Which Ideal Boiler is Best? Re September 3, 2021

Which Ideal Boiler is Best?

Ideal boiler in the kitchen

Which Ideal boiler is the best?

If you are looking around for a new Ideal boiler, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ll be discussing Ideal’s best premium boiler, the Ideal Logic Max, their mid-range boiler, the Ideal Logic Plus, and their budget-friendly boiler range, the Ideal Logic. This will help you decide which model is the ‘ideal’ boiler for your home. 

As a starting point, you might want to take a look at our guide on ideal regular boiler modelsideal system boiler models and ideal combi boiler models.

Not only did Ideal’s Logic, Logic+ and Vogue boiler ranges become Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended in 2013, but these boilers were also awarded the same status in 2017 and 2018. 

Good Housekeeping asked consumers to review their Ideal boilers and give feedback on performance, ease of use, overall acceptability, and the likelihood of buying or recommending the boiler. The reviewers came back with some extremely positive comments, with 95% rating their boiler as being excellent or very good and 98% saying that their boiler provides plenty of hot water based on the size of their family.

You may have started reading this blog thinking, ‘what kW boiler do I need for my home?’ or ‘what does kW output mean when it comes to my boiler?’. Don’t panic, we’ll touch base on these topics within this blog, however, if you want more information, you can click the links to head over to another blog all about these topics. Once you’ve read this blog, of course!

Before we get into the finer details about each boiler model, here’s a little bit of background about Ideal Heating.

About Ideal Heating

In the world of boilers, Ideal Heating is known to be a more cost-friendly boiler brand in comparison to other boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant, nevertheless, their boilers are still reliable and efficient, which is why we recommend them here at WarmZilla

Founded in 1906, Ideal Heating has been providing the best quality boiler to its customers for over 100 years. 

The Ideal remains at the forefront of the domestic and commercial heating market-

“Leading the industry in setting new standards and challenging technological boundaries”.

They also say that they remain true to their founding principles of quality, innovation and value. Ideal Heating’s mission is to be dedicated to providing a reliable, competitively priced product range as well as delivering incredible customer service. 

During the Which? Best Boiler Survey in 2021, 8,001 members of the public were asked to rate Ideal Heating as a brand. The ideal was awarded an overall brand score of 74%. 

Customers with Ideal boilers were asked how they felt about their boiler and whether or not they would recommend them to a friend or family. In addition to this, 153 Which? Trusted Traders (boiler engineers) were asked their views on the boiler brand. 

Here’s what Which? Said about Ideal boilers: 

The feedback from heating engineers about Ideal boilers is generally positive. They’re keenly priced and viewed as suiting landlords and those on a budget, but there can be problems with lower-quality parts. Few Ideal boiler owners in our survey have experienced any issues though, and Ideal sits in the top half of the boiler brands we’ve reviewed.” – This is quite impressive!

Looking at Trustpilot, Ideal Heating have over 19.8k reviews with 4.8 stars out of 5 and 94% of their reviews are above average, which supports the customer reviews in the Which? Best Boiler Brand Survey Results, showing that Ideal’s customers are happy with their boiler. 

Here are a few of Ideal’s Trustpilot reviews that also show that Ideal’s customers are more than happy with their services: 

“Good customer service, book an appointment for today, was happy with your Engineer, very knowledgeable and hard-working, very pleased.”

Ideal Logic Max Range

Logic Max in Kitchen

The Ideal Logic Max range is Ideal’s premium boiler. It has all of the amazing features and benefits that you get with the Ideal Logic Plus range but with some added extras. 

The Ideal Logic Max is available as a combi (combination) boiler, a system boiler and a regular (heat only) boiler. If you’re unsure what a combination boiler is, or how combi boilers work, we have separate blogs that cover these. 

Based on their award-winning Ideal Logic Plus range, the Ideal Logic Max is the best of the best. This boiler range comes with amazing 10-year parts and labour warranty as long as your warranty is registered within 30-days of installation. When buying a new boiler with us, we’ll register the warranty for you! 

The Ideal Logic Max combi boiler range is available in kW outputs of 24kW30kW and 35kW, perfect for small to medium-sized homes with moderate demand for central heating and instant hot water. With such a large range of combination boilers to choose from, there is a boiler suitable for every home. 

