Who is myenergi? Adam Ahrens June 14, 2023

Who is myenergi?

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Who is myenergi? myenergi is a leading, if not “the” leading green technology company in the UK.

“Our mission is to change the world through green technology, providing energy independence, driving a sustainable future and saving our customers money on their energy bills.” – myenergi

myenergi is striving to create a sustainable future through eco-friendly smart technology. They supply electric vehicle charging and energy-storing solutions to tens of thousands of homes and businesses.

myenergi helps you control your generated energy flow, which supports the national grid and allows you to become more energy independent. This is achieved through micro-generated surplus energy, which can help reach 100% self-efficiency through their systems and devices.

Who is myenergi?

Established in 2016, myenergi was built by two friends, Lee Sutton (Co-Founder & CEO) and Jordan Brompton (Co-Founder and CMO). As all good ideas start, this one is no different. They discussed the need for more opportunities to charge an electric vehicle using renewable energy. This was, of course, discussed over a bottle of wine, classic. They questioned whether it was possible to use solar power and other means of capturing and storing energy to help reduce energy waste. The question was, is there enough demand? The answer to that is yes. myenergi is becoming a force of nature in the renewable world, receiving several top awards for its innovation already.

As a talented electrical engineer, Lee Sutton had the expertise to try and make his idea a reality. He has experience in leading several successful renewable energy tech companies previously. So, with that knowledge, he focused on a new venture. Jordan Brewster had experience in sustainable networking and marketing. From the offset, these two had the foundations of creating something unique. Therefore, myenergi was born.

Within just a couple of years, this team of two has grown to a workforce of over 400 with an installer network of over 3000. This hard-working, established team has helped deliver over 500,000 product sales worldwide, and they are only just starting.

Where is myenergi based?

Situated in North England, the myenergi headquarters are in Stallingborough, Grimsby. They are currently working on a third 66,000-square-foot facility where they can continue to grow, which will be a facility for future development and manufacturing.

What products do myenergi produce?

Myenergi produces an electric vehicle charger called the Zappi. They also have eddi, which helps divert surplus energy to a domestic hot water system. There is harvi, an energy monitoring system, a wireless sensor that eliminates the need for direct CT clamps. There is also libbi, a smart battery solution that helps retain previously lost energy within the home and, in turn, utilises home products like charging the Zappi EV charger.

zappi charger isolated


The zappi electric vehicle charger is one of the most popular devices in the UK. Its futuristic but contemporary design displays a quality that can fit into any home’s outdoor aesthetics.

The zappi unit comes in a variety of versions. The unit is available in either black or white, and the unit is available in a single or three-phase power supply.

 A single-phase unit offers a 7kw power requirement with a standard home network supply. A three-phase is a 22kW power supply unit often found in businesses with high energy requirements. Be aware that some newer homes in the UK are starting to have three-phase power supplies. A three-phase unit would not be suitable for a house on a standard single-phase supply. If you do have a three-phase supply, this will offer a faster charging solution.

The zappi is also available in tethered and untethered. The tethered version includes a 6.5m attached cable, and the untethered version does not have a charging cable. An untethered cable will mean a separate one must be bought (if you don’t have one) to charge your electric car.

What makes zappi unique?

The zappi is a fully functional EV charger; if this is all you need it for, it is perfect for any electric car owner. What makes this different from the rest is the option to use 100% green energy. This can be achieved via solar or wind-generated power. Your home solar panel can generate electricity, helping you become more economically sustainable. Don’t worry. You will not just rely on your energy generated; it will still have access to the grid to ensure you always have a charge.

The three charging modes

zappi is built to fit your needs. If you are going 100% renewable and can wait for a full charge, or if you are busy and need fast charging capabilities, zappi is there for you. There are three charging modes to choose from,

Eco-charging – is a mixture of green and imported energy from the grid. It will only take from the grid the energy it cannot get from your greener option. If it can use 100% green energy, then it will. This option, most of the time, allows you to charge your Electric vehicle for free. As this is a slow charging option, anything below 1.4kW will start to draw energy from the national grid.

Eco+ charging – like eco with one key difference, this mode will respond to energy usage throughout your home. So, it will charge less when you are all watching tv and living your best life, but when nothing is being used, the zappi will take more energy for a quicker charge and use free energy.

Fast charging – charged at full power, it will constantly use the maximum energy it can from your own generated supply or the grid. The cost generally depends on the time of day you are charging and the vehicle type. This is a solution if you are in a rush, but the other options are cheaper and greener if you can.

The additional features that make this unit a leader is its PV charging, remote access through an application, pin code protection to prevent unwanted users, smart charging, and the ability not to require an earthing rod, offering greater installation options.

For more information on EV chargers, check out the complete guide to EV chargers guide.



eddi is the option for heating water with solar power. Described by my energy as “A smart microgeneration power diverter – designed to help you maximise the consumption of your self-generated solar/wind power.”

Heating water is very energy-consuming and can account for about 18% of the energy usage within the home. eddi is simply the brain behind how you get your energy and then divert it to where you want it. By incorporating a photovoltaic (PV) system and an EV charger, you can control the usage of your collected energy. eddi and then divert green energy into your home to heat a water tank. This is perfect for homes with a tank and those looking to get a heat pump. For more information, check out the myenergi eddi page for full details.

harvi by myenergi


A smart little device, harvi allows the zappi and eddi to be installed without a direct CT Clamp. harvi is an energy monitoring device that can talk between your connected devices and the grid. This helps to ensure the most cost-effective energy consumption, and it is all wireless.

harvi does not require any batteries or wiring so it can be installed anywhere. The information it generates is accurate, measurable and responds fast and with live data. Via the myenergi app, you can monitor and control your usage, and it visually represents the data. Not to mention it is super-fast to install and set up.

libbi by myenergi


So, where do you house all this surplus power? libbi is the answer. This is an intelligent home battery storage unit. In technical terms, this modular battery storage unit is there to hold all your generated electricity to be used where and when you need it. This energy is from solar or wind-generated power. Each module can store up to 5kWh of electricity. By incorporating libbi into your system, you can create your own mini eco-system. Having libbi can also be used as a backup generator if you lose power to your property.

Multiple libbi units can be connected, so the more you have, the more power you can hold. There is a downside to libbi, which is the price as it is currently priced at £4598+vat, so installing will be rather pricey.  So, what will a 5kWh allow you to do? You can watch TV for 89 hours or light up three bedrooms for 144 hours, so needing more than one is unnecessary for the average unit.

Where is myenergi heading?

With a growth of over 180% since 2020, myenergi has gone global. They have subsidiaries in Australia, Germany, and Ireland, with many more on the horizon. With their increased growth and drive, myenergi has the potential to become a global leader in green energy companies.