Zanussi Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes Re July 20, 2021

Zanussi Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes


Zanussi was established in 1916 and is owned by The Electrolux Group. Zanussi is also the world’s second-largest appliance maker, known for manufacturing home appliances in addition to boilers. 

Zanussi claims that they are widely recognised for the quality of their innovative products and distinctive modern design. 

This boiler brand consists of two boiler models, the Zanussi Ultra Combi in outputs of 30kW and 35kW and the Zanussi Ultra System 15kW to 30kW. 

Zanussi boilers are compact and lightweight so that they can be installed neatly inside your standard kitchen cupboard. They are designed with a simple, easy-to-read display screen and simple diagnostics for complete control of your boiler as well as compatibility with several controls. Here are some other benefits of having a Zanussi boiler installed:


  • Wide range of additional flueing options 
  • Concealed pipe connections
  • Preformed copper tails 
  • Stand-off kit and pre-pipe options 
  • Pre-wired mains lead 
  • Easy Access to PRV and AAV 
  • Universal condensate connection 
  • Digital display and simple diagnostics

You may be questioning why your all-singing-all-dancing boiler has decided to stop working for you. Well stress no more, this blog lists all the possible Zanussi boiler error codes and fault codes to help you identify the issue and inform your Gas Safe Engineer. 

If your boiler is in warranty, then contact Zanussi boilers and they should come out to fix it as long as you have met the conditions of your warranty (getting an annual boiler service, etc).

If your boiler is out of warranty and rather than put money into fixing it you think it might be worth getting a quote on a new boiler, then give WarmZilla a try. Prices start from £1489 including installation, wireless controls, system cleanse, system filter, and a guarantee lasting between 5 & 14 years depending on which boiler model you select.

WarmZilla offers boiler finance starting from as little as £9.80 per month, with 0% interest over 2 years on selected boilers. Our lenders have a very high acceptance rate, even if you have a bad credit history.

Hopefully, it won’t cost much to get your Zanussi boiler fixed but if it’s over £500 and you’ve had it a good few years then it may be worthwhile getting a WarmZilla boiler quote.

If you’re unsure what type of boiler you are looking for or what kW output you need for your home, we have blogs that cover these subjects as well. 

WarmZilla does not stock Zanussi boilers, however, there are many other combi, system, and regular boilers from boiler brands that we do sell. We have added some other blogs below that also may help you find the best boiler for your home.

Before we get into the boiler codes themselves, let have a look at what Zanussi boiler customers have to say about the brand and their boilers. 

Although Zanussi boilers only have 34 reviews, they have been awarded 3.8 stars out of 5 and 68% of their reviews being above average. Here are a few statements from their customers:

“Great customer service from Zanussi during the job period, and the boiler itself is fantastic.”

“Very quick and efficient installation on my new boiler.”

“A good product. Better temperature control with the remote thermostat. Less gas burned for the same heating. Efficient and courteous installation engineer.”

We can see from these reviews, that Zanussi boiler’s customers are happy with their boilers overall performance. Customers also state that they are more than happy with the customer service, installation and aftercare from Zanussi boiler:

“The service has been excellent all round. Caring customer service on the phone, an unconditionally superb job in installing the boiler.”

“Quickly replaced a faulty boiler. The engineer was great and turned up on time and left no mess. Very happy”

This shows that Zanussi boilers resolved all their customers’ issues, promptly and professionally. 

Now you know a little more about the background of Zanussi boilers, let’s get into the error codes and fault codes. 

Zanussi Boiler Error Codes

Fault CodeSystem Behaviour
C0Boiler chip card (BCC) activation fault
C2Boiler chip card (BCC) fault
F1Low water pressure
F2Flame loss
F3Fan fault
F4Flow thermistor
F5Return thermistor
F6Outside sensor failure
F7Low mains voltage
F9Unconfigured printed circuit board (PCB)
L1Flow temperature overheat or no water flow
L2Flame loss
L55 boiler resets in 15 minutes
L6False flame lockout

Thanks to our friends over at, we have also listed all Zanussie boiler manuals.

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