How to Increase Your Boiler’s Efficiency Re April 7, 2020

How to Increase Your Boiler’s Efficiency

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Many of us will have our own little ways to save money on our energy bills. Some will actively put money aside each month for it, while others will stubbornly avoid putting the heating on until you can physically see your breath in front of you (we all have that one family member!).

One of the best ways you can save on your energy bills is through your boiler. While boilers are one of those home necessities that we try to avoid spending money on, investing a little time to ensure it’s running to maximum efficiency is one of the best ways to keep the costs down. But just how exactly can you make sure your boiler is as efficient as it can be? Read on for our top tips!

1. Regular Servicing

Ensuring your boiler is serviced every year is one of the best ways to keep things efficient. Getting your boiler serviced will mean any potential problems can be identified and fixed sooner rather than later, which will save you money and a lot of hassle in the long run. Not to mention, it’s vital in keeping you and your family safe – especially given that around 4000 people every year visit A&E as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Regular checks will also keep your boiler in tip-top condition for longer, meaning you won’t be forking out for a new one unless you absolutely need it. Read about the importance of an annual boiler service here.

2. Turn Your Heating On

Believe it or not, making the point of switching your heating on during the warmer months is actually a good way to keep your boiler running smoothly. Think of it like a car – if you don’t use it for months on end and suddenly go to switch it on on a chilly morning, it’s far more likely to seize up. You don’t have to go mad during the warmer months, just pop the heating on once a week to make sure that things are ticking over nicely. Also, consider installing an energy-saving additive to optimise the thermal properties of the water in your heating system.

3. Keep it Clean

It’s easy to overlook your boiler when you’re cleaning your home, but keeping it dust free is one measure you can take to keep things running efficiently. If dust builds up, this can clog up tubes and pipes which not only can affect its performance but can also result in higher energy bills too. Simply make a point of giving the outer of your boiler a clean whenever you do your regular chores just to remove any dust that’s building up. As for the interior, this is not something you should attempt to do yourself – this will usually be taken care of by an engineer when your boiler is serviced.

4. Bleed Your Radiators

If the radiators in your home are colder at the top than at the bottom, this usually means that your heating isn’t running as efficiently as it could be. By bleeding your radiators, you’re releasing any air that’s become trapped in the system, preventing it from becoming fully heated. It’s a simple task that takes just a few minutes and can be done by yourself, but in the long run, it could save you a fair few quid. 

5. Check Your Water Pressure

Loss of pressure in your boiler can be responsible for a number of issues, so it’s important to regularly check and top it up if needs be. Simply check the pressure gauge on your boiler, and as a rule of thumb, anything around the 1.5 mark is healthy, although every boiler is different so it’s worth checking your manufacturer’s guide just to be safe. In most cases, you can repressurise your boiler yourself, but it’s always best to consult your manual first in case it needs to be done by a Gas Safe Engineer. 

6. Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating your central heating pipes with easy-fit foam lagging (which you can buy from most DIY stores), will reduce the amount of heat loss, meaning water stays hotter for longer. In turn, your boiler won’t have to work quite as hard, meaning you’ll save a little more on those energy bills.

7. Consider a New Boiler

If you’ve tried every which way to maximise your boiler’s efficiency and you still don’t see an improvement to the cost of your bills, it may be worth considering if it’s time to invest in a new one. It may be an expense you don’t particularly want to face, but in the long run, it could be much better for you financially. It’s worth taking a look at our top tips on what you should be thinking about if you’re considering a new boiler, including brands, types available, and extra ways you can save money.

At WarmZilla we want to make it super easy for you if you decide to go for a new boiler, which is why you can get a quote online within minutes. Whether you opt to go for a flexible finance package or pay in full too, there are even more ways for you to get a brand new boiler at an affordable price.

Written by Amy Jackson – Content Writer at My Favourite Voucher Codes – 6th April 2020

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