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System Filters Matty September 30, 2022
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What does a magnetic filter do?

Getting a new boiler? Do yourself a favour and add a magnetic filter to your basket!

A magnetic filter is fitted to the pipework of the heating system or boiler. It is designed to extract unwanted waste materials that flow through the pipes, such as metal particles and other debris. 

A magnetic filter is made from a large magnet which attracts these metal particles and filters them out of the central heating system.

Boiler Filter

The quick answer is YES! Although magnetic filters are not essential, they are highly recommended. Getting a magnetic filter fitted will ensure that your boiler will run efficiently.

A magnetic filter helps prevent blockages and keep the water flowing through your heating system. When getting a boiler installed with WarmZilla, we recommend fitting a magnetic filter at the same time.

Magnetic filters reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills, increase the efficiency of your heating system, increase the length of the heating system warranty and improve your boiler’s lifespan. 

A central heating system is built using various metal components. The copper piping and radiators are part and parcel of the heating system. The insides of the copper pipes and radiators rust as time goes by. The rust will break off and circulate through the heating system over time. These particles combine with limescale and dirt contained in the water that circulates through the heating system. 

All these particles get together to form central heating sludge in the long run. This sludge settles in important places in the heating system. For example, the sludge may settle at the bottom of the radiators. This can lower the efficiency of your central heating system and increase your energy bills over time. 

The radiators become warm at the top but not at the bottom due to the build up of sludge. It can result in a pump failure on the heating system. You may even have to replace the heat exchanger of the system due to sludge build-up.

All these issues can lead to expensive bills over time. That’s where a magnetic filter comes in handy. The filter will attract all the sludge and take it out of the system. The filter will trap any sludge before it reaches the boiler. The magnetic filter prevents sludge from damaging the heating system over time. It improves the efficiency of the system and prolongs its lifespan. Your energy bills will lower as a result.

Like all other parts of the central heating system, the magnetic filter also should be maintained on a regular basis. 

The build-up of sludge inside the system should be removed from time to time. You should get a gas-safe boiler engineer to check and clean the filter at least once in every twelve months. Most of the time, this will coincide with the annual boiler service.

Cleaning a magnetic filter only takes around 20-30 minutes. Regular maintenance is important to prolong the lifespan of the central heating system and improve its efficiency. 

Sludge builds up in the central heating system over time. The system becomes less efficient and may stop working altogether due to this reason. That’s where a magnetic filter comes in handy as it protects the central heating system and improves its efficiency. This is why we recommend that you fit a magnetic filter to your heating system. 

When buying a new or replacement boiler with WarmZilla, depending on your choice of boiler model, you’ll either have the Mini and Maxi Worcester Bosch Greenstar filter, Adey Atom, Fernox or Plumbright System Filter included as a part of your boiler package.

You can also purchase a system filter with installation by clicking on a product below.


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