Baxi Neta-Tec 33kW GA Combi Boiler

Baxi Neta-Tec 33kW GA Combi Boiler

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The Baxi Neta-tec Combi 33kW GA is a fully automatic gas-fired wall-mounted condensing combination boiler.

Condensing combination boilers are room sealed and fan assisted to serve central heating for mains fed hot water. This boiler has an efficiency rating of 89.9% given by the SAP which would make this boiler a B-Rating in the current ErP rating. However, being so close to 90% this boiler could be considered an A-Rating boiler and is still considered energy efficient.

Just like the Baxi 100 combi gas boiler 24kW and 28kW, the Baxi Neta-tec Combi 33 GA boiler has since been discontinued. Discontinued boilers can come with problems regarding replacement parts as they can be difficult to find resulting in expensive repair bills. Additionally, over time and even with regular servicing boilers lose their efficiency so it may be time to look at a replacement. 

As the Baxi Neta-tec Combi 33 GA model is now discontinued finding a replacement may be the best option.

kW Output
33 KW
Hot water flow rate
15 l/pm
ERP Rating
A Rated
Energy Efficiency
90 %
Which Review Score
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Height 700mm
Width 390mm
Depth 300mm