Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices 2023 Re January 20, 2023

Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices 2023

Worcester Bosch 8000 Life Style

When it comes to having to splash out on a new boiler, we understand that our customers want to spend their money wisely. In this guide, we will be discussing the Worcester Bosch boiler ranges and their prices. This blog will show you the average price for a boiler only, from an online merchant, alongside the WarmZilla boiler price packages, which include installation and more. 

If you aren’t sure what type of boiler you currently have then you can read our ‘boiler types explained’ article, which breaks it down in a non-jargon kind of way.

Worcester Bosch is a boiler brand that has become synonymous with reliability and performance, a brand regularly recognised by Which? Awards.

During the Which? Best Boiler Brands 2021 Survey, where 8,001 members of the public who’ve bought a boiler in the past six years were asked to rate their Worcester Bosch Boiler. Worcester Bosch scored brilliantly once again, scoring an overall brand score of 84% and ranking 1st place. Worcester Bosch performed exceptionally for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Worcester has built an enviable reputation for customer aftercare, which is reflected in their 4.6/5 average boiler review score on Trustpilot. Customers are obviously happy with the product and the customer care they receive.

A telling quote from the company’s founder Mr. Robert Bosch (1861-1942), still informs how the company operates today:

“I have always acted according to the principle that I would rather lose money than trust. The integrity of my promises, the belief in the value of my products and in my given word have always had higher priority to me than a transitory profit.”

In 1992, the Bosch Group joined forces with Worcester and became Worcester Bosch. Not many companies have such a rich history as that of the Bosch Group & Worcester.

It’s worth mentioning here that if you take the WarmZilla survey, we’ll automatically recommend the most suitable boilers for you by asking a few simple questions about your home. You don’t need to worry about what kW boiler you need as we’ll suggest the right boilers for your home.

Although, if you wanted to compare your current heating system to other boiler brands and models, you could use our Boiler Comparison tool. This tool allows you to compare up to three boilers models or brands at one time, to help you find the perfect new boiler for your home.

Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers Price Range

To put it very simply, with a combi boiler, water is supplied directly from the mains, a gas burner is ignited when the tap is turned on, the heat exchanger transfers the energy to the water which heats it up, ready for you to use. 

Combi boilers are the best boilers for smaller homes with limited space and for those who need hot water and central heating on demand. Modern boilers are designed with a built-in pre-heat system, which helps to deliver hot water even more quickly. This is a small reservoir of water that is kept at a certain temperature, meaning you will have instant hot water as soon as you turn the tap on. 

If the temperature falls below a set point, a combi boiler’s room thermostat will send a signal to the boiler to fire-up so that heat can be pumped into the central heating system. Once the optimum temperature, that you have set, is reached again, the boiler will then modulate (posh word for turn itself down). This helps to maintain the correct temperature and also helps you save energy. If you want to know more about how a combi boiler works, head over to our other blog. Once you finish this one, of course 😉.

Each series in the Worcester Bosch combi range is designed to suit the needs of different homes and lifestyles. Here are Worcester Bosch’s combi boiler prices, from a well-known online merchant, compared to WarmZilla prices.

Combi Gas Boiler Range

Merchant Price*

(Boiler Only, inc.VAT)

WarmZilla Price

(inc. Installation)

Greenstar 8000 Style

£1,289.46  – £2,190.26

£2,449.00 – £2,999.00 (40kW)

Greenstar 8000 Life

£1,194.98 – £2,067.55 

£2,299.00 – £2,949.00 (40kW)

CDi Compact

£941.95 – £1,237.44 

£1,999.00 – £2,679.00

CDi Highflow

£2,061.58 – £2,463.82 

£3,599.00 – £3,999.00 

Greenstar Si Compact

£1,041.98 – £1,139.99

£1,999.00 – £2,089.00

Greenstar 4000

£985.98 – £1,048.76

£1,949.00 – £2,019.00

Greenstar 2000 

£733.28 – £856.85

£1,799.00 – £1,899.00

You’re probably asking yourself why WarmZilla’s prices are higher than the chosen online merchant’s price. The reason is that when you purchase a new or replacement boiler with WarmZilla, your boiler package will also include:

  • Your chosen boiler, along with the necessary flue kit needed for your central heating system
  • Installation by a qualified Gas Safe Engineer
  • Removal of your old boiler and parts
  • A FREE system cleanse of your central heating system
  • Chemical Inhibitor for added protection for your new boiler
  • 10-years guarantee, which will be registered by WarmZilla after installation
  • A FREE magnetic system filter for ongoing protection
  • The Neomitis RF Digital Wireless Room Thermostat

Worcester Bosch System Boilers Price Range

Unlike combination boilers, system boilers directly heat your central heating system and produce hot water which is stored in a separate hot water storage cylinder. System boilers work in a similar way to your conventional boilers, however, system boilers are supplied with cold water directly from the mains. 

The major heating and hot water system components are pre-built into the boiler, however, with a system boiler, the hot water is then stored in a separate hot water storage cylinder. As a result of this, your home will be supplied with a constant supply of hot water that can provide a large number of taps and showers at the same time. System boilers are ideal for larger homes with multiple bathrooms. 

We get asked a lot if a system boiler and regular boiler are the same. Although they both are to be installed with separate hot water storage cylinders, they are not the same. 

A system boiler is a sealed system that requires a boiler and a hot water cylinder only, whereas a regular, or conventional boiler as many may call it, requires a header tank, which is often installed in the attic of your home, which feeds the hot water cylinder. For this reason, system boilers are often the preferred choice between both a system and a regular boiler.

