Drayton RT212 TRV 15mm

SKU: 90-902-01



£27.99 per Thermostatic Valves
£199 installation (when ordering 5 or more Thermostatic Valves)
Drayton's RT212 thermostatic radiator valves let you control individual room temperatures with liquid sensors for a quick response and chrome valves with matching accessories.

The Drayton RT212 15mm thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) offers economical control of single room temperature.

This TRV can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

The Drayton RT212 meets all safety requirements giving any homeowner peace of mind; that’s why it holds the Keymark certification.

Height 70mm
Width 50mm
Depth 50mm
15mm satinnickel angled valve
Nonstick TRV valve with presetting
Reverse Flow Valve
Frost Protection
Keymark Certified
EN 215 approved
15mm connections
Positive off position
Installation by a local Gas Safe Engineer (arriving between 8-11am)
Removal of existing system (inclusive of tanks if applicable)
Removal of installation rubbish off site including boiler
Boiler flue installation
Magnetic filter for ongoing protection
System cleanse of your heating system
Inhibitor and System cleaner for protection
Condensate pipework or upgrade (if applicable)
Gas pipe upgrade (if required)
Copper and fittings pack with pipe work installation
Re-wire of existing controls
Delivery of package via courier or your local engineer
12-month WarmZilla workmanship warranty
Registration of warranty and Building Control Certificate by WarmZilla
Warranty includes parts and labour free via the manufacturer
CP12 can be requested at an additional cost

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