Biasi Boilers Matty August 16, 2022
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Biasi as a manufacturer has more than 75 years experience in the domestic heating industry.

Classed as an affordable boiler, Biasi offers a range of combi, system, and regular boilers at bargain prices.

Biasi Boilers

Biasi build each of their boilers in a state-of-the-art facility in Italy. All the products are very affordable, have a compact design and are user friendly.

Biasi have a decent 4/5 on Trustpilot. They only have 314 reviews, which is a lot less than Baxi 31k+, Worcester Bosch 25K+ or Vaillant boilers with 15k+. Biasi seem to divide opinion with 64% rating them excellent and a worrying 22% rating them as bad. A common issue seems to be customers experiencing a breakdown under warranty and not being able to get the boiler repaired, or having their emails ignored.

Biasi boilers are at the lower end of the market when it comes to boiler purchasing. When purchasing a boiler, you need to consider the impact this may have later down the line with boiler repairs etc. Although you have a boiler warranty, it won’t last forever, so you may want to consider spending that little bit more and have an Ideal boiler which carries an 8 year warranty (with WarmZilla).

If you feel you want to buy a premier new boiler, we also offer Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Viessmann boilers which are considered very reliable with a long guarantee of up to 12 years.

Biasi offers a range of combi, system and regular boilers in a range of kW outputs that would be suitable for small flats to very large homes.

If you aren’t sure what boiler type you have, check out our blog, it’s important to know your boiler type before getting any boiler quotes.

Once you know what boiler type that you’re looking for, you can use the WarmZilla boiler comparison function below. Just select up to 3 boilers you want to compare, and you’ll be able to compare key stats side by side to see which Biasi (or other boiler brand) is best for you.

You can also take the WarmZilla survey, by answering a few simple questions about your home we will be able to recommend suitable boilers for your heating and hot water requirements. You can get a quote on a new boiler in just a few minutes without adding any personal details.

WarmZilla does not sell Biasi boilers, instead, we offer Ideal boilers which we feel offers better value for money than Biasi as Ideal boilers are generally more reliable, and the aftercare is generally better.

Biasi boiler prices vary depending on the model you choose and the kW output of the model you require. The Biasi Advance 25C (25kW) combi boiler will cost you around £575 just for the boiler alone without installation and all the extras you get with a WarmZilla boiler. You’d pay the same or slightly less for a similar Vokera boiler.

Boilers sold by WarmZilla come with Gas Safe installation, system filter, system cleanse, inhibitor, wireless thermostat, up to 14 years guarantee, any flues or extension kits you may need; plus, if your condensate or gas pipes require upgrading – that’s included in your fixed price boiler quote too!

You can get a quote now on a new boiler with all the extras mentioned above, in a few minutes using the WarmZilla online survey.

A good quality boiler should last for around 10-15 years on average and Biasi boilers are no exception. However, to ensure that your Biasi boiler is working as efficiently as possible, it is important to have it regularly maintained and annually serviced. 

A boiler service is essentially a health check for your boiler. It is when your Gas Safe engineer will check over your boiler components and their operation. 

What to expect from your Biasi boiler service:

– Your engineer will check the boiler over visually to ensure it doesn’t have any corrosion or leaks and that the flame is burning blue a which means it is burning fuel correctly. 

– Your engineer will then remove the boiler casing to check and clean the internal components such as the heat exchanger, burner, main injector, safety devices and spark probe. 

– Your engineer will check that the flue terminal are not obstructed and are fitted safely. All the seals, water and gas pipes will also be checked to ensure that they are intact. 

– They will check the water flow and gas pressure levels and amend accordingly.

– The boiler will then be started up again so that the engineer can check for any operational faults with the boiler or temperature controls.


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