Vokèra Vibe MAX Review Re July 15, 2022

Vokèra Vibe MAX Review

Vokera Vibe Max

Looking for a new boiler that combines value-for-money with high-end functionality? The new Vokèra Vibe MAX is just what you need! This energy-efficient boiler has just been released on the market, and it’s packed with all-new features and is designed to be 20% hydrogen-blend ready. Read this blog to find out more about those features. 

About Vokèra by Riello

Vokèra is one of the leading heating manufacturers with a product portfolio that includes household gas boilers, light commercial gas boilers, unvented cylinders, water heaters, solar thermal collectors and air source heat pumps. 

Founded over three and a half decades ago, Vokèra operates across the UK and Ireland. Its parent company, RielloS.p.A., is a leader in products and services for heating, air-conditioning, and energy efficiency. 

With its headquarter in Legnago (Verona), Italy, Riello S.p.A. operates in more than 120 countries. 

Riello is part of Carrier Global Corporation, the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions. 

If you’d like to read more about Vokera, visit their website.

Vokèra Vibe MAX

Vibe MAX is an affordable and reliable, brand-new boiler range.

It’s available in a choice of combi and system models. If you’re wondering what the difference is between the two, here’s a quick overview;

  • Combi boilers don’t have any tanks. They heat water from the mains water supply. Combi boilers tend to be the best option for most UK homes as they don’t require storage tanks and offer heating and hot water on demand.
  • System boilers have a hot water storage tank, usually in an airing cupboard. System boilers are usually found in households with more than one bathroom in use at the same time (high hot water demand). Check out our boiler types blog here. 

The compact Vibe MAX is designed to be 20% hydrogen-blend ready and is packed with all-new features, including a built-in Modbus connector, a revised ‘universal pipework’ layout, and a primary heat exchanger in corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

What does hydrogen-blend ready mean?

A 20% hydrogen-blend ready means the boiler can use a new blend of 20% hydrogen and 80% natural gas. This new blend of hydrogen of up to 20% mixed with natural gas provides a steppingstone on the way to a full 100% hydrogen conversion of the gas grid, which is a longer-term ambition and likely to occur from the mid-2030s onwards.

A 20% hydrogen blend means that you can continue to use the gas supply as normal, without any changes being needed to gas appliances or pipework, while still reducing carbon emissions. The majority of new boilers can operate with this blend without any issues. And if you’re unsure, look for the ‘hydrogen-blend ready’ label on your new boiler.

Vokèra Vibe MAX Range

The Vokèra Vibe MAX comes in a choice of combi and system models. 

The Vibe MAX combi range includes 26kW and 30kW models making this range ideal for moderately-insulated, 3 to 4-bedroom homes with multiple baths.

The system range, on the other hand, comes in 20kW and 25kW, which means it’s suitable for medium size homes with up to 15 radiators and a bathroom. If you’d like to understand boiler sizes and know which boiler size your home needs, read our blog.

The whole range offers impressive 93% seasonal space heating efficiency and improved domestic hot water (DHW) performance.

Vokèra Vibe MAX Key Features

  • 5-year parts and labour warranty. 
  • Fully compliant with the Energy-related Products directive.
  • Compact dimensions and low lift weight enable flexibility in siting.
  • A new large bore radial stainless steel heat exchanger allows front servicing. Single coil, two pass with retarder.
  • Designed for easy installation: click-fit flue connection and universal pipework layout makes Vibe MAX an ideal replacement boiler.
  • Wide modulation ratio. Easy to range rate the heating output (below 3kW on 26C model).
  • Front access for servicing.
  • Approved for use with a hydrogen/methane blend (20/80).
  • Anti-cycling control prevents energy wasteful on/off cycling and reduces wear and tear.
  • Low NOx – Class 6 performance.
  • Quiet operation – 50dB for model 26C and 53dB for model 30C.
  • Built-in frost protection – protects the appliance from damage during periods of cold weather.
  • High-efficiency plate DHW heat exchanger reduces the risk of scaling and comes with a 5-year anti-scale warranty.
  • Internal condensate trap with new non-stick safety ball seating.
  • Schrader valve for expansion vessel outside boiler casing for easy servicing and maintenance.
  • Easy-to-use digital interface with individual heating and hot water controls ensures a simple temperature adjustment operation for the end user.
  • Built-in Bluetooth module for connection to ‘easi-connect’ app for CH programming.
  • Domestic hot water temperature lock.
  • Three pre-heat options: 24-hour preheat, Touch and Go and Smart Preheat.
  • Programmable CFS (Call For Service) and SFS (Stop For Service) functions.
  • It can be converted to LPG with a kit.

