What’s Included With My EV Home Charging Point

What’s Included With My EV Home Charging Point Matty September 7, 2022

What’s included (EV)

When buying a new electric car package from us, you’ll get;

  • The EV Charger
  • Full installation, cable management and the electrical connections needed to connect from the charger to the fuse box (up to 25 metres)
  • Installation of a Type A RCD/RCBO in a consumer unit (fuse board) or external unit
  • Electrical testing and the NICEIC certification
  • If you don’t have in-built earthing at your property, we’ll install an earth rod
  • Our OZEV registered installers will show you how your new EV charger works and how it connects to the mobile app

Depending on your chosen charger, you’ll install the brand’s app.

Some of the brands we sell are Rolec and Wallbox. Here are links to their mobile apps:

Rolec VendElectric  – Android / Apple

Wallbox – Android / Apple

evec – Android Apple

A single-phase is what most homes within the UK have as their household supply. They can charge up to 7.4kW units.

Three-phase is found in more commercial buildings due to more powerful machinery needing to be operated. Three-phase chargers can therefore charge up to 22kW.

DNO stands for Distribution Network Operator.

There are 6 DNOs that represent different parts of the country, but all are part of the national grid.

They include Electricity Northwest, Northern PowerGrid, Scottish and Southern Energy, Scottish Power Energy Networks, UK Power Network, and Western Power Distribution.

Your representative will need to be notified before installation – don’t worry, because we’ll do that for you!

It is very unlikely that you’ll be refused to install a charger.

Electric charging costs will depend on the energy tariff you are on.

Based on how often you charge your car at home, you could see between a 5% to 10% increase in your bill.

The rule of thumb is 14p per kilowatt hour (kWh). A 60kWh electric car will cost approximately £8 per charge.

If you chose a tethered unit, you would not need to worry about a cable. Although we do advise buying a second charger in case you need to charge on the road.

On the other hand, if you chose an untethered charger, you’ll need to bear in mind that most units do not come with chargers. So, you would need to buy a compatible charger if you do not already have one.

Charging your electric car will depend on the model you have.

You can find the answer in the Electric Vehicle Database, where all EV cars and their stats are listed. 

As a rough estimate, a 3kW charger will charge 11 miles per hour. A 7kW charger will fully charge a small Electric Car in 4 hours and a medium-sized electric car in about 8 hours.

Of course they can! Home chargers are available for any electric car.

Most chargers will have a locking mechanism to prevent unwanted charging but if you want your family, friends or visitors to use your charging unit, just plug their charger or let them use the attached cable. Easy!