New Boilers, Boiler Replacement and Home Cover with WarmZilla? Adam Ahrens June 30, 2023

New Boilers, Boiler Replacement and Home Cover with WarmZilla?

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Why get a new boiler? There are several reasons that getting a new boiler is the right thing to do, especially if it is close to 15 years old. Older boilers are often less efficient, causing higher energy bills. Spares and parts can also become difficult to source, which results in long wait times and pricy repairs.

All new boilers are far more efficient than ever before. At a time when energy bills are becoming unaffordable, getting a boiler replacement could be the more economical option over time. With WarmZilla, we offer finance options that will help spread the cost of the new boiler over several years.

Reliability is also another critical factor for a replacement boiler. With so many competitors’ manufacturers, most boilers are very well built and have high reliability or, when within warranty, excellent customer service. Replacement boilers are unlikely to break down, or if they were to, they would be fixed sharpish with no extra cost (within warranty).

Should I get a boiler replacement?

Rather than why, the question on most people’s minds is, do I need to replace my boiler or not? With the cost of living, replacing something so expensive that you typically never see or think about can be daunting or even overlooked. There are, however, key points when you should think about a replacement boiler.

  1. Are you getting error codes from your boiler? If you are, this could mean that it needs a good service, which you should do once a year, or it needs new parts. As already mentioned, depending on the boiler’s age will determine how many parts are regularly available and their cost. If the required part is unavailable, it could leave you in the cold for an unexpected time. WarmZilla has a complete list of error/fault codes from all boiler types. Search brand and error codes in the search to find them. Here is Worcester Bosch fault codes as an example.
  2. Do you have a leak in your boiler? This can be faulty parts, loose piper work or general wear and tear. This is an excellent time to consider a boiler replacement to prevent hefty costs for a boiler that has the potential to break again. Check out the blog on a leaking boiler for more information.
  3. Are you getting low boiler pressure? Low pressure is common, and a simple adjustment is often required to repressurise a system. However, if this is a common occurrence, it could be a sign of a leak or even a failed part. For further information, please read our blog on why is my boiler losing pressure. You can also check out the blog on how to repressurise a combi boiler.
  4. Does your boiler turn off unexpectedly? If it does, this could be a more severe issue. It could be a safety aspect of the boiler, ensuring it doesn’t operate unsafely or malfunctioning. If this happens, it is time to get it looked at or realistically replaced. For further information, read our why does my boiler keep turning off
  5. Does your boiler make strange sounds? Strange sounds can be hard to solve as any of the internal parts can cause them. If your boiler is approaching the 15-year mark, then it would be advisable to seek a boiler replacement rather than a repair due to the high costs that could occur. For further insight into strange noises, please read our strange noises

Overall, the best time to get a new boiler is when your current boiler is getting on a bit or if you are continually getting issues with it.

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Would a boiler home cover be a better option?

If you feel you cannot afford to replace your boiler at this time, then there are alternatives, like a boiler cover subscription. The boiler cover comes in many different forms but also has terms and conditions that you should always read before signing up.

WarmZilla has many home covers and landlord covers that can provide peace of mind when caring for your boiler.

Basic Plan – covers an annual boiler service and issues with your boiler or controls.

Extra Plan – will cover your annual boiler service, boiler, controls and central heating.

Plus Plan –  covers the annual boiler service, boiler, controls, central heating and plumbing and drains. This is the recommended plan, as it covers all the necessary home heating and water connections.

Total Plan – the comprehensive plan covers the annual boiler service, boiler, controls, central heating, plumbing and drains with the addition of home electrics.

These plans are also available to landlords with all the same coverage. However, landlords will also revive a CP12 gas safety certificate.

How do I go about getting a boiler replacement?

Getting a new boiler has never been simpler. With the WarmZilla “Get a Quote” survey, you will be asked a few questions about your home. At this point, the best-suited boiler replacement will be presented to you. Options will include different prices and brand types to give you a range of options. The prices that you are presented are fixed with no added extra costs down the line. The only additional costs that would be added are any extra items you choose to have with your new boiler. You will be presented with smart home devices as well as additional water treatment, Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) or alternative smart thermostats.