The Ideal Logic Max range is also available as a system boiler, with kW outputs of 15kW18kW24kW and 30kW and the same in the regular (heat only) range, with the addition of a 12kW boiler option. 

Following the Government’s plans to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050, the Ideal Logic Max boilers have also been designed to be ready for 20% Hydrogen. If you want to read our views on where we see the future of the heating industry, head over to our blog. 

Here’s a list of the features that make the Ideal Logic Max a premium boiler range:

Ideal Logic Max features: 

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK, meaning that parts are easy to get hold of 
  • Comes with a standard 10-year parts and labour warranty
  • ErP Compliant 
  • Built-in frost protection for added peace of mind 
  • Compact cupboard fit design for easy, straightforward installation 
  • Easy access for ease of commissioning and future servicing 
  • Low lift weight 
  • Hard-wearing and scratch-resistant casing for longevity 
  • Easy to reach pressure gauge on the front panel
  • A large display screen for easy reading 
  • Service timer with telephone number display/service display 
  • Compatible with several Ideal controls 

Now for the important part, the cost. 

The Ideal boilers are often viewed as a more budget-friendly boiler brand but don’t let this fool you, as Ideal produces great boilers at an affordable price. 

  • Combi boiler (boiler only) – £860 – £1,070
  • System boiler (boiler only) – £860 – £1,150
  • Regular boiler (boiler only) – £860 – £1,180

It is important to note that these prices do not include VAT or the cost of installation and labour charges. These prices may also vary depending on the situation of your current central heating system, for example, a straight swap from a combi boiler to another combi boiler will be considerably less expensive than converting your central heating from a system boiler to a combi boiler.

It is also important to remember that a system and regular boiler will need to be installed alongside an additional hot water cylinder, which is typically installed in an airing cupboard, or similar sized space in your home. A regular boiler will also need a cold water tank installed in the attic. The cost of installing these extra parts may affect the overall costs. This leads us to their mid-range boiler, the Ideal Logic Plus range. 

Ideal Logic Plus Range

ideal logic plus c30

The Ideal Plus range is known for being Ideal’s middle of the range boilers when it comes to price, however, this does not reflect the quality of the boilers. Supported by the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2013 and the Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended Status in 2013 and 2017, the Ideal Logic Plus range is another highly reliable and efficient boiler range.

Similarly to the Ideal Logic Max, the Ideal Logic Plus or Logic+ as you may see its name displayed, is available as a combi (combination) boiler, a system boiler and a regular boiler, meaning that there is a model that is ‘ideal’ for everyone (excuse the pun 😉)

The Ideal Logic Plus combi boiler range is available in a 24kW30kW and 35kW, perfect for homes with up to 20 radiators and 2 bathrooms. The Ideal Logic Plus system range includes the Ideal Logic Plus S15 (kW), S18 (kW), S24 (24kW) and the S30 (30kW). The same kW outputs are available for the Ideal Logic Plus regular boilers, with the addition of the 12kW

The Ideal Logic Plus range comes with a standard 7-year warranty. This only applies if your boiler warranty is registered within 30 days of installation. However, when you purchase a new Ideal Logic Plus boiler with WarmZilla, you will receive an impressive 8 years warranty.

Ideal Logic Plus features:

  • Made in the UK so parts are easy to get hold of 
  • Quiet Mark Approved 
  • Compact cupboard fit design
  • Low lift weight for easy installation
  • Built-in frost protection for extra peace of mind
  • Energy Saving Trust endorsed
  • LPG conversion available for the 30kW model
  • Comes with a standard 7-year warranty 
  • 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger 
  • Back-lit LCD display screen 
  • Scratch-resistant casing 
  • Ready for 20% Hydrogen 

Now, let’s take a look at the prices:

  • Combi boiler (boiler only) – £879 – £1,011
  • System boiler (boiler only) – £780 – £870
  • Regular boiler (boiler only) – £872 – £1,118 

When we compare the Ideal Logic Plus boiler range to more premium brands such as Worcester Bosch or Viessmann, their prices are considerably lower. We’re talking up to a £400 difference in price for a Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi combi boiler. These prices do not include installation and labour costs, so please take these into consideration when purchasing your new boiler. 

We will touch base on how much it costs to install a boiler later on in this blog.

Ideal Logic Range

The Ideal Logic range is known as Ideal’s budget-friendly boiler. This boiler is the least expensive of the Ideal boiler ranges, however, they are still known to be a reliable and robust boiler model. 

