Adey MagnaScale 2 Scale Reducer 15mm INC Installation – IFC

Adey MagnaScale 2 Scale Reducer 15mm INC Installation – IFC

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£79.99 per Product
£85 installation
The harder the water, the more minerals it contains, & the more likely limescale is to build up. Adey MagnaScale 2 Scale Reducer is perfect for fighting against limescale build-up. Limescale build-up can damage appliances and shorten their lifespan.

Highly efficient MagnaScale from ADEY, the industry leader in magnetic filtration and water treatment, is designed to protect against limescale build-up in individual appliances.

Installation meets Part L schedule 1 of the Building Regulations, which states that provision must be made to treat the feed water to water heaters and hot water circuit of combination boilers to reduce the rate of limescale accumulation.

MagnaScale protects individual appliances where limescale would otherwise build up on heating elements in domestic appliances, making them less efficient and shortening their lifespan.

Maintenance free
No running costs - no mains power supply required
Immediate limescale protection for individual appliances