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Boiler Comparison Matty July 7, 2022

Welcome to the most comprehensive boiler comparison site online

Compare up to three boilers against each other to see what boiler is right for you

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Using the Compare Tool

We know that when you’re searching for a new boiler, the results all look the same. How are you supposed to choose?

By using the WarmZilla boiler comparison tool below. You can select up to three boilers to compare against each other to see which is the best boiler to buy for your home.

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Searching by boiler type

Most homes in the U.K have one of three different types of boiler. We’ve written an article on how to identify what boiler type you have.

  • Combi Boiler – connected to mains water. No tanks or cylinders.
  • System Boiler – hot water cylinder but no cold water tank in attic.
  • Regular Boiler – hot water cylinder and cold water tank in attic.
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Searching by kW Output

The more heat and hot water you require for your home, the higher the kW boiler you will need.

Use the filter below to search for specific kW boiler ranges based on your heating requirements. We’ve written an article on what size kW boiler do I need

Complete the WarmZilla Survey to get a boiler quote, our clever system works out what kW boiler would suit your home.

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Searching by Boiler Brands

There are a lot of boiler brands out there. We don’t sell all of the boilers featured in our comparison tool, only the ones we believe offer quality to our customers.

We’ve written an article on the Best boilers on the market if you want to hear our views on the matter.

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