Adey ElectroScale 2 Scale Reducer 15mm

Adey ElectroScale 2 Scale Reducer 15mm

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£43.99 per Water Treatment
£85 installation
Adey ElectroScale 2 Scale Reducer has been designed to treat hardened water. Hard water damages your heating system as it creates limescale buildup. The ElectroScale 2 Scale Reducer is easy to install and can offer instant protection from limescale.

The harder the water, the more minerals it contains, and the more likely limescale will be a problem – and that’s why you’ll need to get Adey ElectroScale 2 Scale Reducer fitted to your heating system. The ElectroScale 2 offers immediate protection from limescale.

It’s easy to install and requires no mains power supply.

This robust tool is approved by WRAS (Water Regulations Approval Scheme) and KIWA.

It also has a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Height 30mm
Width 180mm
Depth 30mm
Maintenance free
No running costs - no mains power supply required
Immediate long-term protection for the whole house
WRAS approve
non-polluting electrolytic water conditioner
Installation by a local Gas Safe Engineer (arriving between 8-11am)
Removal of existing system (inclusive of tanks if applicable)
Removal of installation rubbish off site including boiler
Boiler flue installation
Magnetic filter for ongoing protection
System cleanse of your heating system
Inhibitor and System cleaner for protection
Condensate pipework or upgrade (if applicable)
Gas pipe upgrade (if required)
Copper and fittings pack with pipe work installation
Re-wire of existing controls
Delivery of package via courier or your local engineer
12-month WarmZilla workmanship warranty
Registration of warranty and Building Control Certificate by WarmZilla
Warranty includes parts and labour free via the manufacturer
CP12 can be requested at an additional cost

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