The Ideal Logic range also includes the same kW outputs as the Ideal Logic Plus and the Ideal Logic Max. There is a 24kW30kW and 35kW boiler model available in the ideal combi boiler range, a 15kW18kW24kW and 30kW in the system boiler range, and a 12kW15kW18kW24kW and 30kW in the regular boiler range. 

The Ideal Logic range comes with a standard warranty of only 2 years, however, when purchasing a new or replacement Ideal Logic boiler with WarmZilla, you will receive an 8-year warranty with your boiler. 

Although the Ideal Logic is known for being a budget-friendly boiler, they still come with the following features:

  • Low lift weight 
  • Compact cupboard design for easy installation
  • Scratch-resistant casing
  • Built-in frost prediction for extra peace of mind
  • 2 years standard warranty 
  • 10-years warranty on the heat exchanger 
  • User-friendly heating controls 
  • LCD display screen 

The Ideal Logic range is identified as Ideal’s most cost-friendly boiler. Here are the prices for the boilers only.

  • Combi boiler (boiler only) – £656 – £848
  • System boiler (boiler only) – £735 – £870
  • Regular boiler (boiler only) – £778 – £1,027

Ideal Vogue Range

The Ideal boilers are the experts at manufacturing premium products at reasonable prices. They produce over 20,000 boilers a month. The Ideal Vogue range combines modern technology with premium components which makes it the ‘ideal’ boiler for your home. Ideal vogue boilers are stylish and reliable.

The Ideal Vogue range includes Vogue Max and Vogue Gen2. The Ideal Max range includes Vogue Max Combi and Vogue Max system boilers. The Vogue Max Combi boiler comes in; 26kW32kW and 40kW. While the Vogue Max system boiler comes in; 15kW18kW26kW and 32kW

On the other hand, the Vogue Gen2 range also includes Vogue Gen2 Combi and Vogue Gen2 system boilers. The Vogue Gen2 Combi boiler comes in; 26kW32kW and 40kW. While the Vogue Gen2 system boiler comes in; 15kW18kW26kW and 32kW.

The Ideal Vogue Range features are: 

  • Low lift weight 
  • Compact cupboard design for easy installation
  • 10-year warranty
  • Built using premium components
  • Backlit 3.5” LCD full-colour display
  • Multi-function buttons for ease of use

Here are the Ideal Vogue range prices for the boilers only:

  • Combi boiler (boiler only) – £927 – £1,047
  • System boiler (boiler only) – £927 – £1,090

These prices exclude installation and VAT.

Ideal Espirit Eco 2 Range

The Ideal Esprit Eco 2 is no longer advertised as a boiler range on the Ideal website, and we at WarmZilla do not stock Ideal Esprits, and that is for one reason, they’re not a very reliable boiler. 

The Espirit Eco 2 is the most basic of the bunch. The design is very plain and old-school as many would call it, with the old-style controls. Although some may argue that these controls are easier to use, who doesn’t love a new sleek digital design? 

The Ideal Espirit Eco2 comes with a standard 3-year warranty and there is no option to extend this warranty at all. 

Other online central heating companies are currently selling these bog-standard boilers for a more expensive price than our budget-friendly boiler, the Ideal Logic. Which has a higher spec. 

Let’s take a look at the prices in more detail:

  • B***.co.uk – Ideal Espirit Eco2 30kW – £1,695 including VAT and installation 
  • WarmZilla.co.uk –  Ideal Logic C30 (Ideal’s budget boiler)- £1,689.00 including VAT and installation

As you can see from this comparison, with WarmZilla, you will be paying less for a boiler with the better build quality, an extra 5-year warranty, a more modern and sleek design and better features. We’ll let you suss that one out 😉. 

This is probably a great time to mention that when you purchase a new boiler from WarmZilla, your package will include the following:

  • Installation by a registered Gas Safe Engineer 
  • A horizontal flue kit 
  • 8-years warranty
  • Neomitis RF Digital Wireless room thermostat
  • System cleanse 
  • Magnetic system filter for ongoing protection
  • Chemical Inhibitor for extra protection 
  • Removal of existing boiler and associated parts

How much does it cost to install a boiler?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to what price you will pay to get a new boiler installed but this guide will explain all of the factors and give you example prices so you’ll know exactly how much you can expect to pay.