Vokèra Vibe MAX Tech Spec

  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 700mm x 400mm x 275mm 
  • Weight: 26C (28.5kg), 30C (30kg), 20S (27.5kg) and 25S (29kg)
  • Heat input (kW): 26C (20kW), 30C (25kW), 20S (20kW) and 25S (25kW)
  • Voltage (V/Hz): 230/50.

Stay Connected with the Vokèra Vibe MAX

Hi, Comfort

Hi, Comfort is a new connected platform. It’s designed to deliver a brand new home comfort experience.

With this platform, you can fully use the features of your heating system, save money and live in a “smart” environment.

The optional Hi, Comfort Smart Key K100 connection over Wi-Fi links your boiler to the Internet without needing to replace your existing thermostat.

The K100 simply plugs into the Modbus port on the Vibe MAX. There’s a step-by-step guide on the Hi, Comfort app to help configure this.


With the easi-connect app you can program the central heating schedule via Bluetooth from a smartphone or tablet. Super simple and Easi!

Vokèra Boiler Reviews

Vokera’s TrustPilot Reviews

Nothing gives you peace of mind more than looking at the brand’s testimonials and customer reviews. That’s why we’ll delve into Vokera’s reviews, so you don’t have to!

Looking at Vokera’s Trustpilot reviews, it seems that their customers are satisfied with their Vokera boilers. Vokera has 1.4k reviews and has been rated excellent, with a star rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

When taking a closer look at Vokera’s customer reviews, 91% of their reviews have been rated above average.

Here’s what a few of Vokera’s customers have had to say about their Vokera boiler on Trustpilot:

“Previously had Vokera Pinnacle 26, had no hesitation in replacing with same make. Nearly 15 years service with very little issues on old unit, only availability and cost of spares/repairs made it more financially viable to replace. Hope for another 15 years with little issues.”

“We had an old Baxi boiler that was breaking down every time so we called out kc plumbing out they told us about Vokera boiler to be honest we never knew that brand so they explained us all the ranges that Vokera do and the service they provide so we decided to go with the evolve boiler . We were amazed when we saw the boiler on the wall it looked smart. Also, the boiler was on heating and it so quiet. Also we got some references from the previous install that kc plumbing have carried out for previous customers and they had good say.happy days thank you kc plumbing for the amazing job and service”. 

Vokera’s Which? Reviews

On the flip side, when looking at the Which? Best Boiler Brand survey from 2021, the results seem to slightly contradict these Trustpilot reviews.

During the survey, 8,001 boiler owners were asked to rate their Vokera boiler based on reliability and how likely they were to recommend their Vokera boiler to friends and family.

In addition to this, 153 Which? Trusted Traders were also asked how they felt about the build quality, the ease of fixing and servicing Vokera boilers and how easy it is to get hold of Vokera boiler spares and parts.

Vokera were not bottom of the list of the 16 boiler brands reviewed, but they were most certainly not at the top of the list. After adding up the scores from both the customers and the Trusted Traders, Vokera sit comfortably at 10th place with an overall score of 56%.

Vokera has been rated 4 out of 5 stars for reliability, which corresponds to the results from the Trustpilot reviews, showing that Vokera customers are happy with the reliability of their boiler.

However, Vokera was only rated 3 out of stars for the overall brand-customer score, which relates to how likely customers are to refer Vokera boilers as a brand to their friends and family, and a very low score of 2 out of 5 stars for the overall engineer score, contradicting the Trustpilot reviews. 

Which? Best Boiler Brand Survey 2022 Results


Should I Buy a Vokèra Vibe Max?

The Vokèra Vibe MAX is a great product overall. It has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, OpenTherm technology, universal pipe layout for easy boiler replacements, built-in filling loop, click-fit flue, stainless steel heat exchanger, and Bluetooth Easi-Connect.

All these fantastic features, along with the brand’s reviews and well-known customer support, make this boiler a brilliant choice.

Fancy a New Boiler?

When you buy a new or replacement boiler with WarmZilla, your boiler package will also include:

  • Installation by a qualified Gas Safe Engineer 
  • Your chosen boiler, along with the necessary flue kit needed for your central heating system
  • Removal of your old boiler and parts
  • A FREE system cleanse of your central heating system
  • Chemical Inhibitor for added protection for your new boiler
  • 10-year warranty, which will be registered by WarmZilla after installation
  • A FREE magnetic system filter for ongoing protection
  • The Neomitis RF Digital Wireless Room Thermostat


Yes, we sell and install Vokera boilers. We also sell a wide variety of boiler brands, to name a few; Ideal, Viessmann, ATAG, and Worcester Bosch.

Yes, it’s a robust reliable boiler with fantastic features!

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