Vericon Systems Review Re June 1, 2022

Vericon Systems Review

Vericon Systems

Who are Vericon?

Vericon, based in Cheltenham, is an innovative leader in intelligent, remote, data-driven technologies that provide creative solutions to their customers through collaborative working. These solutions range from boiler management to temperature and humidity monitoring, and emergency light testing. They focus on helping their customers save money, become more efficient, remain compliant, and improve service, relationships, and the welfare of their customers.

Created in 2018, Vericon works around Connect, the core of its Ecosystem. Each product is linked to Connect, allowing customers to access the asset and environmental data they need. Vericon enables its clients to monitor, manage, and maintain their housing portfolios while decreasing cost, in-person contact, and their carbon footprint, as well as improvements in efficiency and compliance.

Vericon Systems

The History of Vericon

As a result of many years of research and problem solving in the social housing sector, Managing Director Bernard Cook realised that the solutions and benefits he was developing could also benefit other sectors and end users.


“The socio-economic benefits of a connected ecosystem are clear. The key is to ensure the system is operationally and commercially viable at all levels, from 10’s to 10,000’s of devices therefore it’s important to us to ensure we remain the most cost-effective complete system in the marketplace.”

Bernard Cook | Managing Director, Vericon Systems

What do their products actually do?

Boiler Control Module or BCM

Utilising Vericon’s intelligent technologies, BCM allows you to report on, predict and rectify a number of common housing stock challenges remotely in real time. The BCM has universal capability so can be used with all major boiler brands of boiler.

BCM has advanced management features designed to simplify the systems ongoing management including reducing energy consumption, detecting fuel poverty and detecting empty properties.

Boiler Control Module


AutoFill Removes the threat of pressure faults in the central heating system with automated top ups, real time notifications and preventative maintenance.

AutoFill will start the filling process once the boiler pressure drops below a certain threshold.

Vericon Systems


MultiDOT enables landlords and property managers to monitor temperature and humidity in specific locations where installed. Ensuring temperature and humidity levels within a property remain safe for tenants and to detect any potential issues with damp and mould before they arise.

Vericon BCM


Portal allows the user to view data stored within Connect, the secure cloud-based data processing and machine learning hub.

Encrypted Data from EmeRed, BCM and ancillary devices is gathered and interrogated to determine known correlations, data fluctuations against user-defined criteria, and anomalies that may be linked to future failures.

Vericon Portal

Vericon's Partners

As well as us, Vericon are currently partnered with Worecester Bosch, Resideo Honeywell and City Plumbing.

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