Navien Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes List Re March 15, 2021

Navien Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes List

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Navien boilers manufacture oil and gas eco-friendly boilers from their main plant, based in Korea. In this article, we will cover all error codes and fault codes related to Navien boilers to allow you to identify the issue with your Navien boiler. Before that, let’s learn a little bit about Navien and what they stand for. Founded in 1978 as Kyungdong Machinery Co. Ltd, they released their first boiler in 1979. In 1988, they were the first in Asia to release a ‘turbo’ condensing gas boiler. In 1991 they changed their company name to Kyungdong Boiler Co. Ltd and launched their Symphony and Harmony ranges of wall-hung boilers. In 2002 they began exporting gas boilers to the U.S and in 2006 set up Navien America Inc. It wasn’t until 2014 that they started installing trial boilers in the U.K, with Navien UK Ltd being set up later that year. While Navien has been operating as a boiler company in some form or other for over forty years, they haven’t been in the U.K for that long. In those forty years, they have racked up an impressive array of awards within Korea and some global awards too. But what do customers think about Navien boilers? If we take a look at Navien Boiler UK reviews over on Trustpilot, it doesn’t look too bad at first glance. 4.1 out of 5 is a pretty solid score. However, 16% of Navien’s reviews on Trustpilot are negative, which is a bit concerning. What’s also concerning is that they only have 25 reviews posted. When you take a look at the positive reviews, many of them are unverified as customers, additionally, many of them are written by heating engineers that fit Navien boilers, not customers. There isn’t much else to be found online regarding Navien boiler reviews. This is quite odd for such a large company that’s been operating in the U.K for a few years now. From speaking to WarmInstallers (WarmZilla heating engineers), they don’t rate Navien very highly but they often can’t agree on what pack of biscuits they want. Compared to a top boiler brand with over 22k reviews on Trustpilot like Worcester Bosch or 26k reviews with Baxi; Navien represents a bit of an unknown when it comes to reviews. You may be better off going with a boiler manufacturer that you can rely on a bit more for build quality and customer service. Or, if you’re a bit more devil may care, then get a Navien and installed – be sure to leave a review in a few years to let us know how it went. If your boiler is getting on in years or it’s not the first time it’s broken down and you think that any more money put into fixing your boiler would be wasted money; then get a new boiler quote from WarmZilla. It only takes a few minutes of answering some simple questions about your home and we’ll show you a list of boilers suitable for your heating needs. With WarmZilla you can pay for your boiler using our boiler finance options. 0% APR finance is available over 2 years on selected boiler models. We guarantee to offer the cheapest combi boilers on the market. Navien offers a small range of combi and system boilers with different kW options to suit different sized homes. Navien is a budget boiler brand, so they are quite cheap but they aren’t as reliable as more premier boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch. We provide these error codes to help you identify the issue with your Navien boiler and hopefully fix it yourself. If you identify an internal issue with your Navien boiler then you will need to contact a Gas Safe Engineer to come and take a look. Check out the table below to find your Navien error code and see what the fault code on your Navien boiler relates to. Navien fault codes are generally the same across all their boilers, which makes it easier to identify the issue with your boiler.
Boiler SystemError / Fault CodeFault Description
Combi and System003Ignition failure – manual reset needed
Combi and System004False flame error – the boiler will auto-reset
Combi and System012Flame loss – reset the boiler
Combi and System016Heat exchanger overheated – try manually resetting the boiler
Combi and System030Abnormal exhaust temperature – try manually resetting the boiler
Combi and System046Abnormal operation: Heat exchanger overheating – the boiler should auto-reset
Combi and System047Abnormal operation: Exhaust thermostat error – a manual reset is needed if it the boiler doesn’t auto-reset
Combi and System060Abnormal operation: Dual venturi limit switch – boiler will auto-reset
Combi and System109Abnormal operation: Fan error – the boiler needs resetting
Combi and System110Exhaust blockage (condensate blockage) – reset the boiler
Combi and System127Abnormal operation: Air pressure switch (APS) issue – reset the boiler
Combi and System205Heating supply thermistor open or short circuit – boiler should auto-reset
Combi and System218Alarm error: Heating return thermistor open or short circuit
Combi and System302Low water pressure – boiler should auto-reset
Combi and System352High water pressure – boiler should auto-reset
Combi and System353Abnormal operation: Water pressure sensor error – boiler should auto-reset
System407Abnormal operation: Hot water outlet thermistor – alarm error
System421Abnormal operation: Cold water inlet thermistor Auto reset should automatically occur
Combi and System480Abnormal operation: External domestic hot water (DHW) tank outlet thermistor – alarm error
Combi and System515Abnormal operation: Relay feedback (PCB) – the boiler needs to be reset
Combi and System517Abnormal operation: Dual in-line package (DIP) switch setting (PCB) – boiler needs to be reset
Combi and System594Abnormal operation: EEPROM (PCB) – contact an engineer
Combi and System615Abnormal operation: Input and memory (MCU) – try resetting the boiler
Combi and System740Abnormal operation: Outdoor temperature sensor – boiler should automatically reset
Combi and System782Abnormal operation: Main panel communication – boiler should auto-reset
Below is a complete list of Navien boiler manuals courtesy of our friends over at
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