How to budget your kitchen renovation Re March 22, 2022

How to budget your kitchen renovation

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When it comes to the room that truly makes a home a home, many would say that this is the kitchen. While it is a place to cook and prepare family meals, it is often also the place where many come together to eat, socialise, and spend some quality time together. The last two years have even seen kitchens being transformed into home offices and home schools. With all of the attention this room gets, a kitchen renovation is something that people will often consider.

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, you may be left wondering where to start. You may have ideas, but be almost clueless as to how much these ideas will cost. If that sounds like you, then we’re here to help. Read on and we’ll guide you through what you can expect to buy for your kitchen renovation.

Time for a new boiler?

A kitchen renovation is often the perfect time to consider looking at your heating system and exploring if the time is right for a new boiler. With disruption ongoing as you set to complete your perfect kitchen, it makes sense to look at having a boiler fitted at the same time. A new boiler can leave your home feeling cosier and warmer and, as new models are much more energy-efficient, saving you money on your bills.

The price of a new boiler will vary. There are different types to consider, such as combi boilers, and numerous brands that have varying specs. You could find yourself spending from around £900 up to around £4,000. At Warmzilla, we offer our Best Price Guarantee ensuring that you’ll never spend more than you need to.

How much will my kitchen renovation cost?

If you have ever been to a kitchen workshop or searched online, for an answer to this question, you have probably struggled to find an answer. Why? Because there are s many variables to consider. As well as the size of your kitchen, there are the materials that you are looking to use, installations costs, and the price of new appliances too.

One report has suggested that around 68% of people intend to complete their kitchen renovation for under £4,000. Around 11% have saved £8,000 or more with the same intention. So what can these budgets see you getting after you have had your new boiler installed? Let’s take a look.

A budget kitchen renovation

Just like you can opt for a budget boiler, you can also opt for a budget kitchen renovation. There is no need to have huge pots of money to get the kitchen that you’re after.  If a budget kitchen is what suits you best then you can start at around the £1,000 mark, but this is unlikely to include worktops and will definitely not include appliances (a budget of around £500 per appliance is a safe bet). The average cost of a budget kitchen comes in at around £8,000.

If this is the price you are aiming for, material-wise you will be looking at the likes of MDF and chipboard. These will be faced with veneer, laminate, or melamine. For kitchens at this price point, you are unlikely to have home appointments and measurements taken. Instead, you will need to provide the measurements yourself.

Are flat pack kitchens an option?

Yes, you can certainly find flat packs that can help you to complete your kitchen renovation on a budget. You will often find that flat-pack versions are the same quality as you would get in a budget range, but come in at a cheaper price point. Up to 25% cheaper at times.

You could see yourself spending as little as £1,400 if you have a smaller kitchen. A large kitchen space could cost you up to around the £3,500 mark. However, there is one thing to bear in mind with a flat pack kitchen – who will be fitting it? if you are looking to pay for installation and fitting, it will take longer and so will possibly cost you more.

What about a mid-range kitchen renovation?

A mid-range kitchen renovation sees the use of higher quality materials. You are likely to find that doors are made from birch ply and doors may be solid timber. A mid-range kitchen will generally also offer you more choices when it comes to sizes and storage solutions.

This type of kitchen renovation will usually see you need a home visit. You will have somebody visit your home to ensure that the measurements are taken accurately and that everything is just right. This type of kitchen is likely to cost between £10,000 and £20,000.

A bespoke kitchen

If you want to go all-in with your kitchen renovation, and if you have the budget to do it, it may be worth exploring the bespoke options that are available. A bespoke kitchen will often be handmade and will be made to the exact requirements and dimensions that you need.

Of course, this option doesn’t come cheaply. You can expect the starting prices to be around £20,000. In terms of an upper price limit, it really can go as high as you want it to. You can find yourself paying more for intricate details being added and uniquely shaped cabinets.

Are there any cheaper options?

If you simply want to breathe a new lease of life into your kitchen, rather than go for a full kitchen renovation, you might consider:

  • Second hand or ex-display cabinets – you can easily save 50% – 75% when compared to the recommended retail price
  • Replace just cupboard doors and doors to make your kitchen look fresher. If you’re cupboards and draws are in good condition, there is no need to replace them entirely
  • Rather than replace, change the feel of your kitchen by painting your cabinets. Be sure to select a suitable paint that will work well with the surface you’re painting on

These options can still see your kitchen being transformed but will be substantially cheaper than a full-on re-fit.

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