Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Boiler Review Re February 22, 2023

Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Boiler Review

Vaillant Ecotec Plus (Heat Only) Boiler

Vaillant has become one of the market’s most popular boiler brands, offering reliable boilers at a budget-friendly price. This article will focus on the Vaillant ecoTEC Pro combi boiler range, amongst the many boiler models Vaillant offers.

Before we go into depth about the ecoTEC Pro combi (combination) boiler range, here’s a little about Vaillant as a brand and its history.

The history behind Vaillant

Vaillant was formed way back in 1874 by Johann Vaillant in Remscheid, Germany. Johann Vaillant, the tenth child in his family, founded his own workshop as a copper beater and pump maker.

Many inventions have been credited to Vaillant over the years including modern-day central heating in 1924. Previously each room was heated individually by stoves or fireplaces until Vaillant introduced the central heating boiler that could heat multiple radiators simultaneously – revolutionising home heating.

The Vaillant boiler range has been given a Which? Best Buy award and they have also been awarded a Quiet Mark Accreditation, from the Noise Abatement Society for their quiet running boilers.

For a full timeline of the Vaillant, company history, click here

Vaillant has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot from over 14k reviews. With over 89% of Vaillant’s reviews being above average, customers can be confident that they are dealing with a reliable and efficient boiler brand that cares about its customers.

Here are only a few of the reviews customers have left for Vaillant on Trustpilot that support this:

“10 Year guarantee on parts and labour for an exceptional boiler?! Excellent customer service. It’s a no brainer 😊”

“Very pleased with this item fast improvement on the old one house is lovely and warm and plenty of hot water when you need it.”

In addition to this, Vaillant also scored a huge 80% for the brand score category in the Which? Best Boiler brand 2020 survey. Which? asked over 7,500 boiler owners how satisfied they were with their boiler, if they experienced any faults or breakdowns and if they would recommend Vaillant boilers to their friends and family. Vaillant scored a total of 4 out of 5 stars for brand reliability and an amazing 5 out of 5 stars for brand-customer score rating. On top of this, Which? also, asked 153 Which? Trusted Traders about the ease of installation and if parts and spares were easy to get hold of. Vaillant scored a 4 out of 5 for the engineer recommendation category. Another great score. 

Which? Best Boiler brand 2020 survey results

Brand reliability rating

4 stars

Brand customer score rating

5 stars

Ease of fixing a common fault

5 stars

Ease of servicing 

5 stars

Availability of parts and spares

5 stars

Engineer recommendation

4 stars

Build quality 

5 stars

Here’s what Which? have to say about Vaillant boilers: 

“Vaillant makes fantastic boilers that have a good reliability record, according to the results of our latest survey of boiler owners. It also delights its customers and has a five-star customer score. Engineers love the brand too, giving it five-star scores almost across the board. That’s why we’ve made Vaillant a Best Buy. The Which? brand score for Vaillant gas boilers is a brilliant 80%. Vaillant is the best gas boiler brand of any included in our survey in 2020. So it’s a great choice. The Which? score is based on reliability, owners’ satisfaction with their boiler, the likelihood of them recommending it to a friend, plus the detailed views of heating engineers on how easy Vaillant boilers are to repair and service, their build quality, how easy it is to get hold of parts and spares and whether they would recommend the brand to a customer.”

If you’ve decided you want a Vaillant boiler for your home, the next question is going to be ‘Which is the best Vaillant boiler for my home?’. You can head over to our blog that could help you decide this. 

The Vaillant ecoTec Pro combi boiler range


With over a century of experience, Vaillant is at the forefront of developments in boiler technology. If you’re looking for a suitable boiler for a small to mid-sized home with up to three bedrooms and one bathroom with an extra boost of hot water, then the Vaillant ecoTEC Pro combi boilers could be the boilers for you.

The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro combi boiler range combines a simple design and approach along with the built-in quality, reliability, and high performance that you would expect from Vaillant.

The ecoTEC Pro range has three combi boilers with different output ratings. There’s the ecoTEC pro 24kW, 28kW, and a Vaillant 30kW combi boiler, all perfect for small to medium-sized homes that require instant hot water. 

The range has been designed with customers in mind. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy installation inside your standard kitchen cupboard. This combi boiler also has removable side panels and a push-fit flue system for improved accessibility, ease of installation, and flexibility when it comes to where you want your new boiler to be fitted. 

The Vaillant ecoTEC pro combi range is highly efficient and economical to run. They are fitted with several great beneficial features such as a fully modulating low NOx burner and fan for improved energy efficiency, built-in frost protection for extra peace of mind during the colder winter months, and increased speed of hot water delivery thanks to the Vaillant ‘aquaCOMFORT’ warm start feature. 

Here are some of the Vaillant ecoTEC pro’s boiler features:

  • Compact dimensions
  • Quiet Mark accreditation 
  • Which? Best Buy accredited 
  • Intelligent controls and accessories available 
  • Dedicated models (28kW) for LPG offers a solution for those who are in off-gas areas
  • Wide modulation range of up to 1:4, ensuring low energy consumption and maximum efficiency 
  • Compatibility with aroTHERM 
  • Built-in frost protection 
  • Removable side panels for easy access 
  • Highly efficient and economical to run

Now we know about the Vaillant ecoTEC Pro combi boiler range as a whole, let’s compare each output model to one another to see what boiler is best suited to your home.

