Google Nest 3rd-gen Wireless Learning Thermostat (with stand) – IFC

Google Nest 3rd-gen Wireless Learning Thermostat (with stand) – IFC

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£239.99 per Smart Thermostat
£125 installation
The Nest Learning Thermostat will learn your lifestyle & adjust the heating to suit your daily routine. In a few simple steps, you can control your heating/hot water remotely, set the perfect temperature, and keep an eye on your energy consumption.

Your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bills, so investing in an energy-efficient smart thermostat is crucial! If you’re looking to upgrade your thermostat, check out the Nest Learning Thermostat, as it’s one of the best smart thermostats on the market.

The Nest Learning Thermostat will learn your lifestyle and adjust the heating to suit your daily routine. By doing that, the smart thermostat will let you save up to 16% on your energy bill.

Nest Learning Thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature after you’ve left. It can even turn off your hot water if you’re away for a few days. 

Control your heating manually or through the Nest App and keep track of your energy usage. 

This thermostat is compatible with the Google Home Hub/Max and Nest speaker (sold separately), which means you can turn the heating up or down with just your voice. 

Nest uses OpenTherm technology to modulate your high-efficiency condensing boiler, making it suitable for most heating systems.

The Nest Learning Thermostat lets you see who has turned the heat up with multiple compatible devices connected.

The green leaf (our favourite feature!) sets your home heating at optimum energy efficiency. 

The Nest Learning thermostat will also detect your presence and turn on its 24-bit LCD display to show you the time or the current temperature setting. On the flip side, the thermostat will go to sleep mode when you are away to maximise the battery life.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is also compatible with Nest Protect (sold separately), which can detect fires and carbon monoxide leakage. By linking the two (Nest Protect and the thermostat), the Nest Protect will send a signal to the smart thermostat if there’s a gas leakage. The thermostat will then automatically turn the boiler off to increase your safety – You’ll get a notification on your smartphone as it happens. 

Order your Nest Learning Thermostat from WarmZilla now and add the installation option at checkout.

Orange / Blue / Black
Power Source
Communication Protocol
Compatible Boiler Type
Height 20mm
Width 80mm
Depth 30mm
24-bit colour LCD
480 x 480 resolution at 229 pixels per inch (PPI)
5.3 cm (2.08 in) diameter
Sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Proximity, Motion, Ambient light, Magnetic (for thermostat ring position)
512 MB Memory
Built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Alexa Compatible
Installation by a local Gas Safe Engineer (arriving between 8-11am)
Removal of existing system (inclusive of tanks if applicable)
Removal of installation rubbish off site including boiler
Boiler flue installation
Magnetic filter for ongoing protection
System cleanse of your heating system
Inhibitor and System cleaner for protection
Condensate pipework or upgrade (if applicable)
Gas pipe upgrade (if required)
Copper and fittings pack with pipe work installation
Re-wire of existing controls
Delivery of package via courier or your local engineer
12-month WarmZilla workmanship warranty
Registration of warranty and Building Control Certificate by WarmZilla
Warranty includes parts and labour free via the manufacturer
CP12 can be requested at an additional cost

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