Here are the standard system boiler prices only from a well-known online merchant, compared to WarmZilla prices:

System Gas Boiler Range

Merchant Price*

(Boiler Only, inc.VAT)

WarmZilla Price

(inc. Installation)

Greenstar 8000 Style

£1,231.99 – £1,443.78


Greenstar 8000 Life

£1,231.99 – £1,357.00 

£2,579.00 –  £2,929.00

Greenstar i

£948.98 – £1,104.07

(18kW) £2,229.00 –  £2,429.00 

Greenstar 4000

£960.98 – £1,121.98

(15kW) £2,075.00 – £2,319.00

Worcester Bosch Regular Boilers Price Range

Regular boiler systems, also known as conventional, traditional, heat only or open vent boilers, are the most difficult to install or replace. A regular boiler includes both a hot and cold water storage tank, the boiler itself and an expansion cistern located next to the cold water tank. 

Regular boilers are becoming less and less common as they are less efficient than newer combi and system boilers. They also require more space as mentioned above, as more parts, which means that potentially more could go wrong with your boiler. On the other hand, regular (conventional) boilers are ideal for anyone in an area with low water pressure.

With regular, or conventional boilers as some prefer to call them, the cold water from the mains is sent to be heated up in the hot water storage cylinder, which then feeds into the household’s taps and showers. 

Regular boilers are either sealed or open vented. In sealed systems, the boiler doesn’t have a feed and expansion tank and is closed to the atmosphere, whereas open vented systems are open to atmospheric pressure and do have a feed and expansion tank, helping to accommodate water loss from leakage or evaporation. The water tank, which is typically installed in the highest place in your home (normally the attic) maintains the right water level whilst a pump circulates the hot water to your home’s radiators. Head over to our ‘how regular boilers work‘ blog to learn more about how regular boilers operate.

Regular/ conventional boilers have the ability to heat homes with up to 7+ bedrooms and more than one bathroom. If your home is large in size, you can still enjoy hot water from all outlets without the flow of water getting weaker.

Before purchasing a new boiler, it is important that you choose the right boiler for your home, to ensure that your home is heating efficiently without any energy wastage. The wrong type of boiler can lead to high energy bills and long delays in hot water reaching your taps and showers. 

Here are the standard system boiler prices only from a well known online merchant, compared to WarmZilla prices:

Regular Gas Boiler Range

Merchant Price*

(Boiler Only, inc.VAT)

WarmZilla Price

(inc. Installation)

Greenstar 8000 Life

£1,259.99 – £2,210.30 

£2,629.00  – (40kW) £3,379.00 

Greenstar Ri 

£821.99 – £1,090.99

(24kW) £2,379.00 – £2,559.00


£1,560.70 –  £2,047.82


Worcester Bosch 8000 Life Style

Why You Should Choose Worcester Bosch

When we enter into the world of boilers, the first thing we all do is search the top-rated and most recommended options on the market. Nine times out of ten, Worcester Bosch boilers will be the first boiler brand to appear. This is because Worcester Bosch is not only one of the most efficient boiler brands on the market, meaning that they can help in reducing your heating bills, but they have also been recognised for their outstanding build quality and reliability. 

Worcester Bosch has won the Which? Best Buy nine years in a row and CORGI’s Domestic Heating Product of the Year three years running.

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar range includes gas, oil-fired and LPG boilers, all of which are A-rated and offer excellent efficiency in providing both heating and hot water throughout the home. For the eco-conscious home, a lower carbon footprint will also be a welcome feature.

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar range also recognises that every home is different by including both wall-mounted and floor-standing models that make installation easy and flexible. Worcester Bosch is also the only brand that offers a boiler model in both black and white (the 8000 Style range) so you don’t have to worry about your boiler ruining your home’s aesthetics. 

There is a choice from an extensive range of combi boilers that deliver heating and hot water directly from the boiler or regular and system boilers that provide heat to your central heating system and hot water to your water cylinder.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Controls

Worcester Bosch 8000 controls

Worcester Bosch is known for manufacturing energy-efficient boilers that provide high levels of performance, but the brand also makes a selection of optional boiler controls to enhance comfort levels and improve your boiler’s efficiency.

Worcester Bosch offers a range of controls, including innovative digital controls and smart controls that’s can be used via an app on your smartphone. These include the Bosch EasyControl Smart Thermostat and the Greenstar Comfort digital control range. 

These optional controls are designed to not only make it easier for you to control your heating and hot water system but also to help you save more energy, which means you’ll also save more money on your bills.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Problems and Repairs

While Worcester Bosch boilers offer quality and reliability, things can still go wrong now and then. No boiler is immune from problems, which is why it’s so important that you have your Worcester Bosch boiler serviced every year.

If you’re experiencing an issue with your boiler, we have a blog that covers common boiler issues and how you can fix them. 

Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Codes

As with all appliances, over time, your boiler’s efficiency will naturally decline slightly, however, ensuring that your boiler has an annual service will help to prevent your boiler from suddenly breaking down on you, as well as expensive repair costs.

If your Worcester Bosch boiler develops a fault, the corresponding fault code or error code will usually appear on the boiler itself. The fault code should help your engineer to identify and diagnose any problems with your boiler so that they can resolve them as quickly as possible.

If your boiler is displaying a fault code, our guide to Worcester Bosch Boiler Errors and Fault Codes should help you find out what the code means.

Having looked at the prices for Worcester Bosch combi, system and regular boilers and the brand reviews, we can see that Worcester Bosch are very reliable, as you would expect from precision German engineering. We hope this blog has helped you find the perfect new Worcester Bosch boiler for your new home. 

*Average boiler prices were taken from an online heating supplier on the 12th of January 2022. Prices are for the boiler alone and may be subject to change. 

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