Worcester Bosch 8000 Life Style Review Re August 15, 2019

Worcester Bosch 8000 Life Style Review

Worcester Bosch 8000 Life Style

If you haven’t yet seen what the guys over at Worcester-Bosch have been working on these past few years, you really ought to. The Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle Range was launched in May 2019 and they have been an incredibly popular boiler choice in U.K homes. Currently the most powerful wall-hung boiler available in today’s market, this beautiful new boiler is one that you would be proud to have on show in your kitchen. In fact, it was designed at a depth that would match a kitchen cupboard so you can proudly display your boiler and stir up a bit of boiler envy with visitors – for the first time in history.

The new Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range is available in 2 high gloss colours (on the Style model) and a wide range of output sizes capable of heating homes of any size. Its quiet operation and innovative new features really portray a modern-day appliance. This, together with its beautiful aesthetics make for a game-changing boiler.

Greenstar 8000 Life

Worcester Bosch Lifestyle boiler

The new Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range comes in 2 models. The first of these is the Life model which builds upon the CDi Classic range but with a whole new design. It is wirelessly compatible with Worcester’s own smart control, the Bosch EasyControl.

Greenstar 8000 Life Key Features

•       Outputs ranging from 30kw to 50kw
•       Lesser weight than the famous Cdi Classic
•       Installation, servicing and maintenance made easier
•       Wireless connectivity with the Bosch EasyControl
•       Same pipe connections, flue and fixing points as the CDi Classic enabling an easy swap

Life also boasts new technology to ensure your system pressure is kept at its optimum level. This brand-new optional intelligent filling system monitors the boiler pressure and will automatically adjust it if necessary, removing the need to manually top up the boiler pressure. This ensures that the boiler is kept operating at its best.

Greenstar 8000 Style

WarmInstaller installing WB Style Boiler

The second of the 2 new models is the Greenstar 8000 Style, the most powerful wall-hung boiler available in today’s market delivering the highest hot water flow rates. This design-driven boiler is packed with the latest technology to give you the very best performance in heating and hot water.

Greenstar 8000 Style Key Features

•       Outputs ranging from 30kw to 50kw
•       Wireless connectivity with the Bosch EasyControl
•       Stunning design-led aesthetics
•       Precision engineering and industry-leading heating and hot water performance
•       Full-colour text display for simple diagnostics
•       Innovative boiler control display codes
•       Choose from 2 stunning high gloss colours – Black or White

Like the Life model, the Style also features the brand new optional intelligent filling system. The sleek full text and colour display makes navigating through the boiler’s on-screen menu as simple as possible. The settings can be effortlessly adjusted to provide optimum heating and hot water comfort.

This new range of boilers has been designed and produced as a direct result of installer feedback Worcester has received in past years. It takes the place of the ever-popular CDi Classic range and improves on its features while keeping that famous Worcester Bosch engine.

You can take an in-depth look at technical data and even download brochures here.

What's the difference between the 8000, 2000 and 4000?

We can see that the Worcester Bosch 8000 has a lot to offer. However, Worcester Bosch offers other boiler models that may be more suitable for your home. So let’s check them out.

WB 2000

The Worcester Bosch 2000 series is ONLY available as a combi boiler, there are no system or regular versions of this boiler. It is designed to offer customers a more affordable version of the Worcester Bosch Life 8000 series by scaling down some of the non-essential features.

The 2000 series is also only available in a 25 & 30kW model, which is suitable for small and medium homes with one bathroom. If you have a large home with over 15 radiators or two bathrooms that will be used simultaneously, then the 2000 series probably won’t have the power you need for your system.

The Worcester Bosch 2000 series is the quietest boiler manufactured by Worcester Bosch with an ERP rating of 43dB, which is quiet for an appliance. So if the boiler is located in a living area such as the kitchen, then this is an excellent option.

As mentioned, the Worcester Bosch 2000 has been designed to be a more affordable, toned-down version of the 8000. As a result of this, the Greenstar 2000 is much cheaper. So how much more does the 8000 costs than the 2000 Series? 

Well, for a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 25kW with a horizontal flue, the package price is £1,689 inc. VAT if you purchase through WarmZilla. The 8000 Series doesn’t offer a 25kW for a direct comparison, but the price is bargainous; we think you’ll agree.