The best part of this service is often the new boiler instal is carried out the very next day.

What does a new boiler costs?

New boilers vary in price and often change depending on the market, no different to any other product. WarmZilla ensures that we are the most competitive and offer the best prices for the customer. The main price difference comes down to the brands and models themselves. Here are a few brands you can find when carrying out the survey.

Worcester Bosch – These are considered the leaders of the market for domestic boilers. They produce high-end boilers with excellent customer service aftercare. They have won many awards for their boilers, including which? Best Buy, which they have won for many years.

Ideal – these boilers are very popularly known for reliability and affordability. They are considered the go-to for most home projects and rented homes due to their build quality and prices.

Viessman – the boilers from Viessmann are designed with the future in mind. They are built for longevity and have several features that ensure they provide the best energy efficiency.

Vaillant –  These boilers are well constructed and offer a wide range of products to suit all home and boiler types. They are known for their performance, reliability and quality and are built for excellence.

How do I know what boiler type I have to purchase the correct replacement boiler?

There are four main types of boilers: conventional, condensing, combi, and system.

Conventional Boilers – Conventional boilers come with many names, including heat-only or regular boilers. They are commonly found in older homes that still need to be upgraded are need renovation. They provide heating to your home and hot water using a cold water tank, usually found in your attic, and a hot water cylinder housed in an airing cupboard.

These boilers have their place and do not require converting if you do not want to or have a larger home that requires a lot of hot water. However, they take up a lot of space within the home, and new technology, such as combi boilers, is considered a better alternative.

Condensing Boilers – Condensing boilers are common in the UK. They use the gas from the grid to condense it to produce heat, hence condensing boiler. They pass hot gas through a central chamber that heats your water. A second chamber will use the heat to keep water hot when it returns through the system.

Combi Boilers – Combi boilers, or combination boilers, are the leading type of boiler in the UK. Most homes convert from other types of boilers to combi boilers because they use far less space. They also do everything the others do without needing tanks and cylinders.

They are now built for larger homes with output exceeding 40kW to ensure the largest homes can still have maximum heating and hot water.

System Boilers – System boilers are often seen as a go-between for conventional and combi boilers. They have a hot water tank but no cold water tank, which means the cold water comes directly from the cold mains.

They take up a little less space than conventional boilers but still have additional larger components to them. However, they could be less efficient than the other boilers and often have a poor water flow rate.

What you need to know when getting a new boiler

Boiler type – we have briefly looked at boiler types, but knowing what type you have is essential when looking for a boiler replacement. To have a more in-depth view of the boiler types to help determine what you have read, our boiler types explained blog, and all your questions will be answered.

Size – Size certainly matters in when it comes to boilers. You must also consider the physical size and the kW (kilowatt) output. Make sure you check the dimensions of your location and the boiler size to ensure it will fit in place. There will be options to help address this if problems arise. The Kw output is also significant. The higher the kW doesn’t mean the boiler is more suited to your home. For example, if you have a standard three-bedroom semi-detached with one bath and shower, a 25-30kW unit will be suitable. If you think a 35kW would make your water faster or provide more pressure, you would be wrong. This will make your boiler use more energy without benefit to your heating system. The likelihood is that it will just cost you more to run it. This is why we have our survey so that we can provide you with the best boiler for your home.

Cost – A new boiler can range from £500 up to £2,500, but you must also consider the installation fees and additional part costs like the flue. The flue is the pipe that removes the excess fumes from your home. For a boiler and complete installation, you will be looking at around £1500 as a starting price. The price can go up to a few thousands of pounds. This will depend on the size of your home and the boiler you may need, which includes size and kW. There are also additional costs for conversion. This is when you convert from a regular boiler to a combi boiler, for example. Moving the boiler also has its own costs. However, the survey we provide will include all these as your fixed price at the end of the survey with no hidden costs.

Research – before a boiler replacement, always research to find out what you have, what you want, and what you will need. WarmZilla has numerous blogs that will help you answer a range of questions. If you are unsure, we are contactable via live chat on the website and will happily help answer any additional questions you may have.