CP12 Gas Safety Certificate

CP12 Gas Safety Certificate

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Book your CP12 Gas Safety inspection online using the WarmZilla booking calendar. We only provide CP12's on domestic properties.

A Gas Safety Certificate is referred to as a CP12 amongst the trade industry. This certificate is a report which outlines the gas applications that have been tested during an annual gas safety check.

A CP12 is a legal requirement in the UK for landlords and owners of commercial premises that use gas appliances. It is essential that all appliances are tested and serviced regularly to ensure that they are working efficiently and more importantly, safely.

Once you receive your Gas Safety Certificate, it is then valid for twelve months. It must be renewed annually. Tenants must be issued with a copy of the CP12 certificate within 28 days of the document being issued. Landlords are legally required to keep their copy of the form on file for a minimum of two years to allow for any auditing to be carried out should it be deemed necessary.