example enamel-based paints or high-heat sprays will prevent your boiler from rusting and it’s an easy job to do yourself. These boiler safe paints can be found at most DIY or homeware stores. 

Whereas, if you wanted your boiler painted with a powder coated finish for a professional look, this must be applied by a professional ideally before your boiler is installed. Another option would be to drain your boiler and remove it to get it sent off to be powder coated if it is already installed. 

We hope this has given you a few ideas of how you can disguise or enhance your boiler. Just remember to follow the safety requirements for each step and always contact a professional if you need further advice. 

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