Neomitis Thermostat Review Re December 21, 2021

Neomitis Thermostat Review


When purchasing a new or replacement boiler with WarmZilla, your boiler package will include a FREE Neomitis RT7 RF Wireless 7-day programmable digital room thermostat*. In addition to your free Neomitis RT7 thermostat, your WarmZilla boiler package will also include:

  • Registration of your boiler guarantee, after installation completion. 
  • Either a vertical or horizontal flue, whichever is needed for your installation.
  • A full system cleanse of your heating system to ensure that your new boiler reaches maximum efficiency. 
  • A free magnetic filter for ongoing protection.
  • A free chemical inhibitor.
  • Removal your old boiler and the parts that are no longer needed. 
  • And not to mention, a Gas Safe installation by a friendly, professional WarmInstaller. 

It is worth noting here that when purchasing a new or replacement boiler from WarmZilla, we offer £50 Best Price Guarantee. This means that if you manage to find the boiler you are looking for, at a cheaper price than what we offer, we will beat that price by £50! 

What is a thermostat?

A thermometer is the name of the tool that is used to read a room’s temperature. However, a thermostat is able to control it. 

Whether it’s wall or boiler-mounted, this control dial is essential for regulating your home’s temperature. Let’s take a deeper look at what a thermostat is, what types of thermostats there are and how they work.

Today there are many options, ranging from smartphone apps to the traditional temperature dial. These are all forms of thermostats. At its core, a thermostat is simply the controls that are used to regulate the temperature in a heating system.

Thermostats allow you to set a preferred temperature and works to keep your room or boiler at this desired level. If the home starts to drop in temperature, a thermostat switches the heating on to warm it up. 

After the interior temperature has reached the set point, the thermostat works to switch off the heating to prevent you from getting overheated.

Within this basic framework, there are a number of features and options:

  • Some thermostats are wireless and battery-operated.
  • Others are connected with wires to the boiler itself.
  • Programmable thermostats use a set schedule to run the heating at certain times of the day.
  • Smart thermostats learn and adapt to your routine.

Features of the Neomitis RT7 RF Wireless 7-day Programmable Digital Room Thermostat

  • Available in white (RT7PLUS) and also in black (RT7BPLUS)
  • Quick and easy to install. Suitable for all heating applications
  • Large and easy-to-understand display. Easy to turn rotary control
  • Boost mode for immediate comfort
  • Energy savings from PID control
  • Wired version, ideal for new build or thermostat replacement
  • Wireless (RF) versions are available. Service interval capable
  • Load compensation
  • Program lock capable
  • Automatic summer/winter change over
  • No batteries are required.

Other Neomitis Thermostats Available. 

If you are looking to ‘smarten’ up your home with a Smart Tecnology, there are a few options available to choose from by Neomitis, including:

Smart and Internet-connected Digital Room Thermostats

  • Myneo Smart Stat (Wireless Version)
  • Myneo Smart Stat (Wired Version in Black)
  • Myneo Smart Stat (Wired Version in White)

Smart Wi-Fi Hub

  • Myneo Link Pilot Wire Version
  • Myneo Link Relay Version 

Smart and Connected Radiators

  • Myneo Fluid Curved
  • Myneo Fluid Anthracite
  • Efluid Version

If your boiler is currently in need of an upgrade, remember that at WarmZilla, we give away a free Neomitis Thermostat with every installation. Head over to our find a boiler page and get your quote within a few minutes!

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