35 ways to improve home heating Re February 14, 2022

35 ways to improve home heating

  1. Let’s get the shameless plug out of the way nice and early and say that the best way to improve the heating in your home is to buy an energy-efficient boiler from WarmZilla. You can get a quote on a new boiler in minutes.
  2. Get your boiler serviced, your boiler will be so grateful that it will heat your home more efficiently and live a longer, fuller life.
  3. Bleed your radiators, this does not mean assault them – just let the air out of them once in a while.
  4. Chemical flush your radiators, it sounds painful but is good for them – like colonic irrigation for rads.
  5. Follow WarmZilla on our social media channels, we give away free boilers and pay people’s gas bills, you’ve got to be in it to win it! (Links top of page)
  6. Frequently research the best energy prices and regularly switch (as long as there are still some energy companies left to switch between).
  7. Check to see if you are eligible for heating grants, fuel grants or charity assistance, some people do care out there.
  8.  Set your thermostat on a timer for when you need it, it is unwise and pricey to leave it on low all the time. Use what you need, especially with fuel prices on the rise.
  9. Get some TRV’s (thermostatic radiator valves) these can be timed to maximise usage and minimise bills.
  10. Wrap your external water pipes with foam, the grey noodle stuff with a slit down the side, mainly used by parents to baby-proof homes. This will prevent freezing pipes so your boiler can remain operational.
  11. Put some insulation film on your windows. It is a cheap and effective way to retain more heat. Don’t worry your cats can still monitor their territory.
  12. Place reflective sheets behind your radiator, this will push the heat out into the room. This will be especially appealing if you’re a budget sci-fi fan.
  13. If you want your radiators to work then don’t cover them with loads of stuff. Mankini’s and socks are fine but beach towels and jeans will stop the heat from circulating.
  14. Putting up a directional shelf above your radiator will direct the heat into the room instead of up the wall, this is extra effective if you have high ceilings.
  15. Do not let that one freezer in your home hog the radiator, move their chair away from the radiator as the chair will soak up heat.
  16. If you have a chimney, getting a chimney balloon is a good idea as it will stop heat escaping through it. Not so good if you are using the fireplace though.
  17. Getting your gutters and drainpipes cleared will prevent trapped water from freezing up and causing greater issues. Climb a ladder at your own risk!
  18. Reversing ceiling fans sounds odd but having ceiling fans rotate clockwise will push hot air back down into the room. That’s science!
  19. Try not to leave the front/back door open, it will let all the cold air in and annoy at least one person in the house, usually dads!
  20. Hang thick thermal curtains over external doors, it will help retain heat and give your home a cosier feel.
  21. Change your letterbox, put an external letterbox outside if you live in a good neighbourhood, and install a letterbox cover to stop drafts.
  22. Leave your curtains open during the day and close them as soon as it gets dark. You’ll retain heat and stop voyeurs.
  23. Check for drafts in your windows and doors. Look at replacing the seals around them or putting draft excluders on the bottom of doors.
  24. Close the doors to rooms you do not use, don’t use it, don’t lose it.
  25. When was the last time you were in the loft? Get some extra insulation up there and it will stop heat rising out of your home.
  26. Make sure your loft hatch is not letting the cold in. ensure tight seals or add insulation tape to the top of the hatch so when you close it there are no gaps.
  27. If you are still in that stage of the relationship where you cuddle a partner, that can keep you rather warm and comfy. If you have passed that stage, there are lots of other options on this list.
  28. Cocoon in blankets while sitting down, you can even get blankets with sleeves, I know right, we live in a time of slankets.
  29. Throw an extra layer or two on, not only is it a simple way to keep warm, think how much thinner you will look and feel when you take them off.
  30. Fluffy pair of slippers (they don’t have to be fluffy). Most people have cold wooden floors these days, so slippers or thick socks are always a winner.
  31. Get some rugs, wooden flooring can often trap the cold. Rugs will prevent cold floors and help the room feel cosy and warm.
  32. If you have used your oven, leave the door open when finished, allowing the hot air to circulate in the home, better than wasting it trapped in the oven.
  33. If you are having a hot shower and you’re not conscious of what nature gave you then leave the door open, and the heat will move throughout the home. Just don’t traumatise your family, the therapy costs will outweigh the energy savings.
  34. Putting a hot water bottle under your bed sheets an hour before sleep will make it all nice and toasty. Look after your future self.
  35. Electric blankets are always a winner, they will keep you warm all night, just be careful if you slip a leg out from under, it will ruin your slumber (rhymes for the win).
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