5 Smart Thermostats for Your Home Re April 1, 2022

5 Smart Thermostats for Your Home

Smart Thermostat - Nest

Your home is full of important systems that keep your home functioning well, such as the plumbing and electrical systems. However, you mustn’t forget about your HVAC system. This system helps keep your home cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside, and warm and toasty when it is cold.

A lot goes into this system, and it is full of moving parts that can be a little complex. Thankfully, a company like Morris Jenkins offers installation and maintenance services to ensure your system is always working well and efficiently.

The way that most people control their system is with a thermostat on the wall that allows them to increase and decrease the temperature as they see fit. However, today, smart thermostats are quickly becoming more and more popular. There are many advantages of smart thermostats that range from better efficiency, more control, and more cost savings.

Because of this popularity, the size of the smart heating and thermostat market has grown. As a result, there are many different providers of smart heating systems that you can add to your home. With that in mind, this article is going to look at five of the best and most popular companies that offer smart heating systems for your home.

Nest Thermostat

Google Nest Thermostat

If we’re talking about smart thermostats, we need to mention Nest. Nest was purchased by Google back in 2014 for $3.2 billion, and has become a leader in the space. Their thermostats allow you to run your system more efficiently, to save money and increase the lifespan of your heating system. Nest has a few different smart heating and cooling options for people to consider.

Their traditional Nest thermostat provides many boosts to your heating and cooling system. It can be programmed with ease, looks attractive on the wall, and can even turn itself down when you are away. It is quite easy to set up, and features HVAC system monitoring and alerts, so you are always kept in the know. The thermostat can even help you identify and find ways to save energy.

This thermostat is compatible with around 85% of systems, features voice control, and makes it easy to control the temperature in your home remotely, no matter where you are, in the Google Home app.

Nest also has the Learning Thermostat. This is similar to their normal thermostat, with a few important distinctions. Chief among them being that the thermostat can actually learn your preferences and will adapt to them over time, automatically.

This thermostat also works with 95% of systems, is compatible with the Nest Temperature Sensor, and has a unique and high-quality design and improved display. The warranty is also two years, compared to the single year of the traditional thermostat. Either of them are great choices and are sure to give you more control over the heating of your home.


Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat Table Stand TR6

Another popular smart heating and cooling system for your home is Honeywell. They are a huge corporation with interests in many industries, including the home. They create and sell many quality thermostats, at a price that is budget-friendly for almost any family.

Their base and most popular thermostat is the Wifi Color Touchscreen Thermostat. It works well with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and makes it easy for you to use an app to control the temperature from your home, no matter where you are. It will learn your schedule and preferences to make programming the thermostat incredibly easily.

You can get alerts, monitor indoor humidity levels, and the display is incredibly bright and colorful. Their T9 and T10 Pro smart thermostats are a step up and come with a variety of additional features like an auto home/away mode, a remote sensor, and indoor/outdoor temperature/humidity control.


smart home thermostat icon

If you are in the UK, Hive is without a doubt one of the most popular and best brands on the market when it comes to thermostats. Their flagship is the Hive Thermostat, which can be controlled in an app, on the device itself, or even with your voice.

It is very easy to use and looks great, and features multi-zone support for even greater control over your heating efforts. You can easily set schedules, and you can even boost your heat if you are feeling a little chilly.

There is also the Hive Mini Thermostat, which is among the most affordable options to enter the smart heating and cooling market. It is not as fully-featured, and most features are only available via the map, but is still a good and affordable option.



Another popular choice for a home heating system and the thermostat is Tado. Their smart thermostats work with most heating systems, including underfloor heating systems. The system lets you easily adapt your heat to your specific needs, helps you improve and monitor your indoor air quality, and ensures you never heat an empty home. The system will detect open windows and can provide you with reminders to help you save energy, and thus, money.

They also have both wired and wireless options, so you can ensure you find a system that meets your needs. The thermostat will also monitor your heating system all day every day, to ensure you are notified if any issues or problems occur.


And last but certainly not least, we wanted to be sure to include Ecobee. They are a trusted and respected brand that offers incredibly sleek and feature-filled thermostats. They have two types of thermostats that individuals can choose from, which are the smart thermostat and the ecobee3 lite.

Both can be controlled by the intuitive app, can help you save on annual energy costs, and work with many smart home ecosystems. The ecobee3 lite is a budget-friendly option that brilliantly balances comfort, value, and savings. It is easy to set up, will provide you with a monthly savings report, and ensure you are aware of all of your heating and cooling patterns.

The SmartThermostat will adapt to your schedule, and can be easily controlled with your voice. It can allow you to play your favorite podcasts and songs, keeps your HVAC system from unnecessary runtime, and is built-to-last, with a strong warranty.

In conclusion, any of these smart heating systems are great options for keeping your home warm and comfortable all winter long.

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