Biasi Advance 30kW System Boiler

Biasi Advance 30kW System Boiler

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The Biasi Advance 30kW is a highly reliable and efficient system gas boiler that has been designed to be compact and lightweight so that it can be installed neatly inside your standard kitchen cupboard.

The Biasi Advance 30kW System Boiler is an efficiency rating of 92% and an ErP A-rating for heat, this system boiler could potentially help you to lower your energy bills, depending on your current boilers efficiency rating.

With an output of 28.2kW for central heating, this system boiler is ideal for homes with up to 20 radiators. For homes with lesser demand, the Advance range is also available in a 25kW system boiler model. You can also check out the Biasi Advance Plus 7 25kW. 

System boilers are ideal for homes that have a high demand for instant hot water to multiple rooms at the same time, this is thanks to the additional hot water cylinder that is installed alongside your boiler unit, which allows you to keep unused hot water in a sealed tank until you need it.

Although system boilers are ideal for homes that have an instant demand for hot water, they do take up more space. For this reason, we don’t recommend system boilers for homes with limited room. 

kW Output
30 KW
ERP Rating
A Rated
Energy Efficiency
92 %
Which Review Score
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Height 700mm
Width 400mm
Depth 290mm