TP-Link Smart Home Bulbs Adam Ahrens April 14, 2023

TP-Link Smart Home Bulbs

TP-Link Bulb

TP-Link is a well known brand, with most people recognising the name attached to routers and Wi-Fi extenders. In fact, TP-Link offers a wide range of products, including smart home technology. One of the smart home products that offer energy-saving solutions is the TP-Link Tapo smart bulbs.

Tapo is a branch of TP-Link that incorporates smart home technology. So why Smart bulbs? Smart bulbs offer many useful features, from scheduling your lights to turn on and off at certain times to saving money on your energy bills.

Available smart bulbs

  • Tapo L510
  • Tapo L530
  • Tapo L610
  • Tapo L630
  • Tapo Smart multi-colour Light Strip

Tapo L510

The Tapo L510 Smart Bulb is available in two connection types: bayonet (B22) and screw-in (E27). To distinguish between the two, the bayonet model is called L510B while the screw-in smart bulbs model is called the L510E. This is the only difference between the two, and the functionality, efficiency and operations are all the same. All the TP-Link bulbs are compatible with Google and Amazon Alexa.

This bulb is LED, which is what contributes to making it energy efficient. A light emitting diode (LED) bulb offers up to 75% greater efficiency than a standard incandescent bulb and offers 800 lumens, ideal for lamps or fully lighting up a small room. It is the equivalent of 60w and 220 240 volts offering the same level of light quality without the power consumption of a traditional incandescent bulb.


The TP-Link Tapo L510 Features

The features offer a full white illumination that will fill the room and is dimmable from 1-100%, making it a versatile bulb, perfect for adjusting lighting to read, watch a film or entertain guests. Preset lighting is a key advantage of this bulb. Once you have found a light setting you like, you can save that specific option, and when asked via the app or through voice activation, it will change to that setting. For example, find the perfect lighting for reading. You can save the setting, and then when it is time to sit down with your favourite book, you can say “Hey Google, set light to reading.” It will automatically change to that preset setting, a feature with unlimited possibilities.

As the Tapo L510 is a fully smart and voice activated bulb, you will be able to control the bulb from the palm of your hand using a smart device or via voice activation. This can benefit those who require extra assistance around the home and those who don’t want to get up and flick the switch.

The L510 only requires a Wi-Fi connection running at 2.4 GHz and does not require a separate hub to operate it. Offering easy installation and longevity, this bulb will last up to 25000 hours or about ten years of everyday use, making it a great investment that could save hundreds of pounds on energy bills thanks to its efficiency. In addition to helping reduce your energy bills, you can monitor the smart bulb’s energy usage through the app, which is unavailable on many other current smart bulbs on the market. You will also receive a two-year warranty by TP-Link, which is very impressive for a light bulb, showing confidence and highlighting the quality of the smart bulb.

Tapo L530

Much like the L510 bulb, it is available in two connection types: bayonet (B22) represented by model number L530b, and screw-in (E27) represented by model number L5310e. The L530 has the same functionality as the L510 bulb but with one main difference, this version comes with 16,000,000 hues to choose from, making every possible colour and option for your room.  This bulb operates at 806 lumens with 60w equivalent to standard incandescent bulbs and is suited to lamps, hallways, and any smaller rooms you would like to fill with colour.

Colour Bulb

Tapo L610

The L610 is an innovative bulb designed for spotlights which can be used in the home or any business setting. It offers 2,700K warm light, which helps set a comfortable vibe for work and pleasure. This bulb has a GU10 connection that will fit many lamps and spotlight fixtures.  Much like the other TP-Link bulbs, the L610 is dimmable from between 1-100% offering versatility for the desired setting. This smart bulb emits 350 lumens which again suits a kitchen environment or even highlights objects and paintings that are on display.

A key feature of the L610 is its ability to group multiple smart bulbs together so you can turn on multiple at once with a single click on the app or via voice activation using Amazon or Google connectivity. Like all TP-Link bulbs, energy efficiency is a key selling point, with the brightness and quality undetected while at the same point reducing the energy consumption of using them. Without the need for a hub, you will not be required to spend any extra money on getting the products to work. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, and as these bulbs operate at 2.4 GHz, there are no restraints in use.

Tapo L630

With all the operating features of the L610, the L630 offers a multicolour option. Offering 16 million colours, you can shape your home, office or studio to any vibe you like. This smart bulb also comes with a dimmable option between 1-100% that offers great versatility to any environment creating a desired atmosphere. In contrast to the L310, the L630 offers a white tunable option that allows you to adjust the colour from 2200K to 6,500k, confirming a full range of possible functionality.

Tapo L920 Smart multi-colour Light Strip

Why not bring a bit of colour to your kitchen, garden or bedroom with this 5-meter-long strip lighting by TP-Link? The L920-5 offers that modern feeling to any environment, and with it being weatherproof, it can be installed outside for extra versatility. It offers control of 50 separate vibrant colour zones. A benefit of this strip lighting is that you can cut it to any length you like, and with the 3Madhesive attached, you can stick it to most surfaces offering a secure fixing that is long-lasting and highly durable.

The features included in this bulb are no different to any other TP-Link Tapo bulb as you are able to preset your favourite setting, you will not need a hub to operate the smart bulb, and you also can control it through the app or with the help of Google Assist and Amazon Alexa.