Baxi EcoBlue+ 24kW Combi Boiler

Baxi EcoBlue+ 24kW Combi Boiler

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The EcoBlue+ energy efficiency is also very high at 89.1%, it just misses out on an ErP A-Rating but nevertheless, this boiler is a very well-performing boiler.

The Baxi EcoBlue+ Combi 24kW is a gas condensing boiler that is very compact. With a width of 300mm it will fit in most standard cupboards. The size has made it a popular unit as it can easily be hidden from view. Just because it is compact does not detract from its performance and will comfortably service a home with 1-2 bathrooms. 

Baxi EcoBlue+ Combi range has the following kW options; 24kW, 28kW and 33kW. The whole range has now been discontinued along with the Baxi Neta-Tec GA combi gas boiler.

Unfortunately, the Baxi EcoBlue+ Combi 24 boiler is now discontinued. This can become problematic over time with spare parts becoming less available. Difficult to find parts can result in long repair delays and hefty repair bills. Boilers over time also lose their efficiency even with regular servicing just like us all and considering a replacement may be on the cards. Upgrading to a newer boiler will not only save money but will be more beneficial to the environment. If you’re looking to replace your Baxi EcoBlue+ Combi 24kW, have a look at the Baxi 424 combi gas boiler and Baxi 224 combi gas boiler, as they’re both great options! 

As the Baxi EcoBlue+ Combi 24 Gas Boiler model is now discontinued finding a replacement may be the best option.

kW Output
24 KW
Hot water flow rate
11.5 l/pm
ERP Rating
B Rated
Energy Efficiency
89 %
Which Review Score
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Height 700mm
Width 390mm
Depth 290mm