The Worcester 2000 Series 30kW with the same package costs £1,799 inc. VAT. The Worcester Bosch 8000 Life Series 30kW costs £2,499 inc. VAT. £700 more than the 2000 series, a decent wedge. Even if purchased on boiler finance, that’s still a substantial increase.

Moreover, putting cost aside, it’s worth mentioning here that the 2000 Series comes with a 5-year guarantee and the 8000 Series comes with a 10-year guarantee with WarmZilla, so you also get an added five years of peace of mind on the 8000 series.


Worcester Bosch is releasing the 4000, the newest member to the Greenstar range on May 17th 2021. It’s a little too soon to talk about performance yet, however, this blog will be updated as more information is released. 

Available as both a combi boiler and a system boiler, this brand new boiler is the big brother to the Greenstar i range. This means you are getting all the great features and benefits of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar i, but with a little added spice. 

Based on the design of the famous, best-selling boiler on the market, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar i, Worcester Bosch have created a new and improved version, raising the bar with ease and speed of installation, commissioning and servicing. The exterior of the 4000 series is very similar to that of the Worcester Bosch 8000 LifeStyle boiler, but we anticipate it will be significantly cheaper.

The Worcester Bosch 4000 will be available as a combi boiler with outputs of 25kW and 30kW available with a flow rate of up to 12.3 l/min, and a system boiler in 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 21kW and 24kW. 

Below is a comparison table of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 30kW, the Greenstar 2000 30kW and the newest edition, the Greenstar 4000 30kW (using only the information available for all three, for a fair comparison) so that we can how each boiler model performs and help you decide which is better for your home. Please note that more information about the Greenstar 4000 is to follow once it is released. 

Worcester Bosch 8000 vs 2000 vs 4000 Performance Table   
Model8000 Life 30kW2000 30kW4000 30kW
Guarantee10 years5 years7 years 
Flow Rate12.3 l/min10.8 l/min12.3 l/min
Hot Water Max. Output30.2 kW30 kW30kW

Dimensions (H x W x D)(mm)

780mm x 440mm x 365mm

724mm x 400mm x 300mm

710mm x 400mm x

Whilst the 8000 Series (Life model) is £700 more expensive based on a direct 30kW comparison with the Greenstar 2000, you do actually get a fair bit more performance for your money. However, when comparing the 8000 Life 30kW to the new Greenstar 4000 30kW, the differences become less significant.

It is evident from reviewing the comparison table that the Worcester Bosch 8000 smashes it out the park when it comes to its guarantee, with 10 years guarantee for extra peace of mind. However, the Greenstar 4000 is not far behind, with 7 years.

The Greenstar 4000 and 2000 are similar in size, whereas the 4000 is significantly smaller than the 8000, better suited for smaller homes and easier to install in a standard kitchen cupboard. When comparing all three boiler models, it looks like the new Greenstar 4000 could become the perfect boiler choice, offering the power of the 8000 but in the same compact size as the 2000. 

Meanwhile, the 2000 series is a great entry-level boiler, priced to compete with mid-range boilers while giving you the reliability and aftercare that Worcester is famous for – the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 offers exceptional value for money.

WarmZilla offers a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ on our boiler prices because we’re sure our prices can’t be beaten. If you find a cheaper price on a new boiler elsewhere, we’ll beat the price by £50.

Bosch EasyControl

The Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range comes with wireless compatibility with the Bosch EasyControl smart thermostat. This easy-to-use smart thermostat enables you to control your heating no matter where you are. With the latest technology, it will automatically adjust your heating if you leave your home and can also detect when you’re on your way home, increasing the temperature so that it is warm for your return. With the smartphone app, you can even see a simple graph on your gas consumption!

Like the Style boilers. the Bosch EasyControl is also available in 2 high gloss black and white colours.

When used with Bosch smart thermostatic radiator valves, you can even adjust the temperature of individual rooms when you’re not at home. You can try out the smart thermostat by downloading the app and trying the demo. You can find out more info here.

Worcester have set a new benchmark with the Lifestyle 8000 range and our installers have found that the new boilers are easy to install, service and that they offer more power than any other wall-hung boiler on the market, as well as looking pretty smart. It will be interesting to see the next generation of boilers from other manufacturers to see what they come up with to compete with the Lifestyle range.

WarmZilla offers the lifestyle range, if you want a quote on this stunning new boiler, then take our survey today. 

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