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ecoTEC Pro Comparison Table

Make Vaillant VaillantVaillant 
Model ecoTec Pro 24kW Combi BoilerecoTec Pro 28kW Combi BoilerecoTec Pro 30kW Combi Boiler 
Is CondensingYesYesYes
Efficiency Rating94%94%93%
Band RatingA-RatedA-RatedA-Rated
LPG CompatibleNoYesNo
Standard Warranty2 years*2 years*2 years*
Central Heating Max. Output24.8kW25.9kW25.7kW
MountingWall MountedWall Mounted Wall Mounted 
Flow Rate9.6 l/min11.1 l/min12.3 l/min
ERP Rating

A Heat | A Water

A Heat | A WaterA Heat | A Water
Hot Water Max. Output23.4kW 27.2kW 30kW
Dimensions (mm) 720 x 440 x 335 (HxWxD)720 x 440 x 335 (HxWxD)720 x 440 x 335 (HxWxD)

As you would expect, all three boiler models are almost identical. The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro is a relatively small boiler, meaning that it can be installed neatly inside your standard kitchen cupboard, out of sight, out of mind.

Combi, or combination boilers as some may call them, are ideal for homes with limited space as they remove the need for any additional hot water or cold water tanks that you would need for a system or regular gas boiler. If you are interested in a combi boiler for your home but this boiler is not compact enough, Vaillant also has the EcoFIT Pure range that may be a better option for you. 

*All three boiler models have the same standard 2 years manufacturer’s warranty. However, this can be extended to 7 years if the boiler is installed by a Vaillant installer.

Meanwhile, if you purchase a new or replacement boiler with us at WarmZilla, you will receive a 10 years guarantee on your boiler. 

Vaillant ecoTec Pro controls

The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro has been designed with a fully integrated digital display for pressure levels, fault codes should the boiler need servicing or repair, and the temperature of the hot water in the flow pipes.

In April 2018, the Boiler Plus legislation was introduced for all combi, system, and regular gas boilers. Boiler Plus requires time and temperature controls to be installed in the home, which means that your old mechanical thermostat may longer be compliant. The main purpose of Boiler Plus is to improve the energy efficiency of homes nationwide, with more control over our carbon footprint with the appropriate controls installed in all homes.

For combination boiler owners, there are some additional requirements to be compliant with Boiler Plus. Specifically, one out of four additional requirements will need to be met. These are as follows: 

  • Weather compensation – The ability to alter the water temperature from the boiler based on outdoor temperatures.
  • Load compensation – The ability to alter the water temperature from the boiler based on the current room temperature.
  • Smart control – A type of control that provides automation and optimisation for your boiler.
  • PFGHRD (Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device).

Vaillant boilers are also compatible with intelligent smart controls. Their standard mechanical controls allow you to set a 24-hour schedule for your heating so that it can automatically turn on before you are due home. Their digital controls also allow you to set a 7-day central heating programme. 

However, if you’d want to go a step further and fancy smart controls, here are other compatible Vaillant controls that you may be interested in: 

Vaillant vSMART

  • Smartphone app for both Android and Apple iOS
  • Self-learning smart thermostat 
  • Weather compensation to reduce energy bills 
  • Connect multiple vSMART controllers to cone app
  • Wireless connection 

Vaillant VRT 350 Heating Control

  • Easy to use 
  • Flexible functions 
  • Choose between wired and wireless controls 
  • Help to reduce your energy bills 
  • Range of programmes to choose from

Is the ecoTec Pro suitable for my home?

When purchasing a new or replacement boiler, it is important that you choose the correct boiler for you and your home. 

The Vaillant ecoTec Pro 24kW

  • Recommended for houses or flats which have up to 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
  • Flow rate is 9.6 l/m, which is suitable for properties with up to 10 radiators.

The Vaillant ecoTec Pro 28kW

  • Ideal for smaller flats or houses with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
  • Flow rate is 11.1 l/m, which will be suitable for up to 12 radiators.

The Vaillant ecoTec Pro 30kW

  • Suitable for houses or flats which have 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
  • Flow rate is 12.3 l/m, great for homes with up to 15 radiators.

All three boiler output models have a high-efficiency rating of 93% and 94% and an ErP A-rating for both central heating and hot water.

But what does ErP rating mean?

Well, the rating is calculated by the ErP Directive, which actively tests each new boiler and energy product to ensure that they pass certain criteria before they are installed in homes. Each boiler is judged and tested on their performance, carbon footprint and their overall energy efficiency.

You should also consider the kW of your new boiler before purchasing it.

If you would like to know more about what kW you need for your home. We have a blog that covers this. 

Vaillant boiler fault codes

Vaillant is a highly reliable and efficient combi boiler brand, so you shouldn’t be faced with many issues. However, if you do come across an issue with your Vaillant boiler, we have a blog that explains all Vaillant boiler fault and error codes to help you identify the problem.


The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro range is highly efficient and offers great performance across the board. The full ecoTEC range has gone on to win awards such as the Which? Best Buy award in 2020, in addition to the Quiet Mark status because of their industry-leading low noise output. With strong heating and hot water output and an impressive flow rate, the ecoTEC Pro is a no-brainer and is ideal for small to medium-sized homes.

*The WarmZilla Worcester Bosch 4000 Package includes an exclusive 12-year guarantee, 10 years provided by the manufacturer and 2 years provided by WarmZilla. More info is available on the WarmZilla T&C pages.

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