Combi Boilers

Combi Boilers Matty July 7, 2022
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What does a combi boiler do?

A combination or ‘combi’ boiler is a water heater and a central heating unit, all in one neat little package. Combi boilers don’t require hot water storage cylinders like system boilers do, nor do they require the cold water storage tank that a regular (heat only) boiler requires.

Combi boilers heat water on demand as you turn a hot water tap on, they do this by directly heating water from the mains water supply.

Combi Boilers

A combi boiler is a boiler that combines the heating of your hot water and the central heating in your home. Combi boilers don’t require additional tanks like system and regular boilers do, so they are ideal for homes that don’t want to waste space.

Combi boilers are generally cheaper to install as they don’t require separate storage tanks, which also reduces the amount of pipework. 

Combi boilers can run on natural gas, oil, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), electric, and in the future, there is a lot of focus on combi boilers running on hydrogen.

Many manufacturers are building combi boilers that are already compatible with hydrogen if it does get mainstream use in the future. Hydrogen used as fuel in a boiler produces no carbon emissions, it is only the production of hydrogen that produces carbon.

For more information on the future of the heating industry, please give our regularly updated blog a read.

Combi boilers work by heating water directly from the mains water supply which is connected to the boiler when you turn on a hot water tap and the heat exchanger within the boiler transfers the energy to the water. Heating it almost instantaneously.

Modern boilers have a certain amount of pre-heated water held in a reservoir within the boiler, giving even faster access to hot water.

With regards to heating your home, your boiler will cycle on and off (modulating) as required to reach the room temperature you have set on your thermostat. This means your boiler is able to keep a consistent temperature without wasting energy.

Any combi boiler sold by WarmZilla comes with Gas Safe installation, system filter, system cleanse, inhibitor, wireless thermostat, up to 12 years guarantee, any flues or extension kits you may need; plus, if your condensate or gas pipes require upgrading – that’s included in your fixed price combi boiler quote too!

You can also upgrade your wireless thermostat to a choice of smart thermostats and you can add radiators to your order – all your heating requirements with one easy online purchase.

What combi boiler you need for your home depends on a few factors – how much you want to spend, what brand of boiler you like, the set up of your current boiler, and the size of your home.

If you don’t want to do any research on buying a new boiler, the good news is, you don’t have to. Just take the WarmZilla survey, answer a few simple questions about your home and we’ll recommend suitable boilers from brands you can trust.

If you like to do a bit of boiler research before you buy then you’re in the right place. You can use our boiler comparison tool to compare up to three boilers against each other in a head-to-head showdown to see which one has the stats you’re looking for.

Combi boiler prices vary by brand, kW model, what kind of flue you need, whether you need a gas pipe upgrade, and more.

We’ve covered everything you will need to know in our new boiler cost guide blog. Giving you all the info on the costs involved in getting a new combi boiler installed and all the extras you get with a WarmZilla boiler.

Combi boiler prices from WarmZilla start at £1489 for a 24kW Vokera boiler (budget boiler), you can pick up an Ideal Logic 24kW for £1549, and a Worcester Bosch 2000 25kW for £1699.

WarmZilla offers the best boiler prices on the market, guaranteed. Or we’ll give you £50 off your order.


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