ATAG i40C 40kW Combi Boiler

ATAG i40C 40kW Combi Boiler

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The ATAG i40C 40kW is a powerful condensing combi gas boiler; it can fit in a standard kitchen cupboard. The ATAG i40C 40kW is suitable for homes with 20 radiators and 1-2 bathrooms. It has a 94% energy efficiency rating.

The ATAG i40C 40kW is a condensing combi gas boiler. It’s designed to be wall-mounted to replace your standard kitchen cupboard – out of sight, out of mind! 

This boiler has an energy efficiency rating of 94%, meaning it can save you money on your energy bills. You can also pair the ATAG iC combi boilers with an ATAG ONEZone smart controller to increase the efficiency from an A to an A+ for both central heating and hot water. 

The i40C is the most powerful combi boiler in ATAG’s range, with an output of 31.2kW for central heating and 42kW for domestic hot water. This combi boiler is great for homes with 20 radiators and 1-2 bathrooms. 

If your home has a lower demand for central heating and hot water, check out the ATAG iC range. This range has 24kW28kW and 36kW combi boiler models, which can be better suited to your home. 

Combi boilers are found in most UK homes, thanks to their compact size and high efficiency. The combi’s popularity is down to their innovative design – as they don’t need additional hot or cold water tanks to work. 

While combi boilers are great space savers, they limit the amount of hot water they can provide to multiple outlets simultaneously.

kW Output
40 KW
Hot water flow rate
16.2 l/pm
ERP Rating
A Rated
Energy Efficiency
94 %
Which Review Score
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Height 700mm
Width 440mm
Depth 350mm