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Glow-worm Boilers Matty August 16, 2022
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Glow-worm has been manufacturing boilers and heating systems for over 80 years. Glow-worm is a budget boiler brand, their boilers won’t break the bank but they won’t give you the reliability and performance of a premium boiler brand.

Glow-worm offers a range of combination, regular, and system boilers manufactured in the U.K, so you know it won’t be too hard to get hold of replacement parts.

Glow-worm Boilers

Glow-worm boilers are a budget boiler brand, they offer cheap boilers with average build quality. The problem with Glow-worm is that if you’re looking for a budget brand boiler, there are better ones out there. Additionally, by spending a little bit more, you can get a mid-range boiler like an Ideal, which will be a lot more reliable.

WarmZilla recommends Ideal boilers if you’re looking for a reliable mid-range boiler. Our Ideal boilers come with a massive 8-year guarantee and start from just £1549 for the Ideal Logic range, which is a great price for a mid-range boiler with the reputation and aftercare Ideal offer.

Glow-worm offers a range of combi, system, and regular boilers. If you aren’t sure what boiler type you have, check out our blog, it’s important to know your boiler type before getting any boiler quotes.

Once you know what boiler type you’re looking for, you can use the WarmZilla boiler comparison function below. Just select up to 3 boilers you want to compare and you’ll be able to compare key stats side by side to see which Glow-worm (or another boiler brand) is best for you.

You can also take the WarmZilla survey, by answering a few simple questions about your home we will be able to recommend suitable boilers for your heating and hot water requirements. You can get a quote on a new boiler in just a few minutes without adding any personal details.

WarmZilla does not currently offer Glow-worm boilers, instead, we offer Vokera boilers starting from £1489 in the budget boiler category and Ideal boilers starting from £1549 if you want to spend a little bit more for a bit of added reliability and build quality. 

WarmZilla Vokera boilers come with a 5-year warranty and our Ideal boilers come with an impressive 8-year warranty.

Glow-worm boiler prices vary depending on the model you choose and the kW output of the model you require. The Glow-worm Energy combi boiler will cost you around £1000 just for the boiler alone without installation and all the extras you get with a WarmZilla boiler.

Boilers sold by WarmZilla come with Gas Safe installation, system filter, system cleanse, inhibitor, wireless thermostat, up to 12 years guarantee, any flues or extension kits you may need; plus if your condensate or gas pipes require upgrading – that’s included in your fixed price boiler quote too!

You can get a quote now on a new boiler with all the extras mentioned above, in a few minutes using the WarmZilla online survey.

Glow-worm, similarly to other boiler manufacturers, request that you get your boiler serviced annually. This not only keeps your warranty valid but also keeps yourself and others in your home safe.

A typical boiler service takes around 1 hour to complete. During this time your engineer will identify any defects from the inspection.

The lifespan of your boiler depends on how well you maintain it. Having your boiler annually serviced will improve its efficiency and extend its lifespan. It will also minimise the risk of nasty repair bills.

You can book your annual boiler service through Glow-worm for as little as £99.

So, what does a typical boiler service look like? Your standard boiler service will include:

  • A full inspection of your boiler’s components
  • An inspection of the main injector, spark probe, burner, heat exchanger, electrical connections and controls
  • Your Gas Safe engineer will check your boiler seals, pipework and combustion releases to ensure they are functioning correctly and are at the correct pressure
  • Replacement of any damaged or worn parts
  • Clean the necessary components to ensure your boiler is performing as efficiently as possible


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