The Ideal Logic2 Boiler Re August 2, 2022

The Ideal Logic2 Boiler

Ideal boiler in the kitchen

Are the new Ideal Logic2 boilers any good? 

Many households across the UK have known and loved the original Ideal Logic boiler, but what if there was a new, even better Logic out there? Game-changer.

The latest addition to the Ideal Heating family, Ideal Logic2, has improved layout and design to make installation, servicing and maintenance easier.

You can also have greater control over your heating system by integrating the Logic2 with the ‘Link’ remote boiler monitoring solution.

If you’ve been considering an Ideal Logic for your home and are interested in its new features, this blog is “Ideal” for you!

Here, we’ll list the latest features, key updates, and remote monitoring that come with this new kid on the block and discuss Ideal’s unique ‘Link’ portal.

About Ideal Boilers

Ideal boilers are known for being popular among buy-to-let landlords because they’re cheap and cheerful! They are reasonably priced to be the cheapest compared to other boiler brands like Worcester BoschViessmann and Vaillant, but they are still reliable and durable.

Ideal offers exceptional customer service, and the company meets the WarmZilla standards for reliability, price, and aftercare.

Why do we recommend ideal boilers?

  • Affordable boilers – price point suitable for landlords and those on a budget
  • Up to a 10-year warranty (with WarmZilla)
  • Fantastic customer reviews (rated 4.8 on Trustpilot)
  • Boiler parts are relatively easy to find
  • Energy-efficient boilers
  • Easy to service and repair
  • Excellent aftercare

Ideal History

Ideal Heating was founded in 1906 and has provided customers with the best quality boilers for over 100 years. Ideal claims that they remain at the forefront of the domestic and commercial heating market, “Leading the industry in setting new standards and challenging technological boundaries.”

Ideal Heating’s mission is to provide a reliable, competitively priced product range and deliver incredible customer service. 

For more information about the history of Ideal Heating, follow the link.

Now let’s talk about the OG – the Ideal Logic!

The Ideal Logic

The Ideal Logic range is the least expensive of the Ideal boiler ranges, however, they are still known to be a reliable and robust boiler model.

The Ideal Logic range comes in different sizes to suit small to medium-sized homes. The Ideal logic combi range comes in 24kW30kW and 35kW. While their system range has these options; 15kW18kW24kW and 30kW. Not to mention their conventional boiler range which comes in 12kW15kW18kW24kW and 30kW.

The Ideal Logic range comes with a standard warranty of only 2 years – but when you buy a new or replacement Ideal Logic boiler with WarmZilla, you’ll receive an 8-year warranty with your boiler.

The Ideal Logic key features

  • Easy to install 
  • Low lift weight (starting from 28.9kg)
  • Easy-to-see pressure gauge
  • Compact cupboard design for easy installation
  • Scratch-resistant casing
  • Built-in frost prediction for extra peace of mind
  • Boiler frost protection
  • 2-year standard warranty 
  • 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger 
  • Large backlit display with user-friendly heating controls 
  • LCD display screen
  • Low component count maximising reliability
  • Dimensions: 700mm x  395mm x 278mm

The Ideal Logic boiler prices (without installation)

Combi boiler – £656 – £848*

System boiler – £735 – £870*

Regular boiler – £778 – £1,027*

The Ideal Logic2

Just like the first Ideal Logic model, but with advanced features! The best part about the new one is that it’ll be sold at the same price as the original Ideal Logic. Here are some of the new advanced features to get to grips with: 

Ideal Logic2 Advanced Features

Bigger and sharper screen

The Ideal Logic2 has a larger, higher resolution screen that allows the heating engineer to navigate the boiler settings easily- with the newly added ability to scroll back through the menu for more efficient installation and servicing.

Better access to the pressure relief valve (PRV)

The pressure relief valve (PRV) has been moved for easier access allowing for quicker replacement, and a new push-fit PRV connection has been added, removing the need for soldering or a compression fitting, increasing engineer efficiency.

Green filling loop handle

The new green handle on the filling loop makes it easier to guide you through repressurising your boiler over the phone, which means you’ll be able to repressurise the system without an engineer call-out.

Fixed flue turret seal (Combi and System boilers)

Logic2 now has a flue turret seal that is fixed in place. Why is that important, you may ask? The fixed flue turret seal stops the rubber seal from being knocked during installation – which sometimes happens. This new feature will reduce the risk of a broken seal leading to flue gas recirculation into your boiler, so you won’t have to book an expensive engineer call-out to fix it.

