What’s Included With My Boiler

What’s Included With My Boiler Matty September 7, 2022

What’s included (Boiler)

Included within your package is support from our expert team of customer service and aftercare professionals. You will receive constant communication via email with ways to contact us if you have any queries or issues. 

This is all completed in-house here at WarmZilla. Once your installation has been completed we will register the new boiler with the manufacturer and Gas Safe. The documents will then appear within your Home Hub for you to view and keep safe. 

Everything you purchase through WarmZilla is covered under your guarantee/warranty and is automatically set up for you.

This includes:

  • 12-month labour guarantee from WarmZilla
  • Up to 10-year manufacturers guarantee/warranty on your boiler 

**Special Offer packages provide a 12 year guarantee/warranty. 10 year manufacturer and 2 years exclusive from WarmZilla** T and C’s apply.

Yes, this is included as part of your package for ongoing protection of your central heating system. 

Yes, this will be carried out using strong chemicals by the engineer. We will then fill the system up with inhibitors for ongoing protection.

An inhibitor is an anti-corrosive solution. 

Yes, your gas pipework will be upgraded if required. This is included in your quotation. 

If you purchase a combi-combi swap or a combi conversion, then yes, it’s included, but if you purchase a standard-standard or system-system swap then a re-wire of your existing controls comes as standard. You can however upgrade to a smart thermostat with installation if you wish. 

Smart Thermostats are boiler controls that manage your heating/hot water and are an additional upgrade with our packages. They work on radio frequency and a receiver will be wired into your boiler. The engineer will then site an appropriate position agreed by you for the thermostat itself, and you can control your boiler from there.

You can read more about our smart thermostats here.

Yes, the condensate pipework will be included as part of the installation. If you already have a condensate pipe in place we will check to see if it needs to be upgraded to current regulations.

These will be removed and taken away from the property, but on the rare occasion they are full of sludge, they will be left in situ to dry over a long period. 

Yes, the boiler will be recycled and all rubbish removed from your property. 

No, it is not a manufacturer’s requirement to install a lime scale filter whether you live in a hard water or soft water area, but you can add one on as an additional extra if you wish. The warranty will not be affected. 

Yes, we wire your existing or new thermostat up to the new boiler. We do not wire up or supply 2 zone systems. A 2 zone system is where you have control of your heating downstairs and upstairs, independently for example. 

Please read our T and C’s for further clarification on electrical work.