When having your new boiler installed, you will have to consider factors such as moving your boiler. Moving your boiler’s location can cost on average, between £300 and £800.

The final cost will depend on how far your boiler needs to be moved and the type of boiler you are having installed. You may need additional parts for your new boiler, for example, if you move the boiler from a location where the flue terminates horizontally from the boiler through a kitchen wall, to an attic where the flue will need to be changed to a vertical flue, additional costs for parts will be incurred.

At WarmZilla we charge £150 to move your boiler within the same room, £300 for other rooms and £500 to move your boiler into the loft.

Other factors that may affect the final cost include:

  • Pipework upgrade
    Most people wouldn’t hear about this until their installer was informing them that they were going to need to pay an extra fee to upgrade their pipework. Not with WarmZilla. The price we quote you is fixed. If we need to upgrade the pipework then it won’t cost you any more.
  • Powerflush / System Cleanse
  • System Filter
    Supply and fit of a magnetic filter will cost you anywhere between £120 – £250 depending on the brand and installer. Again, with WarmZilla, there is no charge, we include a system filter as standard with every boiler we install.
  • Plume Kit
    As ever, the cost of the plume kit is included in your WarmZilla fixed price boiler quote. It will automatically be included in your order if the answers to the survey indicate that it’s necessary.
  • Labour and Installation Costs
  • Smart thermostat or added controls
    With every boiler installation, WarmZilla includes a Neomitis Thermostat as standard, it’s not as advanced as a smart thermostat such as the Google Nest but you can upgrade to a Nest if the extra gadgetry is what you want in your life.

If you want a more in-depth guide to how much it costs to install a boiler, we have a separate blog that covers this. 

What kW size boiler will I need?

When people talk about how powerful your boiler needs to be they are referring to the kW (kilowatt) output. The higher the kW output of a boiler, the more it can cope with your heating and hot water demands.

You will need to choose a boiler that can cope with the heating demands of your home. This depends on the size of your home, how many radiators, and how many baths there are. Below is a very rough guide on the kW boiler that will cater to your home. If you want to learn more about boiler kW output then check out our previous article.

24 – 27 kW Combi
Suitable for most flats, apartments, and smaller houses with up to 10 radiators and 1 bathroom.

28 – 34 kW Combi
Suitable for 3-4 bed houses with up to 15 radiators and 2 bathrooms.

35+ kW Combi
Suitable for large houses with up to 20 radiators and 3 bathrooms.

This is not something you will need to worry about when getting a boiler quote from Warmzilla as we will automatically suggest the right kW boiler based on the answers you give to survey questions. 

The higher the kW boiler the more expensive it would be (on a like-for-like model). If you would like to read a more in-depth article to find out what kW output is best suited to your home, we have another blog all about this 😊

What does kW output mean when it comes to my boiler?

Let’s start off with the obvious, as some may say; 

  • kW stands for Kilowatts.

    The k, meaning ‘kilo’ stands for ‘one thousand’, derived from the Greek word, κιλό.

  • Watt is the term used to measure the units of power.

Kilowatts, in simple boiler terms, refers to the power output measurements your boiler or central heating is using. Professional heating engineers use the term kilowatt to help define how much energy your boiler outputs in the form of heat.

Many often get kW and kWh mistaken for being the same thing, however, it’s important to note that they are not the same and that they measure different units.

What is the difference I hear you ask?

  • kW measures the power required to run your boiler
  • kWh measures the energy needed to keep the power going

Watts measure energy in relation to time. So a boiler with a maximum output of 24kW will produce 24,000 joules of energy per second when in operation. This energy is then used to heat your home. 

So, to put it simply, while kW’s measure the power required to run the boiler, the kWh is what measures the energy being used. 

You may see that kWh is used on your energy bills, as is it used by suppliers to calculate the total cost of energy used. If your bill is higher than expected, we have written a blog on how to make your boiler more efficient. This could help you save some money on your heating bill by making your boiler more efficient.

For more information about what kW means when it comes to your boiler, then we have another blog that covers this, so head on over 😊

*The WarmZilla Ideal Logic Max 30kW Package includes an exclusive 12-year guarantee, 10 years provided by the manufacturer, and 2 years provided by WarmZilla. More info is available on the WarmZilla T&C pages.

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