TP-Link Tapo Smart Home Security Cameras Adam Ahrens May 5, 2023

TP-Link Tapo Smart Home Security Cameras

TP-Link security camera

TP-Link is a well-known technology company famous for its home connectivity with routers and network extenders. Well, TP-Link offers much more than that and has an impressive smart home security camera range that includes indoor and outdoor devices under Tapo.

For those away from home, there is always that one specific thought that eats away at you, how and what is my dog/pet doing? Well, with a TP-Link smart security camera, you can find out. Don’t stop there because, with the built-in 2-way communication, you can talk to them, and although they may not always choose to respond, you can at least tell them not to eat the sofa cushion.

Of course, the TP-Link Tapo Security cameras will do much more for you than monitor your pet. They come with many additional benefits, including a light and sound alarm that can deter unwanted visitors. There will be no need to keep checking your phone or smart device to see if you have had visitors because, with motion detection included, you will receive instant notifications. Perfect for excepting a package or for peace of mind when away at work or on holiday.

With an easy setup and usability, the cameras also have an accompanying app. The Tapo App allows you to gain access to all the features with no subscriptions or the requirement for a home hub. If you have an active home, additional safe storage is available with up to 256GB on a MicroSD card that will hold 16 days of footage. The Tapo Range works with Alexa and Google, which provide voice activation capabilities.

TP-Link and indoor security cameras

TP-Link offers a range of cameras at various prices, which helps provide a range of purchasing options for those on a budget and those who require specific requirements. All TP-Link Tapo indoor cameras have a standard high-definition video that will record at 1080p. This offers crystal clear viewing, so no more grainy images of a suspect, just full-colour mug shots.

A key feature not found with other top branded cameras is the 30ft night vision mode. Often found in the outdoor camera, the Tapo range offers this useful feature in their indoor devices, which makes it perfect for a baby cam.

Storing video is an important selling point with any security camera, and you need to know that important events are saved. The Tapo cameras have localised storage, and in fact, they have up to 128GB of content that can be stored on a microSD card. This is the footage equivalent of 384 hours or 16 days, but TP-Link stresses this is based on laboratory conditions. Even so, losing a fraction of performance in real-time is still more capture than most users will need to store.

With the Tapo range, TP-Link offers enhanced models that all hold the key requirements that a user would want to see come with a security camera.

Available indoor cameras

TP-Link Tapo C100

The Tapo C100, a smart security camera, offers versatility suitable for indoor use. It incorporates a 105-degree wide-angle view that will capture most living spaces. Not only is the vision of view impressive, but it also houses a 1080p HD camera with up to 30ft night vision mode so that nothing will go unseen day or night.

TP-Link Tapo C110

The Tapo C110 smart security camera from TP-Link is the upscaled version of the Tapo C100. The key difference is the camera quality, as the Tapo C110 records every image in ultra-high 3mp definitions, which offers superior image quality. Due to the increased quality of the camera footage, the internal storage needed to be increased due to file sizes. The C110 offers up to 256GB of local microSD storage, which is 512 hours or 21 days of footage.

With these upgrades, it doesn’t lose any of the features that the Tapo C100 has. It still offers a 105-degree wide-angle view, a night vision mode of up to 30 feet, lights and sound alarms, and a 3-meter three-pin plug-in cable.

TP-Link Tapo C200

The Tapo C200 is one of the most popular TP-Link security cameras.  It records every image in crystal-clear 1080p definition. This versatile camera comes with a 3 meter cable and a standard 3-pin socket plug, and it’s ideal for plug-and-play. What makes the Tapo C200 different from the C100 and C110 is the pan and tilt feature, which lets you have 360-degree rotational and 114-degree vertical views – so you don’t miss a desired zone, not forgetting the 30 feet of night vision view feature.

TP-Link security camera

TP-Link and outdoor security cameras

Outdoor security cameras have become one of the fastest selling smart home technologies available on the market. You may notice more and more cameras attached to the front of neighbours’ houses and local business properties each day. This is because outdoor security has become affordable. Many outdoor security cameras can start off from as little as £50, and with that relatively little investment, it can help ease many minds when away from the property.

