Google Home Hub Max Smart Speaker with 10-inch Screen Display

Google Home Hub Max Smart Speaker with 10-inch Screen Display

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Introducing the Google Nest Hub Max, full of features and a 10-inch screen, it is built to be the center of your smart home. Connect to family and friends via video call and control all other smart devices around the home.

Connecting with people has never been easier with the Google Home Hub Max Smart Speaker!
Use Google Duo to catch up with multiple people simultaneously (subscriptions required), or you could use Google Meet to host meetings, call and send video messages (Google account required).
Another cool thing about the Google Home Hub Max Smart Speaker is that you can view your latest pictures and have them on display.
With the Ambient EQ, you can set the lighting to match the room lighting and your home decor.
Stream music and video with no hassle, featuring Netflix, Disney+, Now TV, YouTube, Google Play Movies and more without the need to flick between apps.
With great sound from the 3-inch woofer, you can now listen to Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn and YouTube music.
Let’s not forget the great service of Google Assistant – it helps you get the answers you need, news, sports results, recipes, weather and more!
To enhance the device’s privacy and usability, Google allowed these options: including Face Match with facial recognition, only receiving your schedule, notifications, events, and videos, and allowing multiple people to use the device privately.
You can also customise the settings. There’s a switch at the back of the hub that turns off the microphone and camera together or just the camera.

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Chalk / Charcoal
Power Source
Height 1820mm
Width 250mm
Depth 1010mm
10" HD touch screen (1280 x 800)
Single speaker
Connect with others
Stream movies and music
Face Match - only see your own stuff
Built-in Multi-room sound
built-in Nest Cam smart security camera
Switch at the rear to turn off the camera and microphone or just the microphone