Electric vs Gas Boilers: Find the Best Boiler Cover Re March 8, 2022

Electric vs Gas Boilers: Find the Best Boiler Cover


Moving houses involves a lot of change. From the furniture to the neighbourhood, every little and trivial thing matters because selecting and designing homes is like constructing a dream you eventually have to live in. One of the trickiest parts about moving into a new home is to figure out the type of gas connections are required and what comes along with the installation, and more. Things like your boiler cover might not be on top of your list. This blog will provide you with guidance on setting up gas and electricity and getting the right insurance and coverages in place.

Insurance covers for electrical appliances

Setting up electrical appliances is like investing in your home. One puts a lot of thought into buying appliances like heat pumps, and boilers. Since we make these investments for our comfort and pleasure, they must be protected with cover plans so that any fault in these appliances does not burn a hole in your pocket. There are many kinds of insurance or cover plans available for heating appliances.

All WarmZilla boiler installations come with a one-year installation guarantee, in addition to up to ten years manufacturer’s warranty. To ensure your manufacturer’s warranty is kept valid, you will need to ensure your boiler is serviced annually. They offer two TotalCare plans, a ‘Service Plan’ and a ‘HomeSafe Plan’ for complete peace of mind.

Even if your boiler is quite new and still under the manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee, their ‘HomeSafe’ plan covers your entire heating system – flues, radiators, thermostats, pipework, the lot. Giving you total peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you can rely on us to fix it. Unlimited callouts and no excess fees are included as part of your plan.

Boiler cover

In terms of heating appliances, boilers are among the most expensive and lasting devices. Hence, it becomes all the more important for you to make sure you are safe from any fault or damage it endures. 

A boiler cover is a type of insurance particularly designed for your boiler unit. Taking out a boiler cover can help you get help fast and reasonable service if something goes wrong with your appliance. If you are considering boiler cover, you must also be wondering about the different options available to you.

Advantages of having boiler cover

There are many advantages of having a boiler cover.

  • Faster repairs

  • Easy access to a qualified engineer with your plan
  • Annual boiler service
  • The majority of repair expenses will be paid by your insurer
  • Repairs of central heating and wiring systems

Hence, it is always beneficial to have a boiler cover that leads to lower costs for you in the long run and also ensures a long life for your boiler.

Sometimes, boiler cover is also included in your home insurance policy. Please check your policy to see if it covers your boiler and central heating before purchasing a new policy.

What might not be included in my boiler cover?

Even with the best of policies, there might be some things that are left out of your boiler cover package. These are some of the cut-off points in any boiler cover:

  • Since the general lifespan of a boiler is around 10-12 years, policy providers generally do not provide covers for boilers older than 8-10 years.
  • You are eligible for only a limited number of repair calls on your cover. If you exceed that number, you might have to pay for the entire repair yourself. Make sure you take a cover plan with emergency services included, or you might find are out of repair calls when you need them the most.
  • Boiler cover plans also do not include replacements of your existing boiler unit. Although some cover plans will give you a certain amount towards your new boiler if it is deemed ‘Beyond Economical Repair’

Electrical vs gas boiler covers

There are differences between boiler cover plans for different boiler types as well. Gas boilers are usually less efficient than electric boilers but are often easier and cheaper to place. The boiler covers for both types of boilers are often differently priced because of differences in costs of usage, replacement and installation. As electric boilers are often harder to replace, your premium might be a bit higher on these types of reparations as an insurer would have to pay higher prices to replace the boiler.

Things to know about insurers

We advise you to be very careful when choosing an insurer because if the insurer declares bankruptcy, your policy will automatically be null and void. If you are in the middle of a claim, you can contact the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) to check if you are eligible.

What other things can I do for my new home?

If you are moving into a new house, you can also consider an alternate source of electricity to power your home. It will lead to more efficient use of energy and reduce your electricity bills. To learn more about alternative energy options for domestic and business spaces in the UK, visit this website and compare electricity prices, energy transfer plans, and costs of connecting to the grid after the shift from traditional to green energy.

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