Adey MC3+ Cleaner

SKU: 70-701-02



£12.49 per Water Treatment
£85 installation
The Adey MC3+ Cleaner is designed to keep your system clear of sludge, debris and scale. Once added to the heating system, it'll instantly break down magnetite, sludge, and debris to improve your heating efficiency.

Looking for ways to maximise your heating system efficiency? Check out the Adey MC3+ Cleaner. It removes magnetite, debris and scale, which can affect the boiler’s heat output.

This innovative additive has been proven to restore heating efficiency and reduce heating bills. Its concentrate formula treats up to 25% more – 33 gallons which means you’ll need less product to get the job done. It also contains an inhibitor which protects vulnerable metals during the cleaning process.

This product is non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Removes magnetite, debris and scale
Restores heating efficiency
Helps reduce heating and maintenance bills
Suitable for all heating systems
Gets to work in an hour
Installation by a Gas Safe Engineer
Removal of existing system (inclusive of tanks if applicable)
Boiler flue installation
Magnetic filter for ongoing protection
Inhibitor and System cleaner for protection and system cleanse
Condensate pipework
Gas pipe upgrade (if required)
Copper and fittings pack with pipe work installation
Re-wire of existing controls
12-month WarmZilla labour warranty
Registration of warranty and Building Control Certificate by WarmZilla
Warranty includes parts and labour free via the manufacturer

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