Glow Worm Ultimate₃ 25kW Regular Boiler

Glow Worm Ultimate₃ 25kW Regular Boiler

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The Glow-worm Ultimate3 25kW is the only regular boiler in this range. However, it is available as a system and combi boiler, so there is an option for everyone.

With an output of 25kW, this boiler is powerful enough to heat a medium-sized home with up to 15-20 radiators and 1-2 bathrooms. The Ultimate3 25kW could also help you to reduce your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint, thanks to its efficiency rating of 86.9% and an Erp A-rating for heating and hot water. If you’re looking for an option that is more energy-efficient, have a look at the Glow Worm Easicom₃ 25kW regular gas boiler, its efficiency rate is 94%. 

It is important to note when thinking of purchasing a new or replacement regular boiler that they require an additional cold water tank. This is usually installed into the attic of a property. You will also need a hot water storage tank, which is usually kept in an airing cupboard. Although the boiler unit itself is compact and lightweight for easy installation, regular boilers are not recommended to those with smaller homes and limited space due to needing these extra tanks.

kW Output
25 KW
ERP Rating
A Rated
Energy Efficiency
89 %
Which Review Score
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Height 600mm
Width 370mm
Depth 280mm