Other Key Benefits for The Ideal Logic2

  • An improved service timer can be set to run for longer without a service notification. 3 different service length options are available for up to 61 weeks.
  • Improved customer experience – Ideal Logic2 user guides come in 6 different languages with QR codes directly linked to each language.
  • Simplified packages for easy installation – Logic LPG kits have been combined into 4 kits. There is now a kit for each kW output (18, 24, 30 and 35kW).
  • More sustainable – Ideal heating removed ALL single-use plastic bags from the hardware pack and replaced them with clearly labelled compartments for each connection and a biodegradable washer bag.

Link Remote Monitoring Solution

Ideal Logic2 gives you control over your heating system, thanks to its smart Link Remote Monitoring Solution.

How does the Ideal Link Remote Monitoring Solution work?

It allows 2-way communication between your boiler, Link Cellular module and the Partner Portal Powered by Link, so you can access real-time information about your Logic2 boiler, i.e. performance data, fault codes, etc.

This is particularly handy if you’re a landlord with multiple properties.

1. The Link Cellular

The Link Cellular can be installed with an OpenTherm controller such as Halo Lite or Halo RF to offer you the greatest insight into your full heating ecosystem, allowing you to see current and target room temperatures.

2. The Link Portal

The new Link Portal is a brilliant way to manage your boilers easier and more efficiently. 

Your boilers’ data (including fault codes) is sent directly to the cloud. This allows the data to be accessed by a number of user accounts such as Admin, Installer and You (the user).

As you can imagine, this is a landlord’s ultimate dream as they can automate their properties’ heating ecosystem.

Through the Link Portal, you’ll be able to:

  • See your boilers’ health data (all grouped in one place), including service dates, and you’ll also get fault notifications.
  • Get instant information from each boiler (i.e. performance data and fault codes). You can also reset the boiler remotely (when safe). 
  • Access previous boiler data records to track its performance over time. The data will be presented in an easy-to-read format like charts.

Ideal Logic2: The Final Verdict

The Ideal Logic2 combines the reliable performance of Ideal boilers with the innovative functionality landlords need to manage multiple properties. It’s the perfect choice for landlords and tenants.

Ideal Boiler Reviews

During the Which? Best Boiler Survey in 2021, 8,001 members of the public were asked to rate Ideal Heating as a brand. The ideal was then awarded an overall score of 74%.

Customers with Ideal boilers were asked how they felt about their boiler and whether or not they would recommend them to a friend or family. In addition, 153 Which? Trusted Traders (boiler engineers) were asked their views on the boiler brand. Here are the results from the survey (out of 5):


Here’s what Which? Said about Ideal boilers:

The feedback from heating engineers about Ideal boilers is generally positive. They’re keenly priced and viewed as suiting landlords and those on a budget, but there can be problems with lower-quality parts. Few Ideal boiler owners in our survey have experienced any issues though, and Ideal sits in the top half of the boiler brands we’ve reviewed.” – This is quite impressive!

Looking at Trustpilot, Ideal Heating has over 20.7k reviews with 4.8 stars out of 5, and 96% of their reviews are above average, which supports the customer reviews in the Which? Best Boiler Brand Survey Results, showing that Ideal’s customers are happy with their boiler.

Here are a few of Ideal’s Trustpilot reviews that show that Ideal’s customers are more than happy with their services: “Extremely thorough and efficient.”

Why should you buy a new boiler from WarmZilla?

When you purchase a new or replacement boiler with WarmZilla, your boiler package will also include;

  • Your chosen boiler, along with the necessary flue kit needed for your central heating system
  • Installation by a qualified Gas Safe Engineer 
  • Removal of your old boiler and parts
  • A FREE system cleanse of your central heating system
  • Chemical Inhibitor for added protection for your new boiler
  • 10-year guarantee, which will be registered by WarmZilla after installation
  • A FREE magnetic system filter for ongoing protection
  • The Neomitis RF Digital Wireless Room Thermostat

There’s also 0% interest for 2 years on selected models, plus you can take advantage of our great-value tech bundles – meaning you save on your boiler purchase AND get smart thermostats and home devices included.

Here at WarmZilla, our mission is to give you all the help and support you’ll need to find the best boiler for your home at the best price, which is why we’ve written blogs about the best combi boilers, best system boilers and best conventional boilers in 2022. So make sure to check them out!

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