Installing an outdoor security camera offers a great deterrent for thieves and people looking to enter your property unlawfully. With more people returning to work after the pandemic, it has left many with anxiety about leaving their possessions behind. These cameras are helping people to overcome their anxiety with 24/7 home surveillance.

ADT suggest that the summer months have the highest number of burglaries than any other time of the year. This is mainly down to people on holiday, working or enjoying the sunshine for longer each day.

The TP-Link Tapo range is all waterproof and suitable for stormy conditions. Many are also easy to install, and that allows you to do it yourself with no need for installation costs. Unless battery operated, the wired versions have mains connections and are plug-and-play with a 3 meter long cable that will fit in any standard three-pin socket.

Available Outdoor TP-Link Security Cameras.

TP-Link Tapo C310

The Tapo C310 outdoor security camera is a grand entrance market camera, and it does all the same things as expensive cameras but at a lower price. This camera offers ultra-high definition video that clearly records at 3MP definition. What makes the C310 desirable is that it works up to 98ft or 30 meters for a low cost, providing clear images even in the dark with its advanced night vision feature.

Other features that help impress users are the accurate motion detection and notification setting, so you can always be sure that your camera will notify you of any movement in your area. This feature is enhanced by the sound and light alarm, perfect for scaring unwanted visitors and helping secure your home.

Like most TP-Link cameras, there is also the two-way audio feature. This is helpful if you are expecting a package or answering an unknown person at your door, and it can also be for simply telling a guest to come straight in etc. With fully inbuilt voice control, you can access your camera via Google Assist or Amazon Alexa on a mobile or smart device.

If you are looking for a camera for peace of mind and to keep an eye on your property, then the Tapo C310 is a great place to start. It offers all the features you could need at a great price and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

TP-Link Tapo C320WS

The Tapo C320WS is a brilliant security camera. It is suitable for outdoor use, offering a 130° wide-angle view with a 2K QHD camera. As with other TP-Link cameras, it comes with up to 30ft advanced night vision mode, ensuring all footage is crystal clear at all times of day and night. This camera’s main advantage is that it offers full colour even in the dark of night and is undeterred by night lights with its starlight night vision functionality.

Safe storage is a key feature of the Tapo range, with the C320WS offering up to 256GB of video storage on a microSD card. This will keep your data local and will not be stored on a cloud. To enhance connectivity, this camera can be accessed via Wi-Fi or via a hard-wired ethernet cable that allows for a stronger, more stable connection.

TP-Link Tapo C420S2

TP-Link Tapo C420S2 is the perfect addition to your smart home security system. It has a 2K QHD with 1.7 times more pixels than 1080p, providing clearer videos & photos. This cool gadget has fantastic features to keep your mind at ease and is completely battery operated. Battery operated cameras offer much more flexibility regarding where they can be installed. This often pushes the price of the product up, so it is not surprising that this is one of the most expensive cameras the TP-Link offer.

Unlike the other cameras, the C420S2 offers more flexible video storage that includes a cloud service called Tapo Care. This usually comes with a subscription.

The Tapo C420S2 is a package that includes two cameras, making it the desirable option for someone looking to survey two different areas. Both cameras are easily accessible through the Tapo app and include all the standard features like the other outdoor security camera Tapo range.

TP-Link Security

Indoor cameras have always been a marmite product. Some love the fact that they allow you to monitor your home, while others are concerned that they will be spied upon in their most vulnerable state. The TP-Link range offers comfort to those with such concerns because TP-Link does not store any information in a cloud (unless signed up to Tapo Care), and a recording can be kept only on an SD card within the device itself.  It is worth keeping in mind that if you are connecting to the internet for live footage or notifications, although not recorded directly, depending on how you operate your device will ultimately depend on what footage is stored. Therefore, no one other than those with access to your home camera or application